The text of Chapter 203 is low-cost…

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the text of Chapter 203, this low-cost…, floating astronomy

    When I heard Eric's answer, Elizabeth gave her a sigh of relief: "You…It’s really unpretentious. ”

    "What does this have to do with style?"Eric took a can of beer and sat down on the sofa: "Do I have to follow you, say that I like this book, and then talk to you about the philosophy of life in the book, and talk about it." , see each other late?"

    “Is it usually not the case?”Elizabeth raised his head and asked for it.

    Eric smiled a little: "When you are at school, you must often encounter this kind of thing, right?"

    Elizabeth nodded honestly.

    Julia, who had some cautiously holding juice, couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She started to enter the society after graduating from high school. Although she did not have Elizabeth’s high IQ, her knowledge of interpersonal communication was much better than she was protected from childhood. Good Elizabeth is a lot stronger, and I understand something when I think about it. Eric also smiled and faced Elizabeth's doubtful eyes. He explained: "In the capacity of Miss News Corporation, the man wants to approach you. The material aspect is definitely not working. It can only be shot from the spiritual level. So hey, silly girl, most of the time you encounter this kind of thing, all men want to soak you. ”

    For the first time, Elizabeth was broken by this point. I think that I really felt the heartbeat because of this kind of thing. I couldn’t help but open my mouth and look stunned.

    Eric took a sip of beer and leaned back on the sofa and said with a smile: "Speaking of such a low-cost way of making a girl, I used it often in my life."

    "what……Pooh! ”Although Elizabeth understood that Eric was probably a fact, she was still reluctant to sip at Eric: "You think men are as embarrassed as you are."

    “For most men, becoming the son-in-law of the Murdoch family can make them struggle for 30 years. What can you do? ”

    Elizabeth retorted dissatisfiedly: "These…These are your guesses. ”

    “Is it if you guessed it yourself,” Eric didn’t mean to bicker with the girl: “Yes, what happened to me looking for me so late?”

    I heard this question. Julia's waist is slightly straight, and she always does this when she is nervous. Elizabeth said generously: "Since you have come to Venice. Then go play together, how about tomorrow? ”

    Eric thought about the schedule and nodded: "No problem, I am free tomorrow."

    Elizabeth originally thought that I would like to invite Eric to spend some time. I didn't expect the other party to agree so easily. It is already late at night in Venice. It is not appropriate for two women to stay in a big man's room for too long. . Julia got up and left with a few words that never said a word.

    The next day, I heard the arrival of Eric, the chairman of the jury, Andre.Smirnov invited Eric to have breakfast early in the morning, although it was necessary to use the help of the translator to communicate, but the two were still very happy. I have been talking about more than nine o'clock in the restaurant of the boutique hotel, Andre.Smirnov had to reluctantly leave because of work.

    With Alan coming to the agreed dock, Eric discovered that Julia and Elizabeth had been waiting for a long time.

    As soon as Eric appeared, Elizabeth complained dissatisfiedly: "Hey, Eric, you are really not punctual." So let the two girls wait for you for so long? ”

    "I still have things to do well, how can you have two young ladies so free," Eric explained. Let Alan go to charter, they are going to the main island of Venice today.

    Looking for a speedboat, Elizabeth took Julia and set foot on the cabin, but with the help of the Italian language, Alan, who was acting as a translator, was driven away. Take a speedboat to the main island, three talents for a Gondola, pick up along the Grand Canal.

    The morning sun shines warmly on the person, and Eric, a casual outfit, leans against the chair in Gondola and looks at the filmed buildings around. From time to time, raise the camera on your chest and take a few photos. Sitting on the other side, Elizabeth used the Italian language to chat with the ferryman in the fifties who was standing in the bow of the house named Loviso. The two men also gave a hearty laugh from time to time.

    "Hey. Julia, why have you not been talking? not comfortable? ”Eric pressed the shutter a few times toward an arch bridge and realized that the girl sitting next to him had been quiet.

    This Gondola has only one seat, so three people are crowded together, Eric is on the right, Elizabeth is on the left, Julia is in the middle, both girls are slim and Eric is not fat, so the original There are three people sitting in the seats of two people, and it doesn't seem too crowded.

    Julia looked up and faced Eric's concerns, and quickly said, "No, no."

    “Oh,” Eric thought for a moment. He didn’t know what to say for a while. He was about to lift the camera and continue taking pictures. The girl took the lead and the voice was a bit low: “Eric, when are you going back to Los Angeles?”

    "September 5, The Day After Tomorrow."

    The girl looked up and looked at Eric with a glance. "How can I be so anxious, don't you spend more days in Venice?"

    Eric raised the camera and captured the silhouette of a seabird passing over the water. He explained: "I want to rest for a while, but I have to shoot two movies in the next two months. The time is very tight. ."

    The girl nodded and gently lowered her head.

    "Right, Julia, when are you going to go back?"

    Julia hesitated, and said: "Origid, Liz said that I would like to take me to Australia to see, there are many pastures in their family, but I am not going to go."

    "It's time to go back. "Steel Magnolias" is scheduled for November, and you should be promoting it. You also need to pick a script for next year's movie."

    Julia looked at Eric intricately and spoke a word after a moment: "You…"

    Eric looked down and took the film that had been taken out of the camera to collect it. He changed a new film and looked up at Julia's look. He quickly understood what the girl was thinking and smiled. "I won't interfere with your next movie." You can also try to choose your own. Of course, it is best to listen to Kapoor's opinion."

    This year, I have designated two big-selling movies for girls, and I have already sent Julia to a peak in a short time. Although Eric can let the girl keep this peak, but according to Julia's not so quiet personality, Eric thinks it is better to let the girl experience some ups and downs.

    And he's not going to be making a movie like this this year, if the film has been insane, and always sell the department, is divided into too many of the interests of the Giants are not enough to kill him, the possibility is not no, he intends to focus on the future of the film industry is crucial to a layout.

    When Eric arbitrarily interfered with her choice of film, Julia always thought about how to escape the control of this guy, but now, suddenly heard that Eric no longer cares about her, Julia has a feeling of empty.

    "Hey, look at it, Bridge of Sighs."When the two were in a hurry, Elizabeth on the other side suddenly shouted in English.

    Eric looked up in the direction of Elizabeth, in a narrow waterway, suspended in a fully enclosed white stone arch like a loft. The boatman named Loviso waved the oars and smiled into Gondola into the water lane.

    "Bridge of Sighs, a beautiful name. Julia, do you know the legend about Bridge of Sighs? ”Elizabeth, like a young literary artist, turned to ask Julia next to him.

    Julia shook her head in confusion, she really didn't know, now it's not like the era of extremely developed information after ten or twenty years, just open a few words on the web page to find out everything.

    Seeing Julia shaking her head, Elizabeth triumphantly waved a small hand and explained: "You see, this kind of arch bridge connects two buildings, this side is the Venetian Governor mansion, this side is the prison of heavy penalty, it is said that in the governor's house after the trial, the prisoners escorted to this prison are rarely able to live out again, So the prisoners who passed through the bridge would always sigh with remorse, so they had the name of bridges of sighs. ”

    Eric took a few photos and put down the camera and smiled. "Listen to you, I think it is more appropriate to change the name of the bridge to the gate of hell. If the bridge has life, after so many prisoners sighing and sighing, the heart must be filled with all kinds of violent emotions. In the movie, it is the kind of feeling that the whole world is sorry for itself, anti-human anti-social and evil. Typical big villain. ”

    Elizabeth's enthusiasm for the action has stagnated, and it feels quite reasonable for Eric to say this, but the girl quickly turned to Eric with a big smile: "Hey, don't you always be so beautiful?"

    "I am just telling the truth."

    Elizabeth turned his head angrily, intending to ignore the wicked guy and hold Julia's arm and whisper.

    Gondola drifted slowly under the Bridge of Sighs, and the boatman standing at the stern slightly raised the door to say a few Italian words to three people.

    Eric and Julia didn't know why they looked at Elizabeth. The girl said with a little bit of chin, and translated: "Mr. Loviso said that if a couple kisses under the Bridge of Sighs, they will be able to gain forever. love."

    When Julia heard this, she sneaked a sneak peek at Eric, but only a glimpse of it, she sneaked her eyes. Instead, Elizabeth couldn't help but stand up slightly, his eyes stalking between Eric and Julia, and he looked like he was eager to try.

    Eric saw Elizabeth's appearance, and he kept his hands on his chest in a funny way. The righteous words were strict: "You don't think about it, I will never kiss you."

    "Roll, that is, when the bridge collapses, I will not kiss you, rogue."Elizabeth squinted in one hand and shouted reluctantly. After a big eye turn, in Eric's horrified eyes, he grabbed the unsuspecting Julia and leaned over to kiss the girl's red lips. (To be continued)

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