What is your hobby?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, what is your hobby in Chapter 196, Astronomy

    "What are you doing after "Scented"?"On the dance floor, Eric swayed gently on the girl's waist. Although she just said that she wanted to dance tango, it didn't. Because the music and atmosphere on the scene were not suitable, Eric was not so keen.

    GabrInternet Explorer l glared at Eric's shoulder and looked up at Eric. "Manager recommended me a female comedy of love comedy. I have already auditioned. I am going to join the group recently. The film may be placed next year. Deaf people's day."

    "Oh, yes," said Eric, grinning at the girl's eyes, and, through a few words from the girl, he was more certain of the reasons why Gabrinternet Explorer L would have made those little gestures, and the big hand that had been stroking the back of Gabrinternet explorer L Dress slipped gently, stay in the girl's plump buttocks flap, gently pinch the pinch: "Then, I have what good?" ”

    "Ah I……I do not know what you're talking about. ”The girl's body stiffened, and her eyes whispered softly.

    However, how could you not know?

    If it weren't because of his name, she was a solitary United Kingdom girl who came to Hollywood. She had neither the pulse nor the background, and her acting skills were not so good. How could she get two important things in just half a year? Character. Moreover, uta must have taken care of her because she misunderstood her identity, and won the role of the love comedy female No. 2 for her.

    With Eric's movements, the girl looked around worriedly. There were still many people on the dance floor. Although the lights were not bright enough, they didn't affect the view. Even with a little attention, I can definitely see the evil of Eric's hand. action.

    he……How can he do this, even if he wants it. It should not be here either. The girl thought so, but she could only bury her head on Eric's chest, like an ostrich.

    Fortunately, the big hand is not too much. After a while, the panting of the girl's teasing was quickly removed.

    However, GabrInternet Explorer l sneaked a sneak peek at the room, and still saw the fascinating gaze of a few people around. There are a few female stars who know Eric's identity. Seeing the intimate posture of Eric and the girl, there is still an indescribable envy in the faint disdain of GabrInternet Explorer. If they can, they definitely don't mind Eric. The woman is replaced by another of them.

    That little bitch hit, also a reluctance to look, really Bitch, and a small dance floor to see the actress GabrInternet Explorer l expression. I still hate this in my heart. After the party started, she also took the initiative to talk to Eric, but Eric didn't even have a few words to talk to her.

    Eric didn't look at the unexpected person's gaze. Anyway, his playboy's reputation has already spread. He took back a hand and gently picked up the girl's sharp chin. He undoubtedly said, "Come, look at me, I like this expression."

    GabrInternet Explorer l can't resist the body softly, raise your head slyly, and don't have the charm of slender eyes staring at Eric. Small mouth slightly, gently gasping.

    Eric saw the girl's appearance and nodded with satisfaction. Pinch on the girl's small chin, and then continue to dance with the petite body.

    "In fact, this is not bad," Eric said after a while.

    "Ok?"The girl is very close to the doubtful expression.

    Eric said faintly: "It is not easy for you to run a girl alone in Hollywood, so if someone asks about your relationship with me, I will not deny it. It is a kind of protection for you. After all, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be able to stay in Hollywood. ”

    "Mr. Williams. Thank you," the girl showed a grateful expression. Eric's little hand clenched tightly.

    "Call me Eric," Eric said casually. Immediately, the tone changed again and again: "However, it is limited to this. Remember to take a point. Don't let me know that you are doing what I should not do with my name."

    The girl eagerly said: "I won't, I will definitely not."

    "That's good," Eric smiled. "Don't be so nervous. Actually, what you want to do is not too easy. I just remind you in advance."

    "Ok……"The girl leaned back against Eric and gently agreed.

    "Right, do you have any hobbies?"Eric suddenly asked without a word.

    GabrInternet Explorer l I don't know why Eric asks this question, hesitated, and said: "Reading, dancing, maybe…go to bed. ”

    "This can't be done, then plant a pot of flowers, so I can always give you some advice."

    The girl blinked and immediately smirked, with a few proactive teasings in her tone: "I have a prickly pear in my house, can I?"

    Eric also laughed. In fact, this is just a little joke. He wants to go to a woman's house. What reason is it to use? But now Eric is just saying: "It is also necessary to raise the fairy ball. Then let's see how. ?"

    "Of course," the girl gently flirted at Eric.


“……I know that I know, you can put it in my study…what! ”Eric, who leaned on the big bed, couldn't help but breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly reached down and held the woman's head below. He patted the warning and said: "Nothing, accidentally kicking on the coffee table…Ok, I know, I will go back tomorrow, you go to bed early…Dear, kiss, go to bed early! ”After that, he hangs up the mobile phone in a hurry and turns off the machine. Thinking of what Xiaonizi seemed to be aware of on the phone, and thus constantly delaying the duration of the call, Eric felt a burst of excitement.

    This is an apartment in West Hollywood, GabrInternet Explorer l can only afford to rent a house here, but the one-bedroom apartment is very refined, revealing the delicateness of women everywhere.

    At the moment, the girl's dress was crouching between Eric's legs, and the oysters were busy. The small mouth and the flexible little tongue swallowed the light wrap to give Eric a burst of refreshment.

    Hanging up the mobile phone and enjoying the girl's lips and tongue skills, Eric just patted the side: "Come, squatting."

    The girl looked up and unconsciously put out her tongue and licked her mouth. She obediently climbed to Eric's side and prepared to take off her unwholesome little dress.

    "Don't take it off," Eric patted the girl's ass to stop the opponent's movements, smashed the hem of the little dress, hooked off the small piece of cloth that obscured the key, and admired it before advancing.

    Gently moving, the big hand naturally stretched out to the girl's chest, and when I felt it, I was disappointed to leave.

    The girl seemed to feel Eric's disappointment, gently pulling Eric's arm and opening the small mouth to put the finger in and gently lick it up.

    “Wow,” the irritating feeling made Eric scream, and the other big hand forced the entire upper body of the girl to squat down, speeding up the movement and signaling the girl to lean over the head of the bed and put her finger into the small one. Let the other side be in the mouth, and from time to time also fiddle with the slippery little tongue. (To be continued)

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