Chapter 211 of the text is self-defeating

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 211 is self-defeating, floating astronomy

    Rupert Murdoch, who is less than 60 years old, looked at the face without a trace. Eric was most impressed with the media tycoon, and it was undoubtedly from the eavesdropping scandal of previous life. Perhaps because of the eavesdropping scandal, the media in the memory chose the more embarrassing photos of the other party, but at this time, Murdoch was arrogant, and the hairs were neatly groomed, with rimless glasses and affixed to the corners of the mouth. Smile.

    When Eric looked at each other, Old Murdoch was also scrutinizing the young man under the age of twenty. This process did not last for a few seconds, and two people reached out at the same time.

    "Hello, Mr. Murdoch, I am Eric.Williams. ”Although the other party must have seen himself in the photo, Eric made a self-introduction for the first time to meet the etiquette.

    "Eric, hello," Murdoch shook hands with Eric and turned to Aniston: "This is definitely the beautiful Miss Jennifer Aniston. Your performance in "FrInternet Explorer nds" is really wonderful."

    For the first time, being praised by his boyfriend, Aniston showed a slightly shy expression and reached out and shook hands: "Thank you, Mr. Murdoch. ”

    When Eric and Aniston greet Barry Diller, Old Murdoch gave his daughter a look.

    Elizabeth looked at the pair of men and women who were close to the front, and felt involuntarily in their hearts. After discovering his own taste, Elizabeth is even more uncomfortable.

    But soon, the girl found a reason for her emotions. She felt that she was holding Julia for a while. On the plane a few days ago, she saw Eric sleeping comfortably on Julia's thigh. After the guy woke up, Julia, who was numb with her legs, sat on the sofa for a long time. Julia is so good to him. But back in Los Angeles these days, she never saw this guy contact Julia once and now, and I kissed another woman and I appeared together. It’s a jerk.

    "Hey, Liz. You are so beautiful today," Eric greeted Barry Diller before turning to Elizabeth.

    "Hello, Mr. Williams," Elizabeth reached out and held a light grip with Eric, a pair of eyes that wanted to keep a distance. Immediately, the girl showed a big smile and intimately pulled Aniston around Eric: "Miss Aniston." Hello, my name is Elizabeth, wow, your dress is so beautiful, go, I will take you in. ”

    Elizabeth said, taking Aniston on his own and walking inside, little girl looked at Eric with a look. Eric felt that Elizabeth was a little uncomfortable, otherwise the other wouldn't specifically mention an Anniston's dress. But on this occasion, Eric also confirmed that Elizabeth would not be too rude, so he nodded to Aniston. Little girl This is obediently pulled away by Elizabeth.

    The daughter's movements are exactly the opposite of their previous account, which makes Old Murdoch feel a little angry, but can't help.

    Although Murdoch is busy with his career, he has a lot of attention to several children, because he is almost 60 years old. Although Westerners are always dissatisfied with the old, they must also consider successors for his media empire. Compared to the unintentional eldest daughter and two very young sons who are still very unsuccessful, Elizabeth is undoubtedly the best in terms of ability, when the girl is at school. A small local cable TV station was successfully established. It's just that Elizabeth's character is both stubborn and proud. In many things, he always likes to be the father of him.

    I saw her daughter greeted Eric in a fluttering manner. Just pulling the figure that the other girlfriend left, Murdoch had to say to Eric: "Sorry. Eric, Liz is still a little ignorant, let's go in. ”

    "Of course it doesn't matter, Mr. Murdoch, in fact, I still like Miss Elizabeth's true character. ”Eric was polite, and three people walked to the party where the party was held.

    There are already more than 20 guests in the villa, and as time goes on, some people are coming. In addition to the Actors and staff of "FrInternet Explorer nds", Fox has invited a number of Hollywood Stars to join in.

    Although Murdoch has been dragged on by Eric in the past few days, it is impossible for Eric to pull the other person to talk about things, so I chatted with Eric in the villa and did not find a margin. After the party, Murdoch and Barry Diller went to the other guests without any problems.

    Eric took the time out, looked around in the crowd, and quickly found Aniston's figure, and couldn't help but take a breath. Elizabeth's little girl is absolutely deliberate. Look at the couple who look like laughing and laughing. Julia.Robert , Brooke .ShInternet Explorer lds, GabrInternet Explorer l, and even Nicole Kidman have appeared.

    Take a closer look, God, Drew, shouldn't Xiao Nizi be in boarding school?

    Seeing this situation, Eric quickly turned around without a trace, intending to stay far away, but still just facing his Nicole caught the figure.

    A moment later, the girl wearing a black pencil skirt and stepping on high heels appeared beside Eric hiding in the crowd.

    "Good evening, Eric," the girl got to Eric, less than 30 cm from Eric, and gently raised the red wine in her hand. It is said that the intimate distance between people is less than 45 cm, and more than 45 cm is the most friend relationship. The girl certainly won't know this theory. The reason why she got together in front of Eric is that she is completely undirected. Sure enough, the girl's movements made the surrounding people involuntarily look at her and Eric.

    Eric certainly didn't know the theory about 45 cm, but Basic Instinct felt uncomfortable and subconsciously took a small step back and asked: "Nicole, how are you here?"

    Nicole noticed Eric's retreating action, revealing a slightly resentful look, but did not dare to move forward, explaining: "I am also an Australian."

    Eric quickly found some memories of Hollywood Australia from his memory. It is said that the Australian help is a small circle of Hollywood's most united. However, it is still in the late 1980s, the Australian help is definitely not a shadow, like Hugh.Jack Man, Russell.Clo, Kate.Blanchett and the current Nicole representatives of the Australian gang are still unknown. So he can be sure that Nicole is here, and she has nothing to do with the Australian and Murdoch family.

    Although the girl did not tell the truth, Eric can still guess, remember that GabrInternet Explorer l can be mixed with Hollywood in his own little rumors of catching the wind, but as a newcomer, they can get a movie female number two. Then, with Nicole as his next movie Heroine, plus the ambition and means of a few streets of GabrInternet Explorer l, although there is still no work in Hollywood, it is definitely a good time.

    If you want to understand this, Eric doesn't have to go deeper. He doesn't care how Nicole plays tricks, just know what to do before him.

    "Nicole, you guys…Just talking about something? ”Eric pointed to the position where just a few girls had joined together.

    The girl chuckled, with a proper but not excessive tone on her face: "Don't worry, Eric, no one is talking about Miss Aniston's dress, we talked a bit, um, "FrInternet Explorer nds" thing, this is now Late theme. Also, it is you, the second lady of the Murdoch family is quite concerned about you. ”

    After the last sentence, Nicole blinked narrowly.

    Eric couldn't help but drink the red wine to cover up the cockroaches on his face before asking: "Is there anything else?"

    "No," Nicole shook his head, then whispered with a fascinating voice: "But you mustn't be able to get someone's bed tonight, Eric, or else, go to me?"

    "You are very malicious ah," Eric narrowed his eyes glanced at the girl, Aniston to his playboy sex scandal is usually an ostrich mentality, and tonight so much with him a shallow woman appeared in front of her, little girl heart must be very upset, If you dare to leave her at this time to spend the night with other women, then wait for a storm.

    "Really, am I the kind of bad woman in your heart?"Nicole glanced at Eric dissatisfiedly. Eric almost really thought that the other person had no intention of saying that if he didn't just catch the girl's slightly blinking gaze.

    "Help me a favor, Nicole," Eric thought for a moment.

    Seeing the girl's expression of interest, Eric continued: "Go help me to look at Jenny, Jenny is simple, you can easily please her."

    "what!"Nicole suddenly opened his eyes and protested: "I don't want it."

    Eric glanced at the girl and said with a solemn tone: "No refusal, another point, optimistic about Drew, don't let them bother."

    Every time I think about the two girls fighting, Eric has a lingering fear. The two Nizis have a certain degree of returning to the ancestors. Popularly, they like to use small claws to scratch people. If they catch their faces, they will be miserable. It is.

    Nicole once in the Eric Villa for so long, to drew surly changeable character clear, that little girl heart is not worse than himself, if really with Aniston that a girl noisy, where she stopped, think of these girls shook his head again, Bitter face tone with a faint plea: "This is too difficult, Eric." ”

    Eric took a sip of the red wine, and his tone was dull but unquestionable: "Go ahead, if they both got up tonight, "Sleepless in Seattle" you don't have to play."

    Nicole couldn't hear that Eric was joking. He lamented that I had recruited anyone, but I didn't dare to temper it. I turned around and stepped on the little shoes and walked away. (To be continued)

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