The 201st chapter of the text is hard to praise.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 201st chapter is hard to praise, floating astronomy

    After dinner, John Landis thought about talking to Eric and talking about some other things while drinking coffee. However, seeing the two girls sitting behind Eric, John Landis took the initiative to say goodbye, and when he left, he blinked at Eric and made a gesture of cheering, Eric I can't do it. He knows that John Landis is definitely a misunderstanding, but there is no way to explain this kind of thing, otherwise it will definitely be blacker.

    After John left, Eric called the waiter and turned to look at Julia and Elizabeth, who couldn't see the distance. He had to leave, and he had to go through the two girls. The possibility of not being recognized was almost zero. Thinking of the gibberish of Julia's drunk that night, Eric had some helplessness. He couldn't tell what the situation was in Julia now. Is the girl moving her feelings to him or the surrender of the Stockholm syndrome? ?

    But one thing is certain, the girl is obviously very eager to get rid of this emotion. For Eric, he doesn't lack women, although he will try his best to stay with her. But Julia is not the type he particularly likes, so he doesn't want to be confused with the girl.

    The waiter sent a change and an invoice, and Eric paid a tip before standing up and heading straight to Julia's table.

    If you can't avoid it, then say hello.

    As Eric walked in, Elizabeth first discovered him, and the girl squatted, but quietly picked up the coffee and covered her face with a surprised expression. Julia also did not find the same expression on Elizabeth's expression, whispering something, very excited.

    Although Julia is three years older than herself, when she is around her, the girl has always been somewhat cautious and rarely has so much time. So Eric is very curious about what the girl is saying. With a squeaky gesture toward Elizabeth, Eric came to Julia with a light hand.

“……The producer told me, Julia. We will shoot in the studio all the time, even if it is a real scene, I can use the substitute. The film is finished comfortably, and if you are not satisfied with the script, you can modify it yourself. I was very excited when I heard it. They personally went to the southern town and came to me with such sincerity. They also offered a high price of 5 Million USD. I felt that I had never received such great attention. So I will let them send the script to see it. But when I look at the name of Heroine, I can't stand it. Can you imagine, Liz, they named Heroine Vivian, my goodness, the meaning of following the trend is too obvious. I suggested that the producer first changed the name, but the other party said that the plot changed casually, but the name could not be changed. I also told me a lot of such benefits. I think of some things he has told me about following the trend, I will…"

    Listening to Julia Brabra's quick talk, Eric's mouth behind the girl showed a smile. Sitting in the corner of Elizabeth opposite Julia, he bent the girl's words and knew: "Julia, who is the 'he' you said?"

    Julia seems to be a bit thirsty. After a few mouthfuls of juice, she said: "Oh, you know it, although the guy is a jerk, but a lot of things he said are quite reasonable."

    "Oh……"Elizabeth raised his chin and glanced at Eric, standing behind the girl with his hands in his trouser pockets. "So, have you completely got rid of the shadow of that guy?"

    "of course."Julia waved her hand without hesitation and raised her voice slightly: "I have pulled the shadow of the bastard out of my head and huddled together. Stuffed into the toilet and washed away. ”

    Fighting –

    Elizabeth couldn't help it anymore, and smacked his mouth and slammed it on the table. Shouting his shoulders and snoring and laughing.

    The diners around couldn't help but turn their eyes to this side. Of course, some people also looked at Eric behind Julia.

    If Julia can't feel the same again, it's a bit mentally handicapped. Eric clearly saw that the girl's waist was involuntarily straightened, and seemed to want to turn her head, but the neck was like a rusted card.

    "Listening to you is really sad for me," Eric shrugged and joked, stepping forward and sitting down in the middle of the two girls.

    Julia heard the voice of Eric's face and began to change color quickly, when Eric sat down beside her, the girl's illusion was completely broken, her eyes stayed on Eric's face for a few seconds, a sudden contraction of his neck, and his waist bent down, and the whole portrait was curled up into a chair and hid himself. In his mouth, am hesitant explained, "Ai …Eric, I…I'm not……That one……Meaning, I…"

    Eric saw the girl look sly, smiled and had to make a few jokes with Julia. The girl snorted a few times, but suddenly stood up: "I…I go first. ”

    After the girl finished, she ran out of the restaurant.

    Eric silently watched Julia's back disappear, wondering if he was really terrible?

    I took a picture of Elizabeth, still on the table: "Hey, Liz, don't laugh, be careful about the cramps."

    Elizabeth just looked up, her face flushed, and the shallow dimple was still hanging on her cheek. When she looked across, she asked, "Hey, Julia?"

    Eric snorted: "It's not your prank, Julia is gone."

    Elizabeth glanced at Eric without hesitation: "How can you blame me, you hint that I don't say anything."

    "I am just curious. I want to hear what Julia is saying. Did you bring her to the pit?"

    Elizabeth turned to look at the door and couldn't find Julia's voice. She just said, "Well, I will wait to apologize to her." However, in the final analysis, I still blame you, I took her to run a small half of the world, and finally Julia forgot you almost, you have to come out at this time. ”

    There is really no way to reason about a woman who is entangled with Hu.

    Eric reluctantly thought, and had to transfer the topic: "You are not still in school, now it is September, should you start school?"

    “I have completed the courses that I need to take, and the last year is to do my thesis and social practice.”Elizabeth briefly introduced one sentence and said: "I said before, my graduation thesis is about the analysis of your several movies, how, the big Director, can you help me with some 'internal' information?"

    Eric did not agree, but asked: "You should get a lot of information from Julia these days?"

    Elizabeth showed a helpless expression: "I am really curious about what happened between you. Julia has been love-struck fool, and it is impossible to save. Although you can't wait to bite you in your mouth, you can say good things and feel nothing real. ”

    "Maybe I was like this," Eric said with a smile.

    "Impossible," Elizabeth shook his head.

    Eric wondered: "Hey, Liz, I said, are you going to study me, or do you want to study my movie?"

    “Everything,” Elizabeth said without saying: “I am very interested in everything about you.”

    "I remember to warn you…"

    Before Eric said it, Elizabeth was like a cat that was stepped on the tail, interrupting Eric with a beautiful voice: "Hey, rogue!"

    "Okay, okay," Eric said, helplessly spread his hand: "I’ve also called it. If it’s okay, I’ll leave. Remember to bring Julia back to Los Angeles. Kapoor is so white with Julia.”

    Elizabeth rolled his eyes at Eric: "Nonsense, don't think I don't know, Julia's manager is a bald head, and his hair is white…"

    “I’m just an analogy,” Eric said, uncomfortably. “It’s good to remember anyway.”

    When the girl saw Eric going, she immediately grabbed the man's clothes and said, "Hey, why are you doing this? If you come across, just sit down and talk, talk about your movie."

    Eric watched the girl cling to her skirt in spite of her image, and sat down again way: Liz, I teach you, actually, what you have to do is reverse analysis of the known results, the method is very simple, you just try to boast, as those newspaper media do, List a lot of advantages of the film, Make sure your paper gets a. ”

    Having said that, Eric remembers the treasures that the previous life saw, not the experts who finally said the results, but with the words of those people, they can tell the true and false of the antiques. Very simple, real things, experts began to exaggerate the excitement, the tires are exquisite, the workmanship is exquisite, if it is fake, then it will start to derogate and provoke. In general, most of the time it is a flirtatious layman watching a lively.

    When I heard Eric's perfunctory words, Elizabeth rolled her eyes in dissatisfaction: "Hey, am I such a superficial person?"

    Eric raised his eyebrows and did not look like it. He was so angry that he wanted to shoot the table.

    "I……I warn you, if you don't help, I will drive Julia to the Australian Ranch, so that you can't find anyone who wants to make a movie. ”

    Listening to the girl's childishness, Eric couldn't help but smile: "As long as you are willing, Julia will do it."

    Eric didn't want to entangle with Elizabeth. He stood up straight and walked outside the restaurant. The girl quickly waved her hand and asked the waiter to pay the bill and chase it out. (To be continued)

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