Body 191th Splash Thump

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 191th chapter plops, floating astronomy

    He vaguely remembers, previous life Jennifer.Connelly adulthood, because of the wall everywhere, stunned and stunned in a thriller for a while, once again caught the attention of Hollywood, paid the price, was lucky to transfer from the pure girl to the sexy girl, won Disney's "Rocket Specialist" Heroine, but then the film flutters, Jennifer.Connelly has not received any coupons for the next five years. When it appears on the lens again, it has given people a feeling that it is a human being.

    "Eric?"Brooke .ShInternet Explorer lds saw Eric distracted, and some dissatisfiedly patted the man and could walk in front of his own beautiful woman. This man is really enough…damn.

    "Oh, sorry," Eric retracted at sixes and sevens and said with apologetic, and asked indefinitely: "You just said "Rocket Specialist", is it a science fiction film in Los Angeles in the 1930s? ?"

    Brooke .ShInternet Explorer lds was surprised to open a red lips, and looking at this, Eric was completely determined.

    "Eric, how do you know, this…Should this be confidential? ”

    "Because if you didn't guess wrong, this movie is based on Dave of the same name.Steven's eponymous graphic novel, I just watched it," Eric shrugged. He had seen the film, but Steven's novel he couldn't see at first glance, but certainly can't tell the truth in front of the girl. .

    "That one……Eric, how do you think this story was filmed into a movie? ”Brooke .ShInternet Explorer lds is still a little smart. I quickly asked a more important question.

    "I don't know this, the story of the novel is still very exciting. The key is to see how Disney is adapted."Eric didn't want to shake his head directly.

    He also did not remind the girl not to pick up the film. Maybe the girl appeared here, the film has already signed with Disney, and he said it is not very useful.

    What's more, the film is one year ahead of schedule, then the storyline will definitely not be the same as the previous life, sometimes even a wrong day. The screenwriter will change, not to mention a year. Perhaps the "rocket expert" of this time and space will be inexplicably ignited. If he rushes to remind the girl not to pick up the film, the new version of the "Rocket Expert" will be sold in the future, then he will wait for the future, and this loss will definitely have to give up the role. So why bother to talk, how good a spectator.

    Shaking the red wine in the glass, Eric was upset and thinking about it. Thinking of Rocket Expert, I naturally remembered Jennifer.Connelly, don't know the current Jennifer.Where is Connelly, the taste of the girl's red lips has been forgotten, I don't know when I can try again.

    "It seems that I still don't bother you any more. Eric, you are always distracted. ”Brooke .ShInternet Explorer lds stood up dissatisfied and threw a grumpy look at Eric. Yingying turned and left.

    Staring at the curve of the girl wrapped in a silver fish-pattern dress, Eric suddenly felt, Brooke.The shape of the ShInternet Explorer lds is perfect for dressing up as a mermaid, stripping off the clothes, putting on the mermaid's tail and throwing it into the pool. Plopping through…

    It’s evil again.

    Eric shook his head and threw the thoughts of at sixes and sevens out of his mind. Made the decision to wait for Aniston to toss the little girl.


    Plop through.

    In the bedroom where the lights are blurred, the big bed sways slightly, the two bare-chested bodies overlap, and the girl under the man screams, screaming from time to time, but often ushers more intense Attacks, protests will also become a sorrow of true and false.

    The battle didn't know how long it lasted, only to calm down.

    "Hate, get in, you bastard, don't know for me. If you are pregnant, I will kill you."After cleaning, Aniston floated softly out of the bathroom and slammed on Eric's shoulder.

    "If you are pregnant, you will be born, what's the big deal," Eric stopped the girl's waist and put the bathrobe on the little girl. Then lifted the whole delicate body and put it on himself, feeling the two close. a feeling of.

    Aniston leaned on the man's chest: "But I am only twenty years old, I don't want to be dragged by the child so early that I can't do anything."

    "I am not afraid when I am 19, what are you afraid of at the age of twenty," Eric smiled and slaps on the little girl's ass.

    "In any case, I just don't want to have children so early, at least 30 years old, and…"Speaking of this, little girl has a strong sigh in his tone, raising his head and staring at Eric's eyes: "And, if I am pregnant, will you marry me immediately?"

    Eric's heart fluttered a few times. After a moment of hesitation, he just had to bite his teeth to answer. The little girl had already twisted his waist lightly: "Looking scared you, the heart has to jump out, I I know…"

    Eric slid over the girl's smooth back and whispered: "Jenny, I will always be nice to you."

    "But I don't want more than that," the girl's cheek rubbed gently on his chest and whispered, "I think you are only good to me alone."


    "I know, this is impossible, but I want to leave you, you don't let it," the little girl's tone quickly became hateful: "How come you have such a jerk in the world."

    Eric smiled and held the little girl. The two groups of soft buttocks held the girl up. The probe kissed the two delicate lips and sucked it. Only then, the old girl said, "Little girl, you have to remember, the world." All the men are jerk, so don't fight with anyone who is not following."

    "Oh, it makes sense." Aniston rolled his big eyes: "You are instilling me with your strange outlook on life, just like an evil pagan."

    "The pagans can live freely. They often believe in the gods they dream of. In fact, they are more than the innermost desires."

    "Yeah, don't listen, you started brainwashing me again…" Little girl shook his head and reached out to lick Eric's mouth, not letting the man say it.

    Eric laughed and grabbed the white little hand to play, and compared it to his own big hand. Because of the busyness of the year, his hand has already touched a faint scorn: "Okay, I don't say It is."

    Little girl Although she didn't look up, her fingers scratched his head in his palm: "Eric, are you going to Venice in September?"

    "Yeah, this year's film festival opens on September 4th. I will probably stay there for a few days. The award ceremony will not go again in the middle."

    “September 4,” Aniston suddenly raised her head. She just wanted to complain that Eric had to be in ink with Veniglia in Venice, but the date Eric said it bounced and rode at Eric’s waist. Top: "FrInternet Explorer nds will start broadcasting on September 3rd. So, you can't see the first broadcast of this TV serInternet Explorer s?"

    "I don't see the same thing. Anyway, I shot it. I don't know what the plot is?"Eric wondered.

    Aniston has a little excitement: "Of course it's different. This is the first time we cooperated with TV serInternet Explorer s. I originally wanted you to accompany me to watch the premiere."

    "or……Will you see you in the second season? ”

    Little girl Disappointing hammered Eric, don't worry: "Who knows if you shoot the broken TV serInternet Explorer s, is there a second season, hehe!"

    "Okay, okay, I will call the Venice side tomorrow, let them postpone the opening ceremony for two days. I will accompany my girlfriend to watch the TV serInternet Explorer s premiere, let everyone wait."

    Aniston stunned and immediately screamed: "You bastard, when you are God," but after the laugh, the little girl figured out that there was no way to get the best of both worlds. Eric had to do more. Important: "Well, let go of you, but remember to come back and bring me a present."

    "No problem, how about a hand-built Gondola?"

    "Oh, poor mouth, you buy us where to go, I want a mask."

    Eric remembers that previous life has indeed seen the mask that his friend brought back from Venice. I don't know what the material is made. I have a variety of patterns, and there are feathers on it. It looks gorgeous and strange, at least he thinks so.

    “What kind of,” Eric recalls the details of the Venetian mask in his mind.

    "You challenge yourself to see if you can guess my preferences," Little girl smiled mischievously.

    "Ok," Eric nodded and reached for the girl's thigh: "Baby, look behind you."

    Little girl squinted backwards, and immediately took a sip: "Hey, how come up again."

    "There is a wet and warm little petal that is worn on my waist. Can't I get it?"Eric smiled a little.

    "Ah," Little girl screamed and immediately jumped from Eric. The two looked at Eric's waist together. No one paid attention to the abdomen. Instead, they were attracted by a faint wet mark.

    "That one……I, I just took a shower, it is water, yes, it is definitely water! ”Little girl argues neatly.

    Eric nodded solemnly, seeing his boyfriend's pretense, and Aniston sullenly slammed on him, opening a small white tooth and biting Eric's shoulder.

    When the pain came, Eric immediately screamed in a scream, and the tone was very wrong: "Oh, don't bite, water, water, that's water!" God, when did I say that it was not water! ”


    "How are you here?"Early in the morning, Eric left the little girl's apartment to the company, and walked into the office and saw Drew sitting in his seat boringly playing with the computer in front of him. (To be continued)

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