Chapter 210 of the text Why not be a player?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 210th chapter why not do players, floating astronomy

    Although most of the thoughts are still on the "FrInternet Explorer nds", Eric has not put down his own company and movies. Back on the third day in Los Angeles, Eric and Jeffrey and Robert came to their new address for Firefly Film Studio.

    "Eric, how are you looking at this place?"Three people got off a business car, Robert.Sheyyi pointed to a seven-story building near the highway.

    Eric looked up. The office building is silvery and full of metal. Los Angeles has not many high-rise buildings in other places besides the city center. Therefore, the seven-story office building in Burbank is also in line. Eric's psychological expectations. But after a few moments, Eric pointed to the expressway behind him: "Robert, this place is near the highway, will it be too noisy?"

    "No," Robert.Shay shook his head. "I have visited each floor before Jeffrey. The sound insulation inside is very good. If you close the window, you can't hear the sound of the car outside." Moreover, you see, the land on the north side of the building can also be taken down together. There are about 10,000 square feet in total. If we need it in the future, we can build several more office buildings by some inside, so we will not even use it. Worried about the noise problem. ”

    Eric subconsciously converted Robert.The area mentioned by Shee, this land covers an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters. It is a rectangular shape on the map handed over by the assistant. There are about 400 meters in the north and south and less than 300 meters in the east and west.

    "In this case, why didn't you build an office building in a place far from the road?"Eric looked at the map and looked up.

    “The real estate company that originally owned this land is planning to build a small business district here. Unfortunately, after the stock market crash of the previous year, the company’s capital chain was broken and it was only possible to cover the building. So, Eric, if we take over now. I think it is a good investment for Firefly. ”

    Eric heard this sentence and it was a little heart. Buying here, Firefly is also the first real estate, and more importantly, real estate is a very profitable investment until Eric's rebirth, even if the North America real estate market experienced several turbulences such as the subprime mortgage crisis. However, the overall situation is also climbing.

    “If you take it all, how much does it cost?”Eric finally asked.

    "20 Million."Robert .Xie Yidao seems to be afraid of Eric too expensive, Robert.Shay said again: "Eric, this price is absolutely acceptable. You look around, you can't find such a big plot in Burbank, and the traffic is so developed, next to the highway."

    Eric smiled and turned to ask Jeffrey on the other side: "Jeffrey, what is your opinion?"

    "I think the same as Robert thought. I also recommend taking all of this land. It is definitely a good place for Firefly's new headquarters. I have repeatedly investigated it with Robert. Within five kilometers of the hotel, it includes the Disney headquarters, the Warner studio, Universal Studios, and several other studios of Film Studio, and is next to a small park,” Jeffrey said, referring to the hills on the side of the guide. Road: "Eric, look there. Crossing the hillside is the sign of d. ”

    Eric looked down at Jeffrey's gaze. The gentle slope that Jeffrey pointed out should be an extension of Beverly Hills, but he did not see the famous Hollywood sign.

    "It was blocked by the hillside. But there," Jeffrey explained. "I heard that everyone on the hillside was a famous Howard.Hughes, but now I don't know which real estate company to fall into. ”

    Eric once again looks forward to the hillside.

    Seeing that Eric was a little bit worried, Jeffrey and Robert stood beside him and looked at him.

    Howard .Hughes, Hollywood, a slightly ambitious man, may be looking forward to becoming the second Howard.Hughes.

    "Okay, let's go here," Eric returned after a moment and made a direct decision: "Let's go in and see."

    Robert .Xie was in the same color as Eric, a piece of land that he introduced to a friend who contributed to the deal, Robert.Although Shee couldn't get any kickbacks, she could let the New York real estate developer owe himself a favor. Of course, there is no water in the price of 20 Million USD, Robert.Shea is also a shareholder of Firefly and can't make herself lose. In fact, this land has such a good geographical location, and there is no shortage of buyers. Even the price may be higher, but there is no one that can pay the whole amount in one time like Firefly, but the seller urgently needs the money to solve it. Your own financial crisis.

    Several people strolled around and sat down on a bench next to the lawn. Jeffrey asked: "Eric, are you going to attend the dinner party at "FrInternet Explorer nds" at night?"

    Robert .Shay also cast a look at the eyes.

    Eric shook his head, then nodded again, saw the confused expression of two people, and quickly explained with a smile: "I will go, and then delay, Murdoch will definitely see something."

    Jeffrey smiled and said: "Haha, you have avoided it in the past few days. It is estimated that Fox is scared by you. They must have heard that the three TV stations are going to snatch the news of "FrInternet Explorer nds" next episode."

    Eric looked up at the blue sky of Los Angeles and said with a relaxed face: "If they are a little calmer, they won't have such concerns. However, under the current situation, I guess it is impossible for Rupert Murdoch to remain calm. ”

    "Why is that?"Robert .Shei asked curiously, and Jeffrey also showed a look that didn't quite understand.

    Eric explained: "If the three major TV stations want to cut off Hu, Fox will not be reconciled, then there must be a lawsuit to fight, and "FrInternet Explorer nds" will definitely not be able to broadcast. This kind of lawsuit usually lasts for a year and a half. The three TV stations can use this time to calmly clean up Fox TV Station and suppress the momentum of its rise. But in the end, we will not be able to play because of "FrInternet Explorer nds". After the lawsuit is finished, all the dust settles. Who knows whether the three major TV stations will fulfill the promise that we have just begun. ”

    Robert .After listening to Shay, I suggested: "Then it will not move the first season. After giving the right to play to other TV stations, I have estimated the size of the three TV stations. The advertising fee we can get can be increased by at least 10%. ”

    Eric turned to look at Robert .Xie Yidao: "Robert, why don't we put our eyes on the long term?" Even if we get a higher score, we are still in the position of the chess piece, so since there is such a good opportunity, why not work hard in the direction of the player. ”

    Robert .Xie Yi groaned, and soon revealed a bitter smile, and could not help but come up with a thought: Is it old, or is this boy's ambition too big?

    On the coastal road. The purple Lamborghini ghost is obviously moving at the speed of the car. Sitting in the co-pilot, Aniston wearing a white tunic dress takes out the makeup mirror and looks at his makeup.

    "Eric, can you help me see, is there any problem with the makeup on my face?"Little girl looked at it and sorted out the oblique bangs in front of her forehead before she turned her head and asked Eric.

    Eric looked at the little girl in the steering wheel and quickly turned his head: "Good, very beautiful. However, Jenny, is your dress chosen by yourself? ”

    "Yes. Very beautiful? ”If it's not in the car, Aniston will definitely stand up and show Eric.

    Eric forbeared for a while and said: "I will call Kapoor tomorrow. Let him help you find a good stylist, you are now a big star, you must learn to dress yourself. ”

    “Well,” Aniston heard Eric’s words in the mouth of the big star, which was obviously very useful. But little girl is not stupid, and soon understands it, some ask without confidence: "You mean…Is there a problem with my dress? ”

    Eric nodded lightly and said in a mildest tone: "In fact, there is no problem, just. This dress is more suitable for attending the award ceremony, red carpet, not suitable for parties. ”

    "Wow……seemingly. It seems to be true, no. Eric, turn around, I have to go back and change it," little girl bowed his head and carefully thought about his dress, and saw the overly long mop, and then he would reach over Eric's arm.

    "Hey, hello, don't make trouble, I drive."

    Aniston quickly retracted his hand and still said: "Come on, I have to go back and change clothes. This is the first time I have been with you for a party. I don't want to be laughed at."

    Eric knocked on the watch on his wrist: "It's too late, come back now, definitely be late."

    "Well……"Aniston sullenly buried his small head and then looked up at Eric with hate and hate: "You must have found the problem right from the beginning. Why don't you remind me when it comes?"

    "I didn't react at the time, I think you are beautiful."

    "Hey, what about now?"

    Eric looked at the signpost outside the window and said: "There is a way. It is close to the villa in Virginia. If you like, we can go to her to see if there is a suitable dress. I have the key to her house."

    "No, I would rather be laughed at."Little girl immediately turned his head.

    Eric shrugged helplessly: "That's it, as long as you are careful at the party, don't be stumped by the skirt."

    The celebration party of "FrInternet Explorer nds" did not choose any hotel, but was in a manor in the Murdoch family in Malibu.

    The sports car came to the manor door, and Eric handed the keys to the waiter and took Aniston to the manor.

    Get the news of Eric's arrival, Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller, who had arrived early, greeted.

    Eric was also amazed to see that Elizabeth, who hadn't seen it for a few days, greeted Old Murdoch. The girl had a pretty lady's smile on her face, but Eric saw a faint reluctance from Elizabeth's face. (To be continued)

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