Body Chapter 193 Chips

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 193th chapter of the chip, floating astronomy

    "I hope we can have a happy cooperation in the future, Eric," after signing the thick contract, Robert.Xie smiled and stood up.

    Eric also stood up and took Robert.Xie’s hand extended: “That’s for sure, Robert.”

    On the last day of August, after nearly a month of negotiations between the two parties, Eric's Firefly Film Studio eventually acquired a new line of Hollywood's old Film Studio with a 15% stake and 60Million USD cash. The scale of the two companies is far less than the Hollywood film studio that Sony wants to acquire, and does not involve too many interests and games like Columbia. Plus, both parties have a strong willingness to cooperate, so at the price After the discussion, everything became logical.

    As the rise of Hollywood's sudden rise and the old second-line Film Studio, the combination of Firefly and the new line attracted a lot of media attention. After the signing ceremony, the two sides also responded to the media's request and conducted a brief press conference. It is of course a celebration party.

    Eric doesn't want to go to a similar party, he prefers to stay quiet in his study, but since he lives in such a country, it is always impossible to avoid a party, and if he refuses a large number of invitations, in his present status, he can almost say that he can receive invitations to all kinds of cocktail parties every day.

    "Eric, I heard that you were very popular when you were responsible for the screenwriter's "The Others" test strip?"

    "Yes. But you must know, I have signed a distribution contract with Disney, "The Others" and "Steel Magnolias". Disney gave a very high share price, making it hard to refuse. ”Eric nodded and said the situation to Robert briefly.

    He thought Robert .Xie Yizhen remembered the distribution rights of The Others and patiently explained to the other party. Since the contract has been signed, Robert.Shea is now a self-employed person, and he will be the CEO of the new Firefly Film Studio, along with Jeffrey, who has become a Chairman. In the next few months, the business of the two companies will be fully integrated.

    "No, I think you misunderstood what I meant."Robert .Shay shook his head. "I don't want the distribution rights of The Others. In fact, since "The Others" is very popular, then I think you are certainly good at writing scripts for horror movies. So, I think you can personally follow the next script of A Nightmare on Elm Street. What do you think? ”

    At the request of Robert, Eric remembered the new line he had seen. On the "A Nightmare on the Elm Street" information, as a new line is very important for a series of horror film, during the negotiations, Firefly collected more detailed data, than Eric in his mind mixed The ambiguity of the memory to be accurate many, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" although the first part of the box Office only 25 million. However, because the cost was very low, the new line also made a big profit at the time, and the cost of production and distribution increased gradually in the next three parts. In the end, it is also making money.

    However, the recent situation of "Ghost Street 5" is not optimistic. This new work was released on August 11th. Up to now, three weeks ago, only got more than 16 million USD of Box Office, and finally Box Office is 22 Around Million USD, after getting the share from the theater. Excluding about 10 million production and distribution costs, the new line is equal to not making any money.

    I remembered it carefully. Eric said: "Robert, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" has a fixed horror style, and I certainly can't write any new bridges. In my opinion, according to the latest "A Nightmare on Elm Street" box Office data, I think this series can be stopped, since the audience has been tired of Freddy's dream of killing the plot, then we forced to make a sequel, it will only outweigh the gains, if refrigerated for a few years, When the new generation of young viewers grow up, and the older generation of viewers to create nostalgia, then start this series is the most appropriate choice. ”

    Robert .When Shea heard Eric's words, the look changed a little. "A Nightmare on "Elm Street" is the new line of the House horror film series, although intellectually, he understood that Eric just said very reasonable, but in the heart is still very uncomfortable, just signed a contract with Firefly, Eric is going to cut off A nightmare o N Elm Street's sequel, which makes him think of the ancient annexation of another country's king to the new land of the power to clean, erase the other party's original imprint.

    After all, Eric is a man of two generations, so when he noticed Robert.When Shea’s look changed, Eric quickly understood the other’s mind. He didn’t want to bury the cracks in the cooperation between the two because of this low-cost horror film. He quickly replied: “But, Robert, this is just my personal. Insights, you know that in Hollywood I am still just a newcomer, and many things are definitely not considered so clearly. So if you feel it is necessary, the sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street can continue to be produced. As far as I know, the third and fourth parts have got more than 40 million Box Offices, maybe this time only once. Accidental mistakes. ”

    Robert .Shee’s expression eased a little, and he realized that Eric was compromising himself. Since the other party made a concession, of course he would not squat and not look back: "So, Eric, just say what you said, but I don't think it will be good at the end. Next year, we will make another final article…Well, it is called "The Ultimate Nightmare of Ghost Street". I will finish this series for the time being. I believe that the end of the article is here, and I can definitely get a good Box Office. ”

    "This is really a good idea," Eric also admired Robert.Shea’s wit, and then made a small promise: “Maybe, the last script I can help make a plan.”

    "really?"Robert .Shay couldn't help but make sure that he just said that Eric had been explicitly rejected, and Eric's script value was recognized in Hollywood.

    "of course!"

    Eric decisively nodded, and added a sentence of course, not to participate in the signature, he does not care about the name and interest of the screenwriter of "A Nightmare on Elm Street". However, in case of signature, the last one is not good, and it is affirmative. In a large group of masters, even if it is just a screenwriter, he is definitely the most conspicuous one, and will definitely become the focus of fans.

    Although there are often non-wet shoes at the riverside station, Eric doesn't want to be close to the river for a year or two. It's a bad deal for the Box Office, which is the most sharp chip in his hands. The two bad films that have little to do with themselves have alleviated this important chip, which is definitely not worth the candle.

    At the same time, this is why Eric is only copying the classic films in his mind for a while, but not shooting his own movies at his own will. Maybe after a few years, everything is settled, and his position in Hollywood is completely untouchable. Then he will definitely make a few films that are not of their prior life and that are of great interest to them. (To be continued)

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