The text of the 198th chapter intends to

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the 198th chapter, the floating astronomy.

    Jeffrey didn't leave, but was sitting at the sofa in Eric's office for lunch, and discussed some issues with Eric.

    "Eric, except for "Running Out of Time," we don't cost more than 25 Million for all the movies now, and you give Robert a sigh of relief.Is the budget for the 50 Million USD in Shay's two movies too much? ”

    Upon hearing this question, Eric's face was stretched. After a few mouthfuls of lunch in the box, he pushed it aside and took a paper towel and rubbed his mouth. "I don't want to, but if Robert wants to do his best, he can't. Don't give the other side some benefits first. 50 Million only, and although I said that I will be handed over to him, if Robert's chosen movie doesn't work, I will definitely not sign the project proposal. ”

    Jeffrey didn't have any doubts about Eric's vision of the film. When he heard Eric say so, he let go: "However, Eric, Robert's power is too big and certainly not a good thing."

    “There is nothing to worry about,” Eric signed the name on a document and quickly changed the next one. While carefully browsing, “When we integrated the resources of the new line, we completely integrated the new line with Firefly. The rest is much simpler."

    Jeffrey's heart jumped, and the little guy was dark enough, and now he began to remember Robert.Shay drove away. However, Eric does have this strength, after all, Robert.Shay is only 15% of the shares, and Eric has an absolute controlling stake and wants to lift Robert.Shea’s position does not even need to go through any discussion at the meeting, and a document can be issued directly.

    “Do you think I am going to kill and kill?”Eric smiled and looked up at Jeffrey and asked.

    Jeffrey smiled slyly, but still admitted generously: "It's a bit like this."

    "You know, Jeffrey. I am not the kind of ignorant person, if Robert can keep his duty and do things within his strength. I will never make this kind of meal to eat the big meal. Unfortunately, his heart is too big, you must have noticed. He brought so many people today, it was a demonstration and wanted to tell us that he was very important to Firefly. ”

    "I suddenly had a concern," Jeffrey heard Eric say, and said: "You see, those people today are all Robert's ties, if you drive him away in the future." Will these people leave with him? ”

    Eric shook his head and looked relaxed: "Do you think that if Firefly develops, then the people under his hand will give up tens of millions of annual salary and dividends every year, and leave with him to start a new business? Or maybe there are so many other giants, Film Studio, have so many positions that they can dig them together? These are unlikely, Robert left, and I will find a CEO to take over the already completed distribution channel. ”


    Eric interrupted Jeffrey's words and patiently said: "Jeffrey. In fact, you don't have to worry so much. I said that Robert might be driven away, but not necessarily. Maybe after a year or two, he realizes his strengths, no longer inserts the film to concentrate on the distribution, I don't have to do this kind of thing, and Robert's talent in film distribution is unquestionable. ”

    "I understand," Jeffrey nodded helplessly and began to bow down to eat.

    The door knocked a few times, and the office door was pushed open without permission. Drew, wearing a t-shirt and hot pants, flew in and threw himself on Eric's body and laughed. I also got to Eric and asked about what happened last night.

    Standing at the door, Alan patiently smiled at the hoe and Eric, until Eric turned his attention to himself: "Eric. Baggage and car are ready, so as not to encounter special situations such as traffic jams on the road, I think we are the best off now. ”

    "Let's go," Eric pulled the little Nizi on his knees. "I'm not going to be jealous these days. There are things I can do to help Jeffrey. Don't mess around."

    "Cut, I am not a child," Shantou dissatisfied and scratched Eric, and said: "Eric, I want to go to Venice too."

    "Forget it, you can't stand it," Eric licked his head and furry head. Recently, Xiao Nizi didn't know what to think. She cut a cute bag head and saw that Eric couldn't help himself. Bottom: "The plane from Los Angeles to Venice, it takes 17 hours for a one-way trip, and there is still a need for a transfer."

    Drew couldn't stand it, let her do nothing on the plane for 17 hours. It is estimated that Xiao Nizi wouldn't be able to take it apart, so she didn't mention it again. She took Eric's arm and walked out and said: "Eric, let's buy a rack. Private jets are good, so even if you fly for a long time, you won’t be bored."

    "It's not the time," Eric shook his head. "Let's wait another year or two."

    “Well,” Drew nodded, and the group came downstairs. Xiao Nizi took the lead in the business car: “I will send you to the airport.”

    "Eric, I won't go, there are still some things to do," Jeffrey patted Eric's shoulder: "A bon voyage."

    "Goodbye, Jeffrey," Eric waved at Jeffrey and sat in. The front Alan sat in the co-pilot and saw Eric and Drew sit behind, before the driver drove.

    He wants to go to Venice with Eric, and he still wants to find a translator. Venice is talking about the Italian language. Coincidentally, Alan's mother happens to be an Italian. Alan grew up in both English and Italian. She said that the Italian language is no problem at all, so it saves the trouble of finding a translator.

    Fortunately, from Burbank all the way to Los Angeles International Airport, it took only one hour and ten minutes, and half an hour before the arrival time, Eric and Alan can check in with ease.

    "Alan, what are you turning?"While waiting for boarding, Eric saw Alan carefully checking his carry-on bag and asked curiously.

    "Book, I brought a Stephen.Kim’s novel collection, I’m going to look at the plane, Eric, have you brought it? ”

    Eric has a hand. His previous life is often a long-distance train, but the environment on the train is not suitable for reading. The long-time plane has not been seated, so he did not think of this. Moreover, his baggage was cleaned up by Xiao Nizi yesterday, and it is even more impossible to think of it with the character of Shantou.

    "There are still a few minutes, maybe you can buy one, there is a super mall outside the hall," Alan offered.

    "I will go, Eric, you are waiting here. If I don't have time to come back, you will board the plane directly."

    Eric is saying that there is no need to worry, Xiao Nizi has already flown out.

    Drew ran out of the waiting room lobby, and Eric and Alan heard the announcement that they were on the air, and they looked at each other.

    "Let's go, line up first, maybe you can catch it," Eric said, and Alan didn't retort. The two men took luggage and walked to the boarding gate.

    10 minutes later, only Eric and Alan two were left at the gate. The other passengers had already gone in, and the staff next to him began to remind two of people to go in, and Eric finally glanced behind him, and a dashing shadow ran towards them, and the girl shoved a thick, hard book into Eric's hands, Without much to say, panting and stooping to wave two of people to go straight in.

    Eric knew that he didn't have to be polite with Xiao Nizi. He stuffed the book into the bag and said goodbye. He took the baggage and entered the boarding gate.

    The huge Boeing passenger plane roared off the ground and it took a while to stabilize.

    In the first class, Eric untied the seat belt, and Alan next to him took out a schedule and introduced Eric.

    “After London's turn, we will arrive in Venice on September 2nd at 3pm local time. Mr. Demme and Miss Madsen will pick us up at Marco Polo Airport. In the evening, I have a meeting with John Landis Director. There is no activity on the 3rd. You can take a day off and take the time difference. The opening ceremony of the fourth film festival, red carpet, the organizing committee invites you to attend the party. Our ticket for the afternoon of the 5th, back to Los Angeles at 5 am Eastern Time on the 6th. Eric, do you still need a note? ”

    Eric patiently listened and shook his head: "No, just like this."

    If possible, he did not intend to attend the Venice Film Festival. Although he had this plan, as the schedule became tighter, he also had the idea of ​​not coming. However, after the Venice Film Festival learned that he might appear, he sent an official invitation to him, hoping that he would attend the opening ceremony.

    "The Others" had nothing to do with the awards, Eric delayed it, but with Michael.The propaganda strategy proposed by Eisner, "The Others" also has the hope of winning the prize. In this case, Eric is not good to refuse. Because the invitation is the chairman of this jury, Andre.Since he was signed by Jemirov, he was sincere. If Eric doesn't give this face to the other side, it will directly lay a bad influence on the other party's mind. Compared to the scale of the judges of Oscar's thousands of people, the Venice Film Festival has only nine judges, everyone sitting together to discuss and discuss The awards are given.

    Therefore, in order to avoid the tragedy of "The Others" empty-handed because of his personal factors, Eric can only take a look at the spirit.

    Reluctantly sighed, Eric no longer wanted these troubles, and he took the book that Xiao Nizi bought for himself from the backpack.

    After looking at it, I couldn't help but laugh.


    What book is this gimmick bought, and who is watching the essay on the plane?

    Forget it, it should be used for hypnosis.

    Eric took the plastic film wrapped around the book and thought about it. (To be continued)

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