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    “Thank you,” the blond-haired stewardess with a smile smiled and handed a cup of cocktail to the front, and Eric, sitting next to the small bar, sighed.

    At this time, he was on the private plane of the Murdoch family. Before that, Eric did not expect Murdoch to eagerly send a private jet to pick him up in Venice. However, although the purpose of the other party is not simple, but since the benefits of the door, Eric is certainly disrespectful. Even if it is first class on a passenger plane, it is certainly not comfortable with a fully equipped private jet.

    After attending the opening ceremony of the Venice Film Festival last night and attending the premiere of The Others in the morning, Eric handed the rest to Jonathan.Demme and others, hurriedly boarded this huge Boeing private jet back to Los Angeles, "FrInternet Explorer nds" achieved such amazing results, to say that he is not in a hurry to return to Los Angeles, it must be fake.

    In addition to his assistant, and a deputy manager of the Fox TV Station, there are two little girls whispering on the sofa near him, Julia and Elizabeth. Alan and the manager were very eye-catching in another lounge.

    "What are you talking about, Julia, how happy are you?"Eric turned and leaned on the bar and asked without any words.

    Julia looked up and was about to speak, and Elizabeth had already come over: "Take you something!"

    Ever since I learned the "FrInternet Explorer nds" viewing miracle, I don't know what it is, and Elizabeth's attitude toward Eric is even more 'bad'.

    "If the topic of the conversation is related to me, then it must be my business," Eric said with a smile. He stood up with a glass of wine and walked up to the sofa, sitting casually beside Julia.

    Julia saw Eric sit down beside him and lifted his body slightly and seemed to want to escape. But quickly relaxed, but Elizabeth is not arrogant: "Hey, who let you sit here?"

    "Liz. I am a guest, how can you be so rude? ”

    “Being a guest should be more conscious of the guests.”Elizabeth is tit for tat.

    "You are really bad, Liz, it seems to go back to Los Angeles, I want to talk to Mr. Murdoch mentions this, perhaps you should report a lady etiquette training class. ”Eric spoke and unwittingly brought a tone of elders, which made the already unknown fan of Elizabeth's heart unknown.

    Elizabeth smashed Eric for a while and couldn't find a sharper comeback speech for a while. So I suddenly stood up: "I am going to rest, you are free, this guest."After the girl finished, she walked up to the bedroom with her high heels.

    I don't know when the two flight attendants have quietly left, and only Eric and Julia are left in this cabin.

    The girl glanced at Eric, sitting on her side and leaning back on the sofa, squinting and resting. She straightened straight, but did not leave. Sitting quietly beside Eric, she began to enjoy this kind of unknowingly. Calm atmosphere.

    These days in Venice. It was the longest time she had been with Eric in non-working conditions. The girl also found Eric, who was somewhat violent and tempered when she was at work. The man in private was very casual most of the time, even though Elizabeth couldn't help but stand up against him. Eric has never been misconducted, but Elizabeth has always been dumbfounded by the words he underestimated. In just a few days, the image of Eric in the heart of the girl has changed a lot. At least, he is no longer the original image of the big demon in her heart.

    I don't know how long it took, Eric still had no movements, and the girl sneaked her face and looked at the man around me. She ran for several days, and had not been able to rest because of the time difference. Eric's young face was markedly tired, and there was a cock on the chin that was too late to clean up.

    but. This pair of vicissitudes and maturity has made Julia somewhat unstoppable, and the girl even has the urge to reach out and touch it.

    But even the most basic moves have not been made. The impulse in Julia's heart has already turned into a sigh, just reaching out and holding Eric's empty glass in his hand and taking it aside, then sitting next to the man again, remembering the miracle of "FrInternet Explorer nds" in his mind. After the general ratings, what Elizabeth said to her.

    She only knew that Eric was very powerful and very powerful. Every movie she made was a very high Box Office. Even if she was involved in TV serInternet Explorer s for the first time, she easily created a viewing miracle. But how powerful it is, there is no specific measure in the girl's heart, until after the more elegant Elizabeth explained to her, Julia can imagine the height of Eric now.

    Eric, who was already sleeping, was moving. It seemed to feel that this sleeping position was very uncomfortable. She fell down on the sofa and her head just fell on the girl's thigh. One hand still inadvertently caught Julia. The waist.

    Julia, who was thinking about it, was shocked by Eric's action. She thought Eric woke up, but she looked down and found a comfortable posture in her arms. Eric once again lost her movement and Eric, the girl realized it. .

    Silently chuckled, and finally courage, stretched out his fingertips and gently touched the sharp and handsome face.

    The blonde stewardess who had recently sipped for Eric appeared again in the cabin and seemed to want to ask the guests if they had any needs. When she saw the situation of the male and female relatives on the sofa, the blonde flight attendant slightly widened her eyes. As a young man, she certainly knew Julia and Eric. She usually cares about the gossip of the entertainment circle, but at this time she saw the person. The young and overly famous Director is resting on Julia who has become Hollywood's top actress.Roberts sleeps on the thigh, and the blonde stewardess still feels incredible.

    Seeing the flight attendant's astonished appearance, Julia's face was slightly hot, but she reached out and made a squeaky look. This action also awakened the sluggish flight attendant, and quickly showed a professional smile to Julia. Go out.

    Julia stopped her movements and reached for a few strokes. The flight attendant quickly noticed and found a blanket and gently covered Eric.

    When the flight attendant left, Julia relaxed and looked down at Eric's sleeping face.

    The thought turned and turned, and turned.

    The final thought is that I am wearing a pair of jeans with rough fabrics. Will he be uncomfortable when he sticks on it?

    Because the time difference was nine hours earlier than Venice, after more than ten hours of flight, when I arrived in Los Angeles, it was less than 8:00 pm local time in United States. The summer sky was just completely dark. how long.

    I know that Eric will arrive in Los Angeles at this time, so more than one wave of people are waiting outside the airport. Fortunately, he came back as a private jet. The trip is more secret. If you follow the original plan, you will be blocked by a large number of journalists who have calculated the time.

    Eric's figure just appeared. A few waves of people waiting outside the airport were surrounded. These people didn't know each other. After seeing each other's actions, they understood the purpose of others, so they accelerated their pace in unison. Get together.

    "Mr. Williams, I am Mr. Murdoch's assistant…"

    "Mr. Williams, Mr. Eisner let me wait for you here…"

    "Eric, we saw when we recorded the Sofia Talk Show, I am the Manager of the cbsLos Angeles Division…"

    Eric smiled and shook hands with the waves of people introduced by the mouth, and waited for everyone to be a little quieter. Finally, he said: "I am sorry, I just returned to Los Angeles. The time difference has not been reversed. Is there anything to say tomorrow? ?"

    It is certainly impossible for a few waves of people to leave because of Eric's words. They have opened their mouths again and saw Eric walking away from the ground, but he did not dare to be too entangled.

    Eric actually had a long-awaited situation, but I didn't expect that there would be so many people who came to the airport to intercept themselves. I rushed into a black car that was specially sent by Jeffrey, and waited for Alan to put the luggage on the bus. Eric bid farewell to the crowd outside the window, and did not forget to wave at Julia and Elizabeth outside the crowd.

    Seeing Eric's car go away, these talents were disappointed to run to their own car and plan to leave.

    Others left, Elizabeth certainly didn't mind, but saw that the assistant sent by his father seemed to have the meaning of leaving himself. The little flame in Elizabeth's heart burned again and shouted and said: "Hey, text. Center, is this Miss air?"

    The assistant named Vincent in Elizabeth’s mouth just put all his attention on Eric. I really didn’t notice Elizabeth, who came out later. I quickly ran over and said, “Oh, sorry, Miss II, I just didn’t notice you, no. Can receive Mr. Williams, I don't know how to talk to Mr. Murdoch confessed to this matter. ”

    Elizabeth took Julia to a luxurious Bentley and said angrily: "I will tell you how to explain, first send us back to Beverly Hills."

    "But," Vincent hesitated to follow up: "Miss Miss, I have to follow Mr. as soon as possible. Murdoch reports this, Mr. Murdoch is still waiting for the headquarters of Century City. ”

    "So late, don't you let our two girls do a taxi back, what if they hit a bad guy?"Elizabeth said, he and his suitcase, both of whom Julia had pulled, stuffed his head into Vincent, pulling Julia into the Bentley and slamming the door.

    Vincent smiled a bit, and reluctantly talked to the Fox Deputy Manager who was ignored by Elizabeth and went to Venice to pick up the two suitcases into the trunk before they got into the co-pilot and the driver drove. At the same time pick up the mobile phone and dial the number. (To be continued)

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