Is the text of Chapter 202 a variant?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood. The 202nd chapter of the text is a variation, floating astronomy.

    Chasing out the restaurant, Elizabeth found that Eric had disappeared and could only be disappointed to return to the hotel where he lived.

    "Julia, what are you doing?"

    Back in the hotel room, Elizabeth saw a suitcase lying in the middle of the bedroom, Julia was packing her clothes.

    Julia put a small t-shirt over the box and looked up and explained: "I…I am leaving, I think I should go back to Los Angeles. ”

    Elizabeth hated the iron and smashed his feet, and reached out and pulled the girl up and pressed it on the chair: "Do you see what you look like now, a little beast that has encountered an enemy eager to escape?"

    Julia was poked in thoughts, and she blinked a few times in a panic, only to force her to complain to Elizabeth: "I still don't blame you, you obviously see him not reminding me behind me, I said those words. That guy will definitely want to pack me up."

    Elizabeth couldn't help but laugh out loud: "Haha, how do you clean up, spanking? Don't make trouble, Julia, those are your delusions. ”

    Julia still couldn't help but shrink her neck: "You…You don't understand, Liz, that guy is very bad. ”

    Elizabeth didn't really understand Julia's behavior. She couldn't help but think about it for a while before she pulled up the girl: "Go, come with me."

    "Where to go?"Julia stood up along the strength of Elizabeth.

    "Let's go to Eric.Williams, if you are worried, I will help you clearly in person and let him stop harassing you in the future. ”

    When the girl heard Elizabeth's words, she immediately slipped into the chair and couldn't get up. A pair of small hands still clung to the armrest and explained: "He…He has never harassed me. ”

    "Then tell me, what happened to you?"

    "I……I'm not so sure either. Anyway, I was a little jealous of him, and because of that drunk there is still today. I don't even dare to see him, Liz. Don't worry about it? ”Julia said in a muttered way, although with Elizabeth already is a boudoir honey, Julia also did not have the innermost heart that biggest secret said, the secret is still only she and Eric two people know, and, she now also don't quite understand, She secretly read some books about whether his emotions were due to Stockholm syndrome. But the symptoms seem to…Not quite the same.

    Is it a variation?

    Elizabeth distressedly turned a few laps in the bedroom open space and suddenly patted the clapping: "Julia, do you see if this is the case?"

    The girl looked up curiously, and Elizabeth analyzed: "Perhaps, just because you have been in contact with him too little, and in a few short contacts, he seems to be stronger, so will you make such an impression in your heart?" ”

    "or……Maybe," Julia nodded and thought about it. Things are almost like this. Even when she was filming "Pretty Woman," she didn't get along with Eric a few times, even from the beginning to the present. She only had to go to bed once with him, although the impression is more…Deep, but only once.

    Then, other impressions…

    On the night of the first encounter, he looked down at her and said that he could send her to the top star of Hollywood…

    When she filmed "Pretty Woman," she volunteered to give him a hint. He said: "Forget it, I have to go back quickly…

    She tried to test him with Al's invitation. He said lightly: Go, don't delay the shooting tomorrow…

    In the trailer. He raised his palm and she felt a sense of expectation in her heart. Then he slammed the door open…

    After "Pretty Woman" succeeded, she went to find him with imposing manner. He reprimanded her: I can't wait, what do you want to do…

    The company gave her a driver's bodyguard. She felt very novel. When she ran around to show off, he used his eyes to mock her…

    It seems that at the beginning of everything, she has been standing in the dust, and he has always been difficult to meet like the gods on the high, and he also blocked the sun, covering her in the shadow he covered.

    Elizabeth saw the look of the girl in meditation, and couldn't help but slammed two fingers in Julia's ear.

    "what?"The girl was suddenly awakened and looked at Elizabeth doubtfully.

    "Julia, don't you change the status quo?"

    "How……how to change? ”

    Elizabeth said: "It's very simple, get along with him more, I think Eric.Williams is not the kind of horrible thing you think. Just in Venice, he is not busy with movies now. You can get along with him more. After you understand more, you may not worry about him any more. ”

    With some enthusiasm in mind, Julia finally looked up: "Is this really okay?"

    "Don't try to know how to do it," Elizabeth saw that Julia was a little loose and quickly took the opportunity to pull the girl up: "Let's go, let's go find him now."

    "Wait for me……I think I'd better change my clothes," Julia earned.

    Elizabeth looked at Julia's wide pink sleeveless t-shirt and jeans and shook her head. "That's it. It's already more than nine o'clock in the evening. It's going to take off when it's beautiful." Why bother? ”After that, Elizabeth dragged Julia out of the door.

    Eric just took a shower, changed her simple clothes, turned on the TV and looked through it several times. Although there were cable TV signals from several TV stations in North America, there was no good program. Local TV Station also looked at him. I don't understand, so I turned it off and picked up the "Walden Lake" that Drew bought for himself before boarding the plane.

    As a psychological age of more than 40 years old, has been entangled in the heart is hard to quiet down middle-aged people, Eric is hard to see. This collection of prose, on the plane also hastily turned over again, and finally unconsciously be hypnotized to sleep, and now look again, do not feel any meaning, looking at also have a sleepy meaning.

    I was going to sleep, and the telephone ringing of the room rang. After I picked it up, I heard the phone at the front desk of the hotel, saying that someone was looking for myself.

    "Come in, so late, what are you doing?"Eric let the two girls into the room and asked casually.

    Elizabeth, regardless of the cautious Julia behind her, was very familiar with a few laps in the large living room of the suite. She picked up Eric’s book on the coffee table and looked up. “Yes, I don’t think you like it too. This book?"

    Eric poured two glasses of juice for the two girls and heard the question from Elizabeth. He replied casually: "I don't like it."To be continued)

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