Chapter 197, Temporary Loss of Power

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the temporary loss of power in Chapter 197 of the text, Astronomy

    The water in the bathroom screamed for a while, and Eric, who wiped his body, walked out of the bathroom.

    The sun shining through the curtain gap has shown a bit of a bright feeling. In the early morning of Los Angeles in September, the temperature is just about 22 degrees, and Eric remembers that it is the gold temperature that the human body tolerates.

    I gently found the clothes and put them on my body. While looking at the girl who was still sleeping on the bed, the blanket was scattered on the side, and the naked body of the girl was unreservedly displayed in front of Eric. Because of the oriental blood, the girl's skeleton looks delicate and compact, and the skin is smoother and softer than the western woman. The soft back curve is all the way down, forming a slender curvature on the waist, and then quickly bulging at the hips. Forming two hillocks, full of female lure. The round thighs below are gently together, but it is difficult to hide the seductive scenery.

    It wasn't until Eric put on his tie and put on his coat, and the girl didn't wake up. Eric looked at the girl as a baby with the cute look of sleeping with her right thumb. She couldn't help but rise up, sit down on the bed and reach out to the girl. The finger in his mouth smashed out and fed his index finger.

    For an instant, Eric felt the two moist lips flap his fingertips, as Eric gently probed, the two rows of small teeth were snapping and biting on the fingertips, as if they were tempted to feel the difference between the fingers, and the little tongue in the mouth began to rise up with discontent, Seems to be trying to drive out a strange intruder.

    Unfortunately, the power of the girl's little tongue is far from Eric's big, and after a teasing of 'pushing', the girl suddenly opened her eyes.


    Quickly bounced and pulled over the blanket to cover the carcass, GabrInternet Explorer l After seeing Eric's smile, recalled last night's things. Only relieved.

    "early……Good morning, Eric," seems to be a little overwhelmed by his gaffe. The girl showed a smile and immediately greeted her.

    "early."Eric smiled and shook the wet fingertips at the girl: "I don't think you were so cute when you slept."

    "Ah I……Do I have it? ”

    The girl looked down a little shyly, and the moment she opened her eyes, she saw the movement of Eric's fingers, so she remembered some pictures from last night.

    Eric smiled and nodded. "Of course, I liked the girl with my fingers when I was sleeping. I saw it for the first time."

    "I don't know myself."The girl is still drooping and squatting around, seemingly looking for something.

    Eric calmly gathered a few pieces of clothes and handed it to the girl: "This is nothing. In fact, many people don't know that they will snoring when they sleep. Even after waking up, I still refuse to admit it. ”

    GabrInternet Explorer, who was about to sneak up on small trousers, looked up in horror: "I…I didn't snoring? ”

    “Of course not,” Eric shook his head quickly. “I’m just an example.”

    "Oh," the girl relieved with relief.

    Seeing the girl wearing guilt pants and a vest and walking barefoot to the closet, Eric said: "Baby, I think I have to go."

    Standing next to the closet, considering what is more beautiful today, GabrInternet Explorer l paused the action in his hand and turned his head: "Is it enough to eat breakfast?"

    Eric looked at his watch and said: "It's almost half past eight, and there may be traffic jams on the road. I don't know if I can go to the company at nine. Because at two o'clock in the afternoon I have to fly to Venice. So there are a few things that need to be dealt with quickly. At 10 o'clock, I have to have a meeting with Robert and Jeffrey about the merger of Firefly and the new line. My new movie shooting schedule is also out, I need to see it myself…In short, I have to deal with a lot of things in the next five hours. ”

    Seeing the face of a girl who missed her face and listened to her finger, Eric said that the tone of the voice softened, and there was a sense of guilty feelings of ruthlessness. She had to wave her hand and say: "This…There is no breakfast room near here, maybe we can have a breakfast together, and it will not be a minute or two. ”

    "Of course, can I wash my face first?"The girl raised her face in surprise.

    Now that a decision has been made. Of course, Eric doesn't care too much about time: "Cake a shower by the way, but it's better to hurry."

    "Then wait for you!"

    The girl excitedly picked out a few clothes in three or two. I rushed into the bathroom with my toes and drilled again in less than fifteen minutes. has been wearing a light blue shoulder bag hip skirt, black stockings will be two legs taut and slender, the hair rolled into a small bun, picked a high heel from the side shoe rack, and stood up to Eric and said, "Well, let's go, the restaurant is just forty or fifty paces across the street." ”


    "Eric, it’s almost nine and a half. What happened to you today, the mobile phone is also shut down, don’t you know how tight today is it?”When Eric appeared in the company, Jeffrey, an anxious face, asked.

    In the face of an old man who is in a hurry, Eric explains awkwardly: "Sorry, Jeffrey, on the road…Traffic jam. ”

    "Impossible, there is no traffic jam from the place where you live. I don't know this road."

    “Actually, I came from West Hollywood,” Eric immediately raised his hands and told him honestly.

    "amount……"Jeffrey squatted and quickly understood something. At the same time, I realized that I had some oversteps. Eric is Boss after all. Although he knows that his tone is strict, some Eric will not mind, but he is not Eric's elders after all, and occasionally teaches Eric two sentences. Eric does not respect him. What to say, but whoever has a long time will have dissatisfaction.

    "Well, there are a few documents that require you to sign the words. I have already put Alan on your desk. You have half an hour of processing time. Robert has already brought people over, I am going. Prepare the meeting room."

    "I'm going to deal with it," Eric nodded to Jeffrey and walked quickly to his office, and Jeffrey went to prepare his own business.

    Although the merger agreement has been signed, two companies have really merged, also need to deal with business integration, management organization design, company structure adjustment, personnel integration to abolish this pile of problems, so, two companies really mix together for several months, the two sides of the business can not stop, there will be a period of parallel operation time.

    Several documents were processed in a hurry, the assistant ran to knock on the door, and Eric hurriedly dropped the folder and walked to the conference room.

    In the conference room, the new line is over Robert.Xie Yi also has six or seven middle and high-level management to participate in the meeting, and on the Firefly side, the clerk responsible for the meeting record ignores only Eric and Jeffrey. This comparison shows that Firefly is very weak. Come.

    Although the profitability of the new line is far less than Firefly, but the business is very sound, production, copyright, publicity, distribution of all kinds of departments do not lack, and then see Firefly, if not see it that the horror of profitability, in fact more like a small workshop, Jeffrey responsible for management, While the producer of Eric's films is sometimes busy at the bottom, most of the time he can do it alone.

    The two-hour meeting didn't actually discuss too much. In addition to quickly reaching a consensus on finding another office to move the two companies together, it was a debate about the power of production.

    Eric is of course hoping for Robert .Shee completely let go of this piece and concentrate on the release of the film. If the distribution ability is strong, coupled with his vision in the movie, Firefly can leap into the status of film giants in a few years.

    But this proposal was made by Robert.Shee directly refused, and this is also expected. The head of a Film Studio has no power to make a film. Isn't that a joke?

    Eric immediately raised Robert .Shay can be responsible for the production of some small-cost horror movies. After all, this aspect is barely his "strength."

    What surprised Eric was that Robert.Shea still refused. He was not satisfied with the production rights of the small-cost movies in the past, but also hoped that he could handle several big productions by hand. Because he knows that with the proceeds of Eric's next few films, Firefly will have a large amount of cash, although in the new line, Robert.Shee didn't dare to play like this. After all, losing a big new line is almost going to go bankrupt, but at this time there is funds backed by Firefly, Robert.Shay’s ambitions have inflated. There aren't many black-and-white movies in Hollywood's low-cost Box Office, and it won't be so amazing for Eric's performance. In order to achieve stable high returns, big investment and big production is the king.

    For Robert.Shea’s idea, Eric, certainly couldn’t agree immediately, even if Firefly had money, it’s not that fun. And he is also against Robert.Shay’s vision did not have any confidence. Although the new life line has a great success in the series "The Lord of the Rings", there is also the fiasco of "The Golden Compass". Take a look at it, Robert.Shay’s ingredients in the film production seem to be a bit more.

    But facing Robert.Shei’s insistence, Eric also had to make concessions for the time being. After all, what he urgently needs now is that the distribution channel is in the hands of the other party. Therefore, it is the first priority to completely integrate the new line. The temporary loss of power is incompetent. Avoided.

    In the end, after going through with Robert.In the debate on Shay, Eric reluctantly agreed, and in the next year, he will give the new line two major films with a total cost of 50 Million USD and hand it over to Robert.Shea operates.

    After a two-hour meeting, Robert.Xie Yi and his group left with satisfaction. Eric, while eating a simple lunch, continued to look through the documents and waited to go directly to the airport. He had to read the last documents that needed to be signed as soon as possible. (To be continued)

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