Chapter 204 of the text is impossible

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 204th chapter of the text is impossible, floating astronomy

    The boatman named Loviso, who is standing at the stern, is already in his fifties, and his hair beard has already been white, but it is obviously the first time he saw the scene of the two girls kissing under the Bridge of Sighs. After a long while, he was haha. Laughing, giving a thumbs up to Elizabeth and Julia, and stunned Eric and blinked a few words.

    Although Eric couldn't understand it, he could guess that the old guy was gloating. The other party must have thought that he was trying to interact with one of the girls. The result was that another person was 'crossing the knife' and could only swear. There is no way to explain if the language is unreasonable.

    However, the scene of the two girls kissing under the Bridge of Sighs is quite beautiful. After Eric laughs, she can't help but lift the camera and keep the image for a few moments.

    Julia's eyes widened, and Elizabeth felt her waist on her waist. The thin red lips covered her lips and stayed for more than half a minute. I heard the Eric camera's shutter sound and I came back. Pushing away the girl who is carrying her own, and protesting at a loss: "Liz, you…how could you do this! ”

    Elizabeth saw Julia's flushed look, couldn't help but hold the girl's waist and kissed Julia's face, then raised her head and said to Eric with arrogance: "Eric, Julia is mine." You are not allowed to bully her again."

    "Liz, what are you talking about?"

    Julia heard the words of Elizabeth finally, rushed to reach up on Elizabeth's waist, and Elizabeth screamed back. The two of them made a fuss at a time. The small Gondola was shaken by the noise of the two girls, and the old boat husband Lovsso was so busy that Julia and Elizabeth stopped.

    The three spent the whole morning strolling along the Grand Canal and had lunch. Eric asked the local guide and went directly to the more famous Venetian mask shop by water bus.

    "I don't like these things."

    Walking into the storefront, Elizabeth looked at the surrounding walls and hung a variety of or simple or gorgeous masks. The first sentence says so.

    "why?"Eric took a golden mask without a mouth and asked.

    Elizabeth followed Eric: "I have read the introductions. These masks are said to have been worn by the aristocrats and fugitives who stole lyrics. Symbolizes camouflage and pretense. ”

    "Oh, do you think that there is no such thing? When people get along with each other, are there no masks?"

    Eric arbitrarily replied, put down the simple 'Beta' mask, took a white ghost mask depicting the golden pattern, pulled the next Julia over the girl's face, and looked around.

    Elizabeth heard Eric's words. After a while, I couldn’t help but retort: ​​"Yes…There must be some, but at least not so barely naked. ”

    "You are just entangled in a real and false question. In fact, it is hard to say clearly. You see, I didn't wear a mask, but I actually wore it, and in order not to be seen, I wouldn't tell others if I was wearing a mask. But if someone really puts on these masks, you can see them at a glance, oh. The guy wore a mask. Seriously, these people wearing masks on their faces are more frank, and those who wear masks behind their smiles are more hypocritical. ”

    Elizabeth pondered Eric's words. Although I have to recognize the other person’s rhetoric again, my mouth is still not forgiving: "You…You are just stealing the concept. ”

    “Whatever you think,” Eric waved to Boss waiting for him: “Excuse me, can you speak English?”

    "Of course," Boss, a forty-year-old shop with a mustache, nodded and expertly asked in English: "Sir, which one do you see?"

    Eric looked around for a week and said: "I want to buy a full set, including hats and cloaks. But I don't seem to be looking at those? ”

    "Follow me," Boss nodded. Directly lead Eric to a room next to it: "Here, please feel free."

    Shop Boss said. Not too eager to introduce, took the initiative to withdraw from the house and returned to the back of the counter.

    Eric doesn't mind, but he prefers the state of self-selected goods. Take a small object such as a hat, a cloak, and a folding fan, and dress Julia as a mannequin.

    "Hey, you are so rude, don't ask Julia if you want to play with you."Elizabeth did not express dissatisfaction when he jumped out.

    Julia with a mask shook her head quickly: "No…It's ok. ”

    Eric triumphantly raised his chin toward Elizabeth, angered the girl, and hated the iron without a stand. Julia said that you should be bullied.

    A moment later, after Eric's dress, Julia was already covered under the mask and cloak. The white wide-brimmed hat is decorated with purple feathers, the bottom is a purple cloak embroidered with a gorgeous golden pattern, a lilac silk scarf around the neck, and a purple silk folding fan in the hand with black long-sleeved gloves. .

    "how about it?"Pulling Julia to the dressing mirror, Eric asked.

    "very……very beautiful. ”Julia looked through the mask and looked at herself in the mirror.

    Elizabeth also came over, although the eyes were obviously moving, but still asked: "Why is it purple?"

    "Purple represents mystery. Don't you think it matches the style of the mask?"

    “I still think the white is more beautiful,” Elizabeth pointed to a white cloak hanging on the shelf.

    Eric smiled and said: "When you wait, you can make a white one."After that, Eric instructed Julia to take off the masked cloak and let the store Boss help, and then Eric spent another hour smashing several other suits of different styles.

    Elizabeth helped to take a hat and hand it to Eric and ask, "What do you buy so much?"

    Eric replied: "Give people, come to Venice, always bring some gifts back."

    Elizabeth’s mouth hangs a sigh: "Was it right for a woman?"

    Eric smiled uncomfortably, saw Eric's default expression, and Elizabeth's movements were sluggish, and then he sneered with a look: "It's a big radish."

    I heard a conversation between Eric and Elizabeth. Julia's original eyes, which were sandwiched in the middle cover and modeled under the mask, became stunned.

    After waiting for five sets, Eric went on to check out.

    After asking which currency to pay, Boss calculated it. Only then looked up and smiled and said: "A total of 2200USD, you will be 2000."

    Eric, who had already pulled out his wallet, looked at each other in confusion. Boss took the initiative to explain: "I really like the words about the mask that you said when you first entered the store, so I will give you a discount."

    Eric smiled: "Thank you."

    Taking a few bags out of the store, Eric stuffed a bag to Julia and looked at another bag to confirm it before handing it to Elizabeth.

    "I don't want to take things for you," Elizabeth quickly inserted her little hand into her jeans pocket and raised her chin.

    "Do you not like this white set? This is for you, or not. Don't let me give Julia. ”

    "Oh, don't be white," Elizabeth rushed over.

    Eric took the opportunity to walk to the water bus stop with the remaining three bags, and he followed the Elizabeth behind him to Julia: "Julia, what is yours?"

    Eric didn't say it, but Julia already knew that Eric had sent her in her hand. When she opened it and looked at it, she hugged her arms and said to Elizabeth: "It was the purple one."

    Elizabeth licked his mouth and was dissatisfied: "Why do you hold it tight, I won't grab it with you."

    Julia walked a few steps to Eric. Without paying attention to Elizabeth's teasing, Elizabeth had to speed up and catch up.

    "Eric, will you come out to play tomorrow?"Sitting on the boat. Elizabeth asked actively.

    Julia also looked up and looked forward to Eric.

    Eric shook his head: "I am afraid there is no time for the opening ceremony tomorrow."

    "When can you take the time to tell me about your movie?"

    "I divide hundreds of thousands of minutes…"Eric just put on a look of embarrassment, and his arm was stunned by the girl.

    After Elizabeth finished, Eric and Julia both stunned and looked at Eric's arm together. Eric only wore a black sleeveless t-shirt, leaving a slight scar on his arm. This is not the key to the matter, the key is…This is a slightly awkward movement of relatives, usually only between couples.

    But Elizabeth is clearly not aware of this. Seeing the look of two people, they sighed and said: "What is it. He deserves to live, and he knows how to make money all day. It’s a vulgar guy. ”When the girl finished, she turned her head angrily and seemed to ignore Eric.

    Julia, who was so bitter in her heart, saw Eric's slightly embarrassed expression, and also hanged her head, hangs a smug smile.

    "Oh, my legs are sour," returned to the Lido Island Hotel. Elizabeth put down the bag Eric gave her and flew directly to the sofa. He turned his head and said to Julia who came in later: "Julia, help me pinch my legs." I will help you pinch it, otherwise the calf will definitely hurt tomorrow."

    "Okay," Julia sat down on the other side of the sofa, lifted Elizabeth's calves up on her lap and kneaded gently.

    Elizabeth whispered a few times and muttered: "No, I think of a way, let the guy take some time for me, and I don't want to deal with the papers in a sloppy way."

    Julia kneaded Elizabeth's calf and thought about it: "Liz, you have been bickering with Eric all day, have you thought about a possibility?"

    "Ok?"Elizabeth snorted with a doubt in his head.

    Julia smiled and said: "If you often watch movies or TV serInternet Explorer s, you will find that there is a couple called 'Happy Family'."

    Elizabeth's little big head turned around, and then slammed it straight out of the sofa, stepping on the sofa and waving his arms: "No – OK – can!"To be continued)

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