The No. 200 chapter of the body chill

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 200th chapter of the text, chill, floating astronomy

    Everyone seems to be relieved, and they are also worried that Eric will stubbornly choose the best screenwriter award. After all, Eric is now making a lot of achievements in the movie Box Office that most people can't achieve for a lifetime, so it will also cause him. The desire for individual film awards is even stronger. If "The Others" wins the Silver Lion Award, it belongs to the entire team, and if you get the best screenwriter, it will definitely belong to Eric.

    "Eric, in fact, this is nothing, I think Oscar is your real stage."It seems to appease Eric, Bill.Garlot said so, Jonathan.Demme also nodded.

    Eric shrugged unscrupulously: "Thank you, Bill, if the stubborn old man of the film school thinks so."

    Several people laughed and talked about some things before they separated. Eric returned to his room with the information about John Landis. This time, in order to avoid the suspicion, Virginia did not follow, and Alan lived in his building. Next to another suite.

    There are still a few hours away from the night in Venice, and the eastern time of United States is still in the morning, so even though it has been on the plane for more than ten hours, the fixed biological clock that has been developed for a long time has made Eric feel a little tired.

    After reading John Landis's information, Eric stayed in his room until seven o'clock to change his clothes and go out alone, in a restaurant near the boutique, where Eric didn't need a guide and he didn't have a chaperone, Virginia was the hero of the others. INE, in this case with the judges eat together, be seen will certainly cause bad guess, compared to Eric's identity is less some of the scruples, here can recognize his people. I believe it will not be too much.

    John Landis is about forty years old, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses and a big nose. The face is full of beards and the standard Jews look.

    Another Jew!

    Eric felt a sigh of relief. The information shows John Landis and Steven.SpInternet Explorer lberg is still a good friend, two people are each other in the other's film guest appearance of a small role.

    Moreover, John Landis is almost the same name as SpInternet Explorer lberg. In 1975, SpInternet Explorer lberg became the top director of Hollywood with a Jaws, and three years later, John Landis's "Animal House" got 100 Million. Box Office, more coincidentally, the two people's fame time is 28 years old.

    but. In Eric's analysis, John Landis's director career began to be quiet in the 1990s, so previous life Eric had no impression of the Director.

    In the restaurant, John Landis ordered the food and looked at Eric with interest as a blonde waitress who just happened to speak English. When the girl left the menu, John Landis said: “Eric, you have Italian dishes. Very familiar."

    Eric smiled and explained: “My father used to be an Italian cook.”

    "Oh."John Landis nodded and didn't say much more about it. Obviously he didn't know anything about Eric. I know that Eric's father has passed away.

    Waiting for the gap between the dishes, Eric and John Landis began to talk without a margin, of course, the theme is still in the film.

    "The reason why I am surprised is that it is not the change of your movie style, but that some of your different styles of films have achieved success in Box Office, which is the most difficult to understand. You know, I have tried various styles of movies, but I have several movies in Box Office. It’s all ironic comedy. Even Steven, he has been trying to break through for so many years. The most successful is also the sci-fi film, "Jaws". "Et et al. ”

    Eric said: "This doesn't mean anything. John, maybe it's my luck. I've just been a director for a few movies. If I take a few more shots, I will definitely fail. I will also be there. I will realize what I am best at."

    John Landis listened to Eric's words and thought for a moment, suddenly shaking his head: "Not the same, you feel very different to me, Eric, can you tell me where you learned to make movies?" I am very curious. After all, it is not so easy to make a movie as simple as your age, even Home Alone. It took me several years to gain experience from the time I went to filming my first film. ”

    Eric certainly can't say that he has accumulated it for the rest of his life. He just said: "In fact, I was lucky. I wrote "Home Alone" script, and then fortunately I found a very good team. I just need to say me. What effect do they want, so they helped me make it. If you don't meet them, maybe Home Alone has no shadow yet. ”

    John Landis has no doubts about Eric's words. Normally, Eric's personal experience can only be attributed to his good fortune.

    "I have seen Home Alone several times, that…Stewart .Langkel, the little guy is really great. If there is a chance…Forget it, still don't. ”

    Eric knows what John Landis said, from the information he saw earlier. When he made a film seven years ago, a few actor died as a result of an accident, including two minor actor, which, if not a minor, was a purely accidental accident. After all, many such accidents happen every year in Hollywood. However, because of the two children, he was dragged into the lawsuit for six years, until last year, completely out of the lawsuit, so John Landis is not difficult to understand the small Actor. ,

    "John, in fact, you don't want to be too entangled. That is over, isn't it?" Moreover, it was really just a sad accident. ”

    John Landis drank the red wine and said: "But they have to say that I am guilty of manslaughter. This is too much. I am just a producer. I was not even present when the accident happened. I apologized to the public. I also made enough compensation, but some people just kept this thing for a long time, and for six years, I barely got out. For a while, I even crashed to want something like Roman.Like Polanski, I fled abroad, I don't want to go to jail. ”

    Eric remembered the thing mentioned in the material, and gradually smelled something different from John Landis's tone.

    Roman.Whether Polanski was taken or not, it is indeed a sin to deserve it. After all, it was caught on the spot to invade minors.

    However, John Landis's incident is full of conspiracy. Maybe someone wants to tidy him. Maybe a competitor can vacate a large Box Office share. After all, although John Landis is not as famous as SpInternet Explorer lberg, the films that have been filmed in these years have already had two Box Offices, and others have performed well.

    Thinking of these, Eric's heart also involuntarily out of a chill, John Landis but Jews, in Hollywood must have a whole Jewish circle will force him, so that a person can be designed, dragged into a lawsuit for six years, not to mention their own, He's in Hollywood now, but he's alone, and once someone has to deal with him, it's terrible.

    Quickly shaking out his worries in his mind, Eric knows that it is not a worrying day, to John Landis: "Don't think about these things again, John, everything is gone, isn't it?" You see, your last trip to United States was actually the most direct counterattack. ”

    John Landis heard Eric mentioning his own triumph and a smile: "Really, shortly after the release of "United States Journey", the matter was completely over. However, without the success of the United States Journey, I don't know how long I will be dragged on. ”

    After this topic, John Landis also had a sense of closeness to Eric: "Eric, "The Others" I have seen it several times, whether it is the suspense setting or the final plot reversal, people make a slap in the face, in May Cannes has just selected one of the youngest and best Directors, and I believe that the Venice Film Festival will definitely not be too conservative."

    When I heard John Landis say this, Eric knew that the other person might be inclined to help him to lobby for the best screenwriter award, so he shook his head and said, "John, I am only 19 years old. I don't think too much about honor. Many, if I get too early, I will not have much motivation to move forward. What do you think?"

    John Landis squatted and then smiled blankly and nodded. "I understand."

    Eric also smiled and raised the red wine to the other side. John Landis knew that Eric was thanking himself and raised his glass to meet Eric. He whispered: "Do not worry, I will try my best."

    Eric didn't answer, drinking the red wine from the glass.

    Putting down the goblet, Eric is about to talk to John Landis about other topics. He suddenly hears a familiar female voice from behind, a few vague words: "Haha, just that fat man is so funny, even Say I am like…Oh, I also said that I am a Director…But you…Too bad. ”

    Raised the eyebrow, Eric couldn't help but glance at the source of the sound, the back of the brown curly hair appeared in the field of vision, Eric's mouth showed a smile, I can't think Julia would come to Venice, the one sitting across from her was blocked The figure girl must be Murdoch's second lady, Elizabeth.Murdoch is gone.

    "Why, have you met an acquaintance?"John Landis followed Eric's gaze, but he was not familiar with Julia. If he was face to face, he might know the girl, but he didn't recognize it.

    Eric nodded. "Two acquaintances, but they may not want me to say hello, ignore them."

    John Landis looked at the two girls who couldn't see the distance and smiled slyly: "The chasing woman always has to take the initiative. If you sit here, there will be no little girl to the door."To be continued)

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