Body Chapter 206 Quality Change

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 206th chapter qualitative change, floating astronomy

    Julia didn't know how to pick up Elizabeth's words. Although the girl's tone was faint, it seemed to be only evaluating the characters in the play, but she heard the faint sigh of the girl's tone.

    In fact, Julia herself is not so awkward. Although she only watched two episodes, she could see that with the level of "FrInternet Explorer nds", this TV serInternet Explorer s is definitely hot, and Aniston’s character, Rachel, will definitely be six. The most popular among the audience, the TV serInternet Explorer s is definitely more influential than a hot movie.

    Eric is so nice to her, Julia thinks like this.

    The TV has already started to play ads, and the two people have reacted, and the sky is already bright.

    Julia stood up and stretched out, hurriedly washed out and walked out of the bathroom: "Liz, go to the restaurant downstairs for breakfast?"

    Elizabeth shook her head. "I am a little tired, don't want to go out, Julia, can you bring me a fruit salad?"

    Julia nodded, dressed and opened the door and walked out of the hotel. Elizabeth in the room looked at the TV screen for a while, and finally remembered what it was like to stand up and pick up the phone. I recalled it and used the memory to dial a series of numbers.

    A few minutes later, Julia returned to the room with two packaged breakfasts and saw Elizabeth put the microphone down and asked casually: "Who call?"

    “New York,” Elizabeth replied, seeing Julia seemingly uninterested, the girl walked down to the sofa and sat down, “I just got a call with the New York Fox TV Station headquarters, the viewer of FrInternet Explorer nds. The rate is counted out."

    Julia spread the two boxes of salad and pushed it to Elizabeth, and stood up and went to the fridge to take two boxes of milk. When I heard Elizabeth say this, Julia didn't matter: "You ask what these are doing, Eric personally screenwriter's TV serInternet Explorer s. The ratings will definitely not be low. Maybe it will be more than 20 Million visitors. ”

    "31.7 million!"

    Elizabeth whispered. The throat seemed to be stuck with something, some hoarse. She is learning the media, and she is more able to appreciate the meaning of this number than the layman.

    "Oh……"Julia dropped the milk into the glass and gave it a sigh of relief. Then she reacted and suddenly raised her head and asked her eyes: "How much have you just said?"

    Elizabeth Woodland pulled the fruit salad in front of him and bowed his head: "The average rating of the two episodes is 31.7 million. The highest data rushed to 35 Million, really…It's incredible. ”

    "God," Julia took a few mouthfuls of milk and pressed her heart to the shock: "Isn't it wrong?"

    "How could it be wrong? The TV Station headquarters is crazy."

    It is indeed crazy.

    After Fox counted the ratings of the first two episodes of "FrInternet Explorer nds", even if it was late at night, the news was still like a wing, spread throughout the film and television circle in just one hour, countless The newspaper restarted the typography and countless phone rings. Many people who have fallen asleep have been shouted.

    In this era, the main audiovisual entertainment of the people is film and television. The ratings of more than 30 Million visitors are not uncommon.

    But the ones that can get this result are either important ceremonies or competitions, or major drama turns or finals that have accumulated a few years of popular hit series.

    And a TV serInternet Explorer s just got so amazing results, it has never happened before. More importantly, Fox is a TV station that has just been developed for less than a decade. Although it has already ranked fourth in North America, it still has a big gap compared with the top three TV stations. The results are even more difficult. Prior to "FrInternet Explorer nds," Fox's highest ratings record was an interview with Michael.Jackson's show. And that's only the viewing of 19Million people. "FrInternet Explorer nds has raised Fox's highest ratings by more than 10 million.

    As the person who is the most critical of all this. Eric was awakened by the tireless phone ringing in the room early in the morning, less than seven o'clock.

    The first call was personally called by Barry Diller. Barry Diller the "frinternet Explorer NDS" ratings, said a congratulations, and then hope Eric can return to United States as soon as possible, news Group chairman Rupert Murdoch these two The day will arrive in Los Angeles, want to meet with Eric in person, and then after a fine finely chopped chat for more than 10 minutes, Barry Diller repeatedly told Eric to return to Los Angeles as soon as possible, only reluctantly hung up the phone.

    Eric put down the mic and hadn't had time to think about the news brought by Barry Diller. The ringing of the phone rang.

    The second is Jeffrey, then, the third, fourth, fifth…

    For the next two hours, Eric spent the repeated calls, and the ears on both sides were slightly itchy because of the long-term stimulation. Until 9 am, Eric couldn’t stand it. When the phone line was dropped, the whole world was quiet. Anyway, most of the more important people have already called and the rest of them don’t care.

    Moreover, the purpose of many people calling is not very simple, except for the little girl Aniston, who hastily rushed to make a lot of enthusiasm, and sincerely expressed a lot of congratulations, many others are running "FrInternet Explorer nds 》 The right to play.

    It was not a secret that Fox only booked the first season of "FrInternet Explorer nds" for the sake of insurance. Now, "Frinternet Explorer NDS" has just begun to achieve such stunning results, even if the next ratings will have a big ups and downs, but there are more than million ratings of the performance of the bottom, the future of the ratings can not be poor to go there, this case, north America the other three TV station if the "Frinternet Explorer NDS" indifferent, that TV station the helm there is no need to sit down in that position.

    These people are indeed superb, and they found representatives in just a few hours and expressed their intentions to Eric. NbcTV Station even found John.Aniston, James.Brooks and Robert.Shay's three lobbyists came to lobby, except for John, who was originally working at nbc.Outside of Aniston, Eric can't figure out how the other two people are related to nbc. It looks like James.Brooks is a well-known Producer who works closely with Fox. Isn't it true that you know it? And Robert .Shay’s move made Eric even more confused.

    Eric did not have his own estimate for the results of Frinternet Explorer NDS, because Running out of time is still in theaters, with three Frinternet explorer NDS clips After this period of fermentation, aroused the public's strong curiosity, plus Eric personally write script and personally director the first two episodes of the gimmick, as well as Fox's relentless publicity, Eric previously expected "Frinternet Explorer NDS" premiere ratings Ken Will be within the million range, otherwise I'm sorry he's a series of hype for this TV serinternet Explorer s.

    But when the true ratings of more than 3,000 came out, Eric was greatly surprised.

    For the ratings data of a US drama, 10 Million to 20 Million viewing is just a very easy measurement. As long as it is a popular TV serInternet Explorer s, it can reach the 20 Million viewing data from time to time with the ups and downs of the story. However, the 20 Million to 30 Million ratings jump is a very difficult qualitative change. Only a few of the popular American TV dramas can only get one or two at a certain stage after a few years of popularity. Such amazing results.

    Now that "FrInternet Explorer nds" is just the beginning, it has created a miracle, which is enough to load the history of TV serInternet Explorer s.

    Therefore, the sensation caused by this incident in the entire North America film and television circle can be imagined. (To be continued)

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