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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 194, feeding, floating astronomy

    “Eric, Firefly didn’t have a movie that didn’t find the issuer this year?”Talked a few other things, Robert.Shay unconsciously transferred the topic to the Firefly movie.

    Eric looked around and "Scent of a Woman" was finally filmed this month and has entered the post-production stage. He just saw Al.Pacino was because he was with Robert at the time.For the sake of Shay's chat, Al just nodded to him from far away.

    However, at first glance, although many people met his eyes and greeted him, but did not see Al and others for a while, they had to quickly turn their eyes back to Robert: "Yes, but "Scent of a Woman is a movie of the Olympic art. If you can get the prize, the movie Box Office will definitely be good. If you can't get it, things will be hard to say. Although I have seen the donkey film, Al's performance is very amazing, but there are still a lot of games in Oscar. It is not the film that is good enough to win the award. ”

    Robert .Shea knows that Eric is not trusting his PR contacts: "Eric, I'm sure I'm not as six great Film Studios as I am, but it doesn't mean that the other person will win the prize, and the top six have a few nominations on Oscar to promote Bo x Office and follow-up video sales results, like last year, you should have seen "Working Girl", the film, although won a series of nominations, but ultimately nothing, this is Fox's PR results. The real award must still be based on strength. Although public relations is essential, it does not mean that public relations represents everything. Eric, think about it again. If you hand over "Scent of a Woman" to a big company, they definitely have other videos that need to be operated, so they won't concentrate on this movie, but I can put all the resources into this. The movie came up. ”

    Eric is in a short hesitation.

    Robert .Shee knows that Eric has loosened and quickly said: "Eric, haven't you found out?" This year is a typical Oscar small year. ”

    "Ok?"Eric showed a confused expression, and he vaguely remembered that there was such a saying. But it is just a kind of understanding.

    Robert .Shei patiently explained: "You think about it, Dustin last year.Hoffman's "Rain Man". There is JodInternet Explorer.Foster's "The Accused", as well as "Unexpected Traveler", "Mississippi Burning", "Dangerous Liaisons", a series of Oscar hot movies, the last Golden Globe Award drama Heroine has produced 'three The yellow egg's three people have won the best Heroine situation at the same time. That is the standard Oscar New Year. But this year is different. Now two-thirds of the year has passed. I don’t even see the shadow of an Oscar hot movie. You may have to say that those movies will definitely be at the end of the year, but I still Some of the concerns, in my memory, at the end of the year, there are no well-known big directors or new works of well-known Actors will be released. So I am sure that this year is definitely Oscar. As long as you said, "Scent of a Woman" in Al.Mr. Pacino is very amazing. So, plus the fact that he has already won several Oscar best actor nominations before, the final result will be easy to imagine. ”

    Eric is lost in thought. He didn't care about Robert .Shay directly ignored the possible actions of Pretty Woman and Running Out of Time on Oscar. He knows that at a age of less than 20 years old, the film school, which is still very conservative in style, will certainly not award any awards to himself. It is a good result to be able to brush a few nominations.

    What he is thinking about is about Robert.What Shay said about Oscar's little years, along with Robert.In the story of Shea, Eric also remembered more about the previous life about Oscar. In the memory, "Scent of a Woman" seems to have only won a best actor award, and the best film nomination is lost to Eric who doesn't know. But this year, if it is really Oscar's small year. "Scent of a Woman is sure to have the potential to impact Oscar's best videos.

    "Eric?"Robert .Shee waited for a while, but Eric did not respond, and couldn't help but remind him.

    Eric heard his name and suddenly retracted his thoughts. He accidentally shook his wrist and almost splashed the red wine: "Oh, sorry, Robert, I am a little distracted."

    Robert .Shei asked: "What do you think?"

    "Ok?"Eric was not responded to by Robert after a few long arguments.

    “About the release of Scent of a Woman?”Robert .Shee seems to be patiently reminding.

    Eric has some tangles in his heart. If this year is Oscar, it is a safer way to hand over Scent of a Woman to seven operations.

    Before the Weinstein brothers had yet to become an Oscar gold pusher, Big Film Studio still had an absolute advantage in this award public relations, but at the same time, he also knew, just like Robert.What Shay said, no one in the Big Seven will fully operate Scent of a Woman unless he gives up most of the benefits. Isn't the prize for the benefit?

    Eric is about to agree, but Al.Pacino finally didn't know where to drill out and came to his side. Eric remembered the original promise to Al. This movie is for Al.Pacino was created with the best actor. Then, if you follow Robert.Shea’s suggestion, due to the release of the new line after the Firefly merger, will definitely bear some risks in the award public relations, although the possibility is very small, but in case of the butterfly effect, Al once again rubbed shoulders with Oscar's best actor What should I do? It’s hard to be sure that Al will not be separated from Firefly because of this. Eric personally values ​​Al.Pacino's partnership, the 1990s is also a peak period for Al's acting career, and maintains a good relationship with each other, whether it is Box Office or Firefly.

    In this case, it is better to push the decision to Al. Although it is highly likely that the other party will be finally agreed by Robert, it is unlikely that Al will be angry if there is a very small probability event. Sprinkle on Firefly.

    "Robert, I personally agree with this," Eric said, not to say, "but the scent of a Woman" was the decision I made to invite Al to the pretty Woman in the act. Although Al has gained more now because of "pretty Woman", I cannot ignore the original promise, so you want to leave the issue of "Scent of a Woman" and you need to be able to convince Al, oh you see, he's coming. ”

    Eric placed the goblet in a tray of a waiter, to Al.Pacino went: "Al, I haven't seen you for a long time."

    Al .Pacino enthusiastically embraced Eric: "Long time no see, Eric, you look mature and handsome, and even more fascinated the little girls, don't forget to give us some angry old men a little way."

    "Haha, can't you find a beautiful woman by your means," Eric said with a few words from Al, and introduced it; "Al, this is Robert.Shay, Robert, this is Al. ”

    "Actually, you don't need to introduce it, we still know it," Al said, still with Robert.Shay shook his hand: "Hello, Robert, I believe that working with Eric is a very correct choice."

    Robert .Shei smiled slightly: "I hope so too."

    "So, we just talked about the "Scent of a Woman", let's talk, I will go to the bathroom first."Eric pointed to the corridor not far away, Al.Pacino wanted to talk to Eric a few more words, but looked at the direction of the other side and nodded.

    Eric greeted the guests casually, walked slowly to the banquet hall door, passed through the crowd, just stepped into the hallway, a red petite body slammed into him, poked back backwards, Eric quickly reached out Pull the girl, hugged in his arms.

    "It's you, you call…Amount, Gabe…"Eric recognized the face at a glance, but thought about it, but didn't think of the other person's name for the first time. Although the memories of previous life have been copied magically, the body has not had the ability to remember.

    "GabrInternet Explorer l.Anwar. ”

    The girl replied softly. Eric was found to have embraced herself. She still had some joy in her heart. However, she saw that the other person did not recognize herself and lost her heart. The little hand was on Eric's chest and forgot to let the other party let go.

    Eric thinks about it. This is the girl who came to Los Angeles from the United Kingdom to participate in the audition when she was selected as the Running Out of Time. It was also the stunning Tango in the memory of Scent of a Woman. Dance of Heroine.

    A middle-aged man turned his head down from the ballroom into the hallway and looked strangely at the pair of men and women who were together. Eric heard the movement and turned his head. The man recognized Eric's identity at a glance, laughed and slammed back. Eric recognizes that it is a staff member of Firefly. Although the reaction of the other party seems to be too radical, it is conceivable to find that Boss and the woman are 'intimate', and that woman is obviously not a true girlfriend of Boss. In this case, in order to prevent Being worn with small shoes is definitely something to avoid.

    "I was really sorry, I bumped into you, Miss Anwar." Eric was so stunned that he quickly released the petite girl from his arms and subconsciously licked the girl's hair falling in front of her forehead.

    "No, it doesn't matter," the girl shook her head, and as Eric's fingers moved in front of her forehead, her cheeks glowed with a blush.

    However, GabrInternet Explorer l quickly found out that this incomprehensible man said apologetically, and turned himself away.

    The girl screamed softly and shouted: "Hey!"To be continued)

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