Text NO. 207 Chapter wind Up

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 207th wind, floating astronomy

    Early the next morning, North America's large number of newspapers appeared on the 'FrInternet Explorer nds', '30 Million', 'Viewing Miracles' and other black and bold headlines, and various comments appeared overwhelmingly. In front of people.

    "Rachel, who is spoiled and has no opinion.Green, strong and clean Monica.Geller, Phoebe acting strangely off the line.Buffy, like Ross.Geller, humorous Chandler.Bin, the simple mind of Joey Chobiani…Only played two episodes, Eric.Williams used these simple and trivial shots to create a six-character screen image for us. It also allowed the audience to enjoy the six avatars in just one hour. ”

    "The story that is close to reality and interesting, is more likely to resonate with the audience. The first broadcast results of "FrInternet Explorer nds" 31.7 million prove this again. When the audience saw the bits and pieces of the six protagonists living in the New York apartment, it seemed to see the shadow of their own life. This may be the most important factor in the success of this sitcom, just like the American Broadcasting Company. Like the hit "Growth of Worries", Eric.Williams is a genius, the details of life that comes from the hand, stitched into a piece of interesting dialogue, and firmly grasp the eyes of the audience. ”

    "FrInternet Explorer nds" The interesting dialogue between the protagonists will undoubtedly become a buzzword among young people for a long time, and only two episodes will be played. The personality of the six protagonists has been shaped to be full. I am more and more looking forward to the next story, I believe personally screenwriter Eric.Williams will definitely bring more surprises to the audience in the plot, no doubt, who makes him Eric.Williams. ”


    Of course, there are countless compliments, and Los Angeles Metropolis News is doing a simple investigation. According to a random interview with the audience of "FrInternet Explorer nds", less than 60% of the audience were very satisfied with the plot, and more than 20% of the interviewees said that "FrInternet Explorer nds" did not meet their expectations. The remaining 20% ​​of viewers believe that the quality of "FrInternet Explorer nds" is average.

    So the review article of Los Angeles Metropolis News concluded that "FrInternet Explorer nds" more than 30 Million people's viewing miracle is entirely due to the results of a series of previous hype. The results of the survey indicate that the quality of "FrInternet Explorer nds" apparently did not reach much to Eric.Williams's eagerly anticipated audience is psychologically expected, and then it will surely usher in a sharp drop in ratings.

    Similar to "Los Angeles Metropolis News" to see "Frinternet Explorer NDS" next to the ratings of the newspaper media more than one, but this kind of speech can only be grandstanding to the average person, as long as a little Professional knowledge, all understand the "frinternet Explorer NDS" of the program miracle although there is speculation, but if the quality does not, it can not reach the average number of 31.7 million people, "Frinternet Explorer NDS" Only two episodes have been shown to prove its power of the big heat. There are more than 30 Million viewers' viewing bases. Even if there is a big decline in the ratings, the number of viewers will definitely be more than 2,000.

    For TV serInternet Explorer s, the number of viewers of more than 20 Million visitors is absolutely super hot.

    The three old TV stations of North America American Broadcasting Company, nbc and cbs originally didn't put Fox TV Station in the eye. The three youngest TV stations of the American Broadcasting Company have been developed for half a century, the history of nbc and cbs. It is even older.

    Over the years, more than one media group has attempted to challenge the status of the three major TV stations, but without exception, it has failed.

    Therefore, even if News Corp. invited Barry Diller, who is known as the leader of the media industry, to set up the TV Network business, even if Fox has set up a TV network ranked fourth in the United States in just a few years. But in the eyes of the three major TV stations, Fox is still just breaking into the new circle in the North America TV circle. After all, no matter how large the scale is. TV Station is going to talk about the ratings of the show, but Fox hasn't had any good TV shows for years. "Before FrInternet Explorer nds, the highest ratings of Fox TV Station did not even exceed 20 Million, and the top three TV stations with Super Bowl's rotating rights were 100 Million, even if it was usual. TV Station can also easily take out a few episodes of more than 20 Million ratings.

    So, despite News Corp.'s movements in North America, Rupert Murdoch specifically joined the United States citizenship in order to secure the TV Network. However, the three major TV stations have a cold-eyed attitude towards the 'upstarts' from Australia. Waiting for the other person to return like another challenger.

    "FrInternet Explorer nds" More than 30 Million's ratings were born, and the three TV Station executives were completely alarmed. They discovered it. Unknowingly, Fox's TV Network, which has been established for a few years, has more than 100 connected TV stations covering more than 90% of the United States. The first reaction of the three TV stations is that Fox can't be allowed to continue to develop. After all, the size of the United States TV market is fixed. If Fox rises, it will definitely mean that the market share of the three TV stations will be large. cut back.

    The top three TV Station executives rarely had an emergency meeting. After several hours of consultation, the first countermeasure was to take the right to play the second season after the "FrInternet Explorer nds" from Fox at all costs. Take over, and if possible, directly capture the next episode of the first season of "FrInternet Explorer nds", even for Eric.Williams is also paying a high amount of liquidated damages. Without the "Frinternet Explorer NDS", Fox's pace of expansion is sure to slow down again, then the three big TV station also have plenty of time, slowly cleaning up Fox this one of the jaws of the ' outsiders '.

    What the top three TV Station executives can think of, whether it is Fox CEO Barry Diller or News Corp.'s helm, Rupert Murdoch, can certainly think of it. Although Eric's films have brought huge benefits to Fox, Rupert Murdoch didn't pay too much attention to Eric, just as a new director working with Fox, so Murdoch never met Eric before. But this time is different, Murdoch's newspaper group has developed to the extreme, the current main ambition is on the TV Network, Eric's "FrInternet Explorer nds" brings an important opportunity for his TV Network's rapid expansion, plus three Big TV Station's eagerness to move, no matter from that aspect, Murdoch has the need to personally come and draw Eric.

    So, when Eric took part in the opening ceremony of the 46th Venice Film Festival on the evening of September 4th, a huge Boeing private jet landed at Venice Marco Polo International Airport. (To be continued)

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