Chapter 192 I have a big plan

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main text of Chapter 192, I have a big plan, floating astronomy

    When I heard Eric say this, the girl’s eyes immediately revealed a resentful look: “The night is not home, the mobile phone is still turned off, who knows if it’s lost, people worry about you.”

    Eric pretended not to see Drew's face-changing skills. He walked over and took Xiao Nizi to the side and took a seat on the executive chair: "Okay, let's talk!"

    Drew, who was thrown aside, did not mind, and Waltz turned to his desk and pulled a chair down, Eric just noticed that holds dutifully changed to a relatively conservative lavender long-sleeved little shirt, seemingly just wearing a white casual trousers, feet is also a pair of small leather shoes, rather than the usual habit of showing black toenails of small sandals, This pair of Turkey's Xiaojiabiyu looks unusual.

    Is it…Is it necessary to be good?

    Just thinking about the weird look like Xiao Nizi embroidering, Drew suddenly sat in the sitting: "Eric, I have a big plan…"

    Xiao Nizi’s rare seriousness made Eric somewhat uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but make a joke: “You found a wild man, want to work with him to seize my property?”

    "You are really hateful, I am telling you something serious."

    Shantou suddenly made a fuss, and picked up what documents he picked up.

    Eric grabbed the folder in a hurry and put it aside, saying: "Okay, let's talk about your 'big plan'."

    Drew glanced at Eric and determined that he wouldn't be funny anymore, before pulling the small backpack that was originally on the corner of Eric's desk and picking up two printed things from it. One was handed to Eric and one was placed in front of himself: "Have you not written a copy of the acquisition list a few days ago, Eric. I am going to form a team and take all these things one by one. This is a plan written on it. What do you think? ”

    Copyright acquisition list?

    Eric succumbed to the reaction. After Drew won the copyright of "An Affair to Remember" that day, he made another thing for him to do, so he was bored. Handwritten the famous Hollywood movie original novels in the previous life memories or adapted TV serInternet Explorer s, including Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, CharlInternet Explorer 's Angels, The Bourne Identity, "Mission: Impossible" and many other classic or big-selling movies original copyright. Even after writing a series of "Lord of the Rings" series that had the technical ability to start shooting after ten years, there are probably more than 20 forests. He originally thought that Xiao Nizi would still pick one from the inside and did not expect it. The heart of the skull is so big. I want to swallow it all.

    Eric raised the eyebrow, looking down at Xiao Nizi's thin so-called 'plan' read.

    "Drew, the word 'redemption' is misspelled, missing an 'e', ​​come, I teach you…"

    "Eric, you have to be so sad."

    Xiao Nizi showed a face to cry, Eric quickly stopped jokes and closed the document: "That. What do you think? ”

    "I……I just want to do something, and I am also very interested in this matter. ”When Shantou finished, he showed a praying look: "Eric, do you promise me?"

    Eric took the paper and calculated it: "With an average of two million USD per copy, take it down, at least 50 Million USD…"

    Drew thought Eric wanted to refuse, and said in a hurry: "You can't get the money." I have calculated that you can get hundreds of millions of shares this year. And I don't want 50 Million at once. ”

    "Don't interrupt me," Eric made a gesture of awkwardness to the girl: "50 Million USD, of course I can get it, but you never thought about it, you suddenly bought the right to change the package, It will definitely alarm the other Film Studios in Hollywood. When others see you, they will definitely think of me. You know every movie that I make now. So what I look at, they will definitely run for a fight, even if no one is arguing, knowing that I want to buy, the seller will definitely take the opportunity to raise the price. Therefore, the final price will definitely be fired, and we will not know how much it will cost. ”

    Shantou heard Eric's analysis, and dropped his head and lowered his head.

    When Eric saw the girl's disappointment, she quickly came up with a more eclectic approach: "Well, Drew, don't be sad, so it's definitely not going to work for a team to do this on a massive scale, but you can hire two or three people and hang on top of the flower film Industry, Then you slowly to the private acquisition, one by one, so the movement is very small, not to arouse suspicion, and this thing is enough you slowly busy to 16 years old. After you have grown up, you can do more things you want to do. ”

    When Drew heard Eric's suggestion, it ignited some hope: "But is three people enough?"

    Eric stretched out his fingers and explained to the girl: "An assistant, to help you with your daily affairs, a lawyer who is familiar with the law, a negotiator who is in charge of the copyright party, three people are just right, and there is no need."

    “It’s just like this,” Drew said a little embarrassed.

    Eric continued: "Attorney I let Edward recommend it, and the assistant is very good. The key is to be responsible for copyright negotiations. This person is hard to find."

    "This person I am looking for myself," Drew immediately raised his head.

    Eric looked at the girl and remembered the Lawrence she found last time.Bender, there is no objection: "Well, this person you look at yourself, and, don't allow my name to promise."

    Drew grumbled dissatisfiedly: "Is that stupid person?"

    “It’s even more terrible for smart people to do stupid things,” Eric said with a smile.

    Shantou snorted with conviction, stood up and packed his bags: "Would I go first?"

    Eric just got to the point and thought of something: "Yes, there is still something. Since the copyright on the list you want to take all, then I will make some comments on the adaptation rights to be taken. By then, you need Follow the instructions above to talk to people."

    "What annotation?"Drew sat down again.

    "That is, some novels need to be adapted for at least 20 years, some need to be permanent, and some TV serInternet Explorer s need to buy the right to play, and some only need a single adaptation."Eric explained it a bit, and opened the plan that Xiao Nizi had just given himself. The last page just happened to be his own list: "I will give it to you at the end of the night."

    "Are you willing to go home tonight?"Shantou immediately licked his mouth, but it was only a habitual complaint, and soon stood up and said: "This is all right, then I will go back first."

    “Be careful on the road,” Eric said to the back of the girl.

    "Know it, I know, old man!"To be continued)

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