Body Chapter 199 Awards Selection

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 199th chapter award selection, floating astronomy

    After two more hours of flight change in London, Eric finally arrived at Marco Polo Airport in Venice.

    It’s not just Jonathan who comes to pick up the plane.Demme and Virginia, and one named Bill.Garrett's middle-aged man, and two other assistants, Eric knew Bill.Garlott is the manager of Disney Europe, and because Disney got the distribution rights for The Others, the other party was sent to help Jonathan.Demme promotes and publicizes the film.

    After chilling with each other, Eric and his group took a baggage on a yacht. Instead of going to the main island of Venice, they went directly to Lido Island and lived in a boutique hotel. This hotel is also very interesting. It is said that it was originally The reason for the Venice Film Festival is to solve the fall of the boutique hotel. Now, the boutique hotel has become a status symbol during the Venice Film Festival, and only the film crews and specially invited crews entering the main competition unit can enter this hotel.

    As one of the heavyweights at the festival, Eric certainly has the right to stay, and his room is a luxurious suite with a view of the ocean.

    "Bed, bed!"After Jonathan and Bill left, Eric sighed and threw himself down on the big bed in the bedroom, tumbling a few times.

    Virginia, who is carefully arranging luggage for Eric, chuckled: "Is it very tired to fly?"

    "It’s not tired, it’s too bad, and it’s still in the Atlantic.”Eric smashed the shoes and leaned comfortably on the big bed, turning to look at the girl who hung her clothes into the closet.

    Virginia is now wearing a sleeveless white shirt with lace silk, and the bottom is tight white trousers, looking sideways, this dress will bring out the perfect curve of the girl's bumpy and perfect. Seeing Eric's index finger move.

    Eric couldn't help but jump out of bed and came to Virginia behind him, her hands wrapped around her delicate waist and stroking the exposed skin between her shirt and trousers. At the same time, the probe crossed the crystal earlobe of the girl wearing ruby ​​earrings and kissed the white cheek on the right side of the girl.

    The girl felt Eric's sudden intimacy. The delicate body trembled, and a coat in his hand fell directly to the ground. The little hand held Eric's arm in his waist, and the voice was a little hoarse in his voice: "Eric, don't, they…They are waiting for us at the restaurant below. ”

    Eric caught the girl's red lips and sucked it, and whispered: "I come to my room at night."

    "This……No," the girl felt Eric's high-spiritedness on her hips. He gasped and refused: "If you are seen, it will be bad, wait for Los Angeles, then…again……How are you? ”

    "Well," Eric also just sprang up suddenly, soon realized that the hotel is all from the cast directly from all over, and the film festival judges, was caught in his and Virginia private will do unpredictable effects, unwilling to lift the girl's chest full of a few rubbing, said: You look really tasty in this outfit. ”

    The girl turned her face and raised her face. She kissed her on the cheek and smiled. "Then I will wear it for you to see."

    "Actually."Eric God mysteriously got to the girl's ear and lowered the voice and said: "You don't wear clothes to look better."

    Virginia thought that Eric was going to say something important, but he didn't expect to tease himself. I rolled my eyes and knocked on Eric's shoulder: "Little bad guy."

    Eric laughed and laughed at the girl's buttocks, picking up the jacket that the girl had just dropped on the floor: "I'll help you clean up, don't let them wait."


    "Eric, this is John Landis's information. Before the evening meeting, you'd better take a look." In the hotel's restaurant, Eric and Jonathan and others gathered around a table. From Disney's Bill.Garrot handed him a copy of the information.

    Eric had a general understanding of John Landis's resume before, but he knew that the information given by Disney would definitely be more detailed. So when I took it, I opened it directly in front of everyone, and asked casually: "What is the general situation about "The Others"?"

    Jonathan .Demme and Bill.Garlot looked at it. Finally, Bill.Garlott said: "We have made sufficient preparations and have been in contact with several judges of this session. Although we have not received any promises, several judges have had a good impression of The Others. At the same time, I also contacted some local media. After the film festival begins, they will cooperate with public opinion. ”

    “Well,” Eric nodded with satisfaction. In fact, for a film festival like Venice, it’s enough for PR to do this. When thinking about it, Eric immediately asked, “What about the award?”

    Bill .Garlott said: "The Golden Lion Award is definitely hopeless. The City of Sadness is almost equal to the default. The more promising is the Silver Lion Award and the best screenwriter."

    Bill said, Jonathan.Several people, such as Demme, looked at Eric in unison. He will meet with John Landis, one of the judges this evening, and will definitely talk about this. John Landis had previously contacted Disney and had already promised to fight for The Others. After all, he was a United States, and he was not the old stubborn artist. John Landis was a commercial director from start to finish. As for the meeting, Eric didn't know who came up first, maybe John Landis was interested in himself, or maybe Jonathan.Demme or Bill.The two guys of Garrot came out of the campfire. However, since it is good for The Others, Eric has not gotten to the bottom, and readily agreed.

    The choice of Eric in the meeting is equivalent to John Landis's direction for "The Others" at the time of the award. Moreover, with the theme of "The Others", even with the anti-war gimmick, the jury is sure It will only give it a prize at most, so the two can only win one.

    From the bottom of my heart, Eric hopes to get one of his best screenwriters. However, for the benefit of the Box Office of the film, it is sure to focus on the relatively larger Silver Lion Award.

    “Don't worry, I know what to do,” Eric said, looking at the people who looked forward to the front floor. (To be continued)

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