Chapter 195 invites guest appearance

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 195th chapter of the main body invites guest appearances, floating astronomy

    Eric stopped and turned around: "What else is there, Miss Anwar?"

    After the girl shouted, she regretted it. She felt that the performance was somewhat urgent. However, since she had already shouted, she had to show her courage: "Mr. Williams, can you please dance with you? ”

    Eric looked at the petite body wrapped in the girl's big red deep v dress, and the short leather shoes that were stepped under the slender calf. It was natural to think of the stunning tango in Scent of a Woman, and asked with a slight smile: "Is it tango?"

    GabrInternet Explorer l nodded, his lips curled up, and his smile was filled with natural naughty meaning: "If you want to."

    "Well, wait a moment," Eric pointed to the end of the corridor.

    The girl nodded and watched as Eric turned and left again, until the other figure disappeared into a door, and then quickly raised his hand and took a few shots, while the little brain quickly thought about what to do next. In order to cause more attention to this man of his age.

    Fortunately, after getting the tango girl role in Scent of a Woman, GabrInternet Explorer l has been in United States for several months. As she learns more about Hollywood, the more she decides to stay in the future. Hollywood.

    The section of tango dance in Scent of a Woman is only a few minutes, but because of Al.Pacino's strict requirements, shot in a hotel in New York for more than a week, during which the girl stayed in the crew, and her magical discovery, the crew from the director to the drama, are polite to her. Gasy. Although as a newcomer, she often made mistakes during the course of more than a week, some errors are even low-level, but from beginning to end. Director Martin .Brest and the actor Al.Pacino didn't over-fire her, at most she frowned and expressed her dissatisfaction, but then she began to patiently explain the essentials to her.

    at the beginning. GabrInternet Explorer l thought that the two people were tempered to be good-tempered people, but entered the third day of shooting. A temporary actor has to be repeated several times because it is not in the center of the lens, so that a complex lens that should have been completed has to be repeated several times.Pacino therefore slammed the thing directly, and screamed the temporary actor with very harsh words, and shyly left the crew. And then she found Director Martin.Brest is also not a good-tempered person. So I was curious as to why I got such special treatment.

    The next little thing made her understand the reason for everything.

    The cause of the incident is that the name is Matt.Young people of Damon, during the shooting because of a few days of contact. It made a good impression on her, so she ran to talk to her, and the result was Al.Pacino knows, she saw Al with her own eyes.Pacino shouted the hoe into the room and told him.Damon never gave her any courtesy.

    After this incident, the girl finally figured out something, and she was treated like this because she was Eric.Williams recommended it. And more importantly, they may treat her as Eric's affectionate, so she will be rewarded with her courtesy. Because of this reason. Originally as a newcomer to Actress, I may have encountered a lot of harassment, she has never encountered it. This seems like a miracle. Even in the United Kingdom, although her father and mother were both in the TV circle to protect her as much as possible, she still encountered harassment when she participated in TV serInternet Explorer s.

    Because of this misunderstanding, she got no small benefit, so the girl didn't want to clarify from beginning to end. Even when chatting with people, she always put a few words of Eric's name and gave some hints. .

    just now. Most people who know her well, including her manager. Even the general manager of the Brokerage Firm Kapoor.Sid, she is classified in the identity of Eric love. And they didn't look down on her because Eric.Williams is now single, maybe when she will be lucky to be promoted to his true girlfriend, and even become his wife.

    But she knew that she had nothing to do with Eric after all. She had only said a few words to him from beginning to end, and she had seen one side.

    As time went on, she even began to worry that once this fact was discovered, what would happen to those who realized that they had been deceived, especially the manager who was responsible for her, these days did not know whether it was intentional or unintentional, had asked How many times have she dated Eric recently?

    "Hey, what do you want?"A voice suddenly sounded in the ear, interrupting the thoughts of GabrInternet Explorer l.

    The girl saw Eric in front of her and shook her head: "Nothing."

    "Let's go in," Eric didn't care, casually.

    "Well, okay," said the girl, boldly stepping forward and reaching out to hold Eric's arm.

    Eric saw the girl's sudden relatives, and looked at the girl with great interest. GabrInternet Explorer l looked down and stared at Eric's eye-catching eyes, but she still stubbornly held Eric's arm. open.

    Eric chuckled, and did not discern the woman's careful thoughts, but there were some regrets that there was no soft, comfortable touch on the arm. If Nicole is leaning down, there are two groups of barely raised ridges on his chest. At this moment, his own girl is completely poor.

    "Eric, I decided, "Scent of a Woman" was released by Firefly itself. I think Robert said it makes sense." Stepping into the hall again, Al's eye.Pacino saw Eric at a glance, smiled and walked over, and saw GabrInternet Explorer l, Al, leaning against him.Pacino also did not shy away from Eric's eyebrows.

    Eric actually expected this result, Robert.She Yilian can speak for himself, not to mention Al.Pacino , Al is more eager to win the award, so the easier he is to listen to Robert.The words of Shea.

    "I believe this will be a good choice," Eric nodded and smiled. "Yes, Al, is there a plan for your next movie?"

    Al .Pacino shook his head. "I plan to take a break. Kapoor suggested it. I have enough to shoot two movies this year. Kapoor said that I better wait until the next Oscar and then consider the next film."After that, Al.Pacino paused and looked at Eric's look and immediately said, "But, Eric, if it's a movie you made, I can do it any time."

    "No, Al, I don't have any movies for you right now," Eric explained. "It's actually like this. You should have heard that I made a TV serInternet Explorer s…"

    Al immediately laughed: "Of course I heard that, I also know that you actually ran to Director for two episodes, Eric, your idea is really…Differentiate, in the Director I know, if it is not mixed, I will rarely want to go to shoot TV serInternet Explorer s. Yes, you said this is…"

    Eric said: "This is actually the case. I am making a sitcom and want to invite you to a guest episode."


    Al .Pacino suddenly hesitated, guest TV Serinternet Explorer S is nothing, but he is worried about Eric produced that TV serinternet Explorer s reputation, if that TV serinternet E Xplorer S's ratings are very poor, then he ran to a cameo, with a bad film did not make any difference, a few years ago that led to his comeback after rotten film to now still let him fear, so now more cherish the feather, for a time did not dare to immediately promise down.

    Eric also knows that this can't be forced, and said: "Al, this TV serInternet Explorer s is broadcast side by side, just right, the first episode was on September 3, Fox TV Station. I know what you are scrupulous about, so if the average rating is less than 15 Million after the TV serInternet Explorer s is broadcast, then I have not said this, if it is higher than this number, I hope you can consider a bit. ”

    "Then I will be fine," Al.When Pacino heard Eric's promise, he immediately agreed. He still had a certain understanding of TV serInternet Explorer s. A US drama with a rating of more than 15 Million is a hit drama. He also has his own guest appearance. Identity is also helpful in improving your visibility.

    "That's it, you can take a look at this TV serInternet Explorer s."

    Al smiled: "The first two episodes were taken by you directly by this big Director. I will definitely watch them on time, right. Can you tell me what kind of role I will be?"

    "Of course, I want you to be a guest."


    “Yes,” Eric said. “The general story is like this. One of the six fixed protagonists of TV serInternet Explorer s is a temporary actor. One day, he received a film appointment and played your nude… ”

    The original version of the episode, although Joey played Al.Pacino's ass, laughing, but from beginning to end, Al.Pacino did not show up. It is different now, Eric and Al.Pacino has such a relationship, of course, to make good use of it, let Al really show it once.

    "Wow," after listening to Eric's narrative, Al laughed. "In fact, if I need to, I don't mind the naked body."

    Eric shrugged: "You understand, this is the plot."

    "Of course, I think this plot will be very interesting, oh, well, Miss Anwar must be impatient, sorry that I took Eric so much time, you are going to dance, Eric, Miss Anwar's tango is Very good."

    "Thank you for your compliment, Mr. Pacino. ”GabrInternet Explorer l just didn't show any impatience, she dared. So I am very grateful to Al.Pacino's move.

    "So, enjoy the party, I will talk to other people for a while, goodbye."

    "See you later," Eric nodded and walked to the dance floor with the girl. (To be continued)

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