Text 205 chapter early morning TV serInternet Explorer s

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 205th chapter of the morning TV serInternet Explorer s, floating astronomy

    In a daze, Julia seemed to hear voices coming from the living room, holding the pillow turned over, want to continue to sleep, but after turning over, the voice seems to clear some, the girl after a good while not unwilling to open her eyes, curtains show a subtle light, open the bedside lamp looked at the Venice local time of the wrist watch , more than five O ' Day in the morning.

    When I opened the bed under the blanket, the girl put on her slippers and grabbed her hair to the living room to see the situation.

    There was no light in the living room, and the curtains leading to the balcony were pulled tightly. Only the TV set flashed brightly and made a slight sound.

    Elizabeth sat on the sofa with a pillow on her back, holding a bag of chips in her hand, staring at the TV set intently, and at the same time, the small mouth was still squeaking, and the dim light felt like The mice that came out to eat in the middle of the night.

    "Liz, what's wrong with you, get up so early."Julia sat down next to Elizabeth and pulled a blanket over the sofa to wrap her body.

    Elizabeth swallowed the snacks in his mouth and whispered, "I…I didn't sleep at all, I was insomnia. ”

    Julia leaned against Elizabeth and asked inexplicably: "Insomnia, why?" After saying this, Julia suddenly remembered: "It won't be…Because of what I said last night, I am just joking. Are you still serious? ”

    Elizabeth whispered a few times before he got to Julia's ear: "Julia, you said, has the bastard been secretly stalking me?"

    When Julia heard Elizabeth's words, her eyes blinked a few times and she burst into laughter.

    "Liz, you don't sleep all night, you are pondering these…These things? ”

    In the dim, Elizabeth's face was flushed by Julia's laughter, and she was dissatisfied with the girl's body. Just said: "How can you do this, I am asking you this question very seriously."

    After Julia laughed, she was about to talk. But when I saw Elizabeth's expression, I couldn't help but hook up.

    "Hey Hey hey. I……I am angry! ”Elizabeth is about to jump, Julia is holding her girl and shaking her head: "Impossible, you don't know the guy at all."

    Elizabeth saw Julia no longer laughing, only stabilized her body shape, and heard Julia's answer but was dissatisfied and asked: "Do you understand?"

    "I don't know much about him," Julia shook her head, but immediately said, "But I know a little bit."

    "Ok?"Elizabeth pulled Julia's arm: "Quickly say. Don't sell off. ”

    Julia stared at Elizabeth's glamorous face, and although she didn't sleep all night, the young face in her early twenties was not tired.

    "On the woman side, he has always been very arrogant. If he wants a woman, he doesn't even bother to use any tricks. He is more likely to drag you into the room and press it directly on the bed."The girl said, involuntarily remembered that night, he was being played by the imposing guy. Somehow my heart is slightly warm.

    Elizabeth opened his mouth slightly and immediately said, "He certainly can't do this to me, or my dad will definitely not let him go."

    "maybe."Julia whispered in the dark.

    But inside, Julia has some disapproval of Elizabeth's self-confidence. With Eric's current wealth and status, if you really put this little girl on the bed, perhaps Old Murdoch still likes it. For News Corp., which is still in the development stage of the TV and film circles, Eric is the perfect marriage partner.

    Elizabeth didn't hear the strange smell in Julia's voice, and said: "So, he is not interested in me, right?"

    "Of course."Julia nodded with a smile.

    Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief, and it seemed that the whole night had been tangled up. However, after a while. The girl suddenly muttered dissatisfiedly: "How can he not be interested in me, is this girl not beautiful enough?"

    "Hahaha…"Julia suddenly laughed again.

    Elizabeth also immediately responded to the mistakes of her own words, and saw Julia, who was laughing around, and angered and stretched out her hand to the girl.

    "Oh, no, do not scratch," Julia quickly begged for mercy, a few deep breaths, just way: "I suddenly remembered that fellow once told me a passage," not Elizabeth have a reaction, Julia went on the way: "He said that the woman is a very troublesome creature, you approach her, She'll be cynical and abusive, and she'll blame you when you're away from her. This sentence is used to describe that you are too apt, huh, huh. ”

    Seeing that Elizabeth once again wants to go crazy, Julia quickly stopped the girl's move: "Okay, stop, Liz, I don't have a day, or sleep for a while, or you will be languid throughout the day. ,Well……I'm going to bed. ”

    Elizabeth immediately pulled Julia who wanted to get up: "No, you can't leave me alone."

    Julia was pulled by Elizabeth, and another ass sat back on the sofa, helplessly: "What do you want?"

    "Or, let's go out for a run, anyway, the sky is already bright?"

    Julia immediately shook her head: "It's too early. There aren't many people on the road. Who knows what the law and order is here? Italy is the birthplace of the Mafia. Maybe you run and run, you will have sacks. Then it will be terrible."

    Julia has a lot of jokes, but Elizabeth, who thought of certain scenes, was scared: "That…Watch TV, I can't sleep anyway. ”After that, the girl also diligently stuffed the remote into Julia's hand.

    "Okay, okay, you are like a child."

    Julia took the remote control with helplessness. At this time, a soap opera in Italy was playing on the TV. Julia couldn't understand it, so she pressed the button to change the channel.

    After several changes, finally, a cheerful canned laughter came, Julia temporarily stopped the change.

    Elizabeth listened to a few words and immediately said, "Is my TV station, or a sitcom, it's all, you can understand."

    Julia also recognized the logo of Fox TV Station and put the remote control down.

    In the TV screen is a coffee shop, several protagonists are discussing the issue of a male protagonist named Ross, which became inexplicable. After a few interesting lines, Julia and Elizabeth were attracted to the story, and then Heroine, named Phoebe, laughed at the two girls with a bad luck on the face of Ross.

    "Really, it’s too funny. Why don’t I know what else a sitcom?”Elizabeth said with her thigh.

    Julia is also laughing, but she quickly responded, saying: "Now it should be a golden file at 8:00 pm ET, this should be a new TV serInternet Explorer s, or else such a fun sitcom. I’ve heard it.”

    Elizabeth echoed and nodded. "Well, wait until you write down your name. I will keep looking after it."

    The two are talking, Ross on TV said to his sister Monica: "I don't want to be single, I just want to get married again."The voice just fell, the sound of the footsteps sounded, the door of the coffee shop was pushed open, and a bride wearing a wedding dress came in. Everyone looked at the difference between Ross and the bride.

    Immediately, Chandler looked forward to waving his hand to the door: "I only want 1 Million USD!"

    This time, 'wish' certainly did not materialize. Chandler smacked a few hands and spit out his tongue.

    "Ha ha ha, really…It’s so funny,” Elizabeth on the sofa saw the plot, almost bent down and smiled, looked up again, and glanced at Julia inadvertently, but saw the girl’s stunned look.

    "Hey, Julia, what's wrong with you?"Elizabeth stretched out his fingers and poked Julia's waist.

    Julia pointed to the TV screen: "Look, that…The bride in the wedding dress is Jennifer Aniston. ”

    Elizabeth didn't react very much. He looked at Julia's finger and nodded. "Beautiful girl, what's wrong?"

    "you……Have you not thought about it yet, Liz? ”Julia went on to say: "Jennifer Aniston, she is the guy's girlfriend, that is to say, this TV serInternet Explorer s is the one that has been advertised in the media some time ago, and he personally directed the Director."

    Elizabeth suddenly opened his mouth and recalled several shots in "Running Out of Time". There is indeed a scene that matches the coffee shop in the picture: "FrInternet Explorer nds?"

    Julia nodded slightly, and she was very concerned about Eric's news, so when Eric TV serInternet Explorer s started propagating, she knew the name.

    Elizabeth and Julia looked at each other with a few glances, and then dissatisfiedly picked up the small mouth: "How can I have him anywhere?"

    Julia also smiled and smirked, recalling: "Looks like…It seems that today is the first broadcast day of "FrInternet Explorer nds". ”

    Because of the emotions of the two girls, then, although they laughed from time to time, they didn’t laugh as much as they just started, but their eyes never left the TV screen, even the interstitial ads. At the time, neither of them walked away.

    Until the end of the second episode, Aniston played Rachel and called his bridesmaid, 'I wish that the other child and his former fiancé gave birth to children like their parents with ugly rosacea and baldness, and Elizabeth re-voiced again: I really don’t like the true meaning of this woman."To be continued)

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