Chapter 209 of the text is full of thoughts

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the text of Chapter 209 is full of thoughts, floating astronomy

    Car accelerated to the road, Eric recalled the situation just now, and some said: "I don't think of it, except for a few TV stations, even the cable station of hbo is coming up, but Michael.What is the status of Eisner? ”

    "FrInternet Explorer nds" has achieved impressive results. As an assistant to Eric, coupled with the sense of superiority that has just been chased by a group of people, Alan is also slightly excited. He heard Eric and thought: "I Feel, Mr. Eisner should be for the American Broadcasting Company. ”

    Eric instantly remembered the previous life Disney's acquisition of the American Broadcasting Company TV Station, but although Eric couldn't remember when the previous life Disney acquired the American Broadcasting Company, it would have been many years away, Michael.How did Eisner come out for American Broadcasting Company now?

    From the rearview mirror, I noticed Eric's confused expression. Alan volunteered: "The relationship between Disney and American Broadcasting Company has always been very close. I have been watching Disney's cartoons at American Broadcasting Company TV Station since I was a child."

    Eric was a bit stunned and immediately said: "Alan, you helped me sort out the information between Disney and American Broadcasting Company in the past two days."After thinking about it, I added another sentence: "Give me a relationship between the other major TV Stations and the Hollywood Seven."

    "No problem, but it may take a week or so."Alan twisted his head.

    "No hurry, you do it slowly, the most important thing is to be accurate."

    "I understand, Eric, where are we going now?"Alan asked again, in front of outsiders, Alan always called Eric Mr. Williams. However, privately, Eric's name is called. This is what Eric has deliberately tried. Alan is almost 30 years old, and is almost ten years older than Eric. If privately called it is also serious, even Eric himself will feel very awkward.

    Eric didn't want to go straight to say: "Going home, it's already night. Nothing is rushing for a moment, there is no need to disturb others now. I went back to Jeffrey and they called and greeted me. ”

    Return to the Beverly Hills mansion. Alan and the driver helped Eric move the baggage into the villa. Xiaoni, who had been waiting for Eric's return, waited for the outsider to leave, and then rushed to a pile of luggage to find a gift. Eric spoiled a few times on the head of Xiao Nizi before sending Alan and the driver to leave.

    "With regard to the arrangements for these days, if it is an invitation about Fox, make an excuse to help me push it out. If other TV stations have contact, please arrange time to see it."Standing at the door of the villa, Eric said to Alan at the car.

    Alan also knows. Eric, this is to wait for the price between several TV stations, but still asks in confusion: "Eric, what if Murdoch personally finds the door?"

    "He won't," Eric said confidently. "Before sending a private jet to go to Venice to pick up my little tricks, Fox was just expressing sincerity for the negotiations that followed, and it still seemed anxious." Old Murdoch If you can't help but come to your door, then of course I will politely kill it and say it again. ”

    "Eric, are you planning to change a TV station for "FrInternet Explorer nds"?"Alan asked with a smile, but after the opening, she regretted it. This question is somewhat sensitive.

    Eric certainly can't tell Alan his intentions. Although Alan has always been more diligent, it is difficult to prevent some of the things from being revealed by the lure of interest. The most important thing to want to be loyal to one person is to try not to give the other party enough betrayal. If the opponent knows some of his plans through Alan. Then, Eric will have a hard time getting the most out of it.

    However, he also saw from Alan's expression that the other party did not have the heart to ask this question. He smiled and said: "This must be based on the quotation of all parties. We must choose the one with the highest price."

    Alan nodded, no more questions, and soon left.

    Back at the villa, the phone in the living room had been picked up by Drew, so Eric had to wait for the same morning as the "FrInternet Explorer nds" viewing results. I played another hour or two in a row. This time Rupert Murdoch also called in person and invited Eric to have lunch together tomorrow. Eric casually found a few reasons to reject the other party.

    He plans to make contact with other major TV stations at least to make Fox feel enough urgency. Then talk about the transaction, in order to maximize the benefits. Although the other major TV stations performed so eagerly, Eric did not intend to replace TV Station for "FrInternet Explorer nds" at first.

    Compared to the 'young' Fox, other TV stations are more like old-fashioned old-fashioned heads. Even if the other side puts down the body and cooperates with Eric, it will inevitably be 'reliant on the old man'. Fox is different, but Eric knows that previous life Fox has grown into a North America TV giant alongside three TV stations in just over a decade. But apart from Eric himself, even News Corp.'s helm, Murdoch, can't know this and can't have enough confidence in the prospects of the Fox TV Network. In this case, the importance of "FrInternet Explorer nds" to Fox is Unusual.

    The first thing Eric did the next day was to go to the crew of "FrInternet Explorer nds" to explore the class, at noon, at Michael.Under Eisner's match, he ate with a Vice Chairman of the American Broadcasting Company TV Station, which was dedicated to Los Angeles, and was Robert at night.Sheila went to see an nbc executive. On the morning of September 7, she was taken to the golf club of the cbsLos Angeles branch for a morning of golf.

    I have to say that the price of the three major TV stations is very generous, and there is no mention of the price of the buyout drama. The condition for direct participation is to participate in the advertising share of TV serInternet Explorer s, and in the information known to Eric. The proportion of the other party's opening is quite high. At the same time, the three major TV stations revealed that they wanted to intercept Hu Fox and win the next episode of "FrInternet Explorer nds" in the first season.

    Through these contacts, Eric also found that the three major TV stations must have reached some consensus before, and may even form a loose alliance. But the ' Alliance ' is a fragile gust of wind can be blown away, the three TV station are relatively fierce competition between each other, although there will be cooperation, but as each of them can not allow the other two to get their own ace show, in the "Frinternet Explorer NDS" In this case, is also holding their own thoughts, because the "frinternet Explorer NDS" ratings, put in any TV station, are destined to become Trump.

    The attitude of the three TV stations, despite their agreement on attitudes, but their respective attacks, has also led Eric to implement his own ideas without much pressure. After all, if North America's three major TV giants put pressure on him, he must not consider the consequences of simultaneously offending three TV stations. (To be continued)

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