Chapter 212 of the text is fixed.

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    "Mr. Williams, you are really arrogant," Nicole just left, and Elizabeth's voice rang around Eric.

    Eric turned and stared at Elizabeth's exquisite face and shrugged: "It's just a small punishment for a woman who likes to play with her eyes, so, Liz, this story tells us that being a man is still to be honest." It’s really sad for me to talk to me in such a strange tone when I meet today. Have you forgotten the good times we spent together in Venice? ”

    Elizabeth remembered something like that, his face was slightly warm, but there was a fake laugh in his mouth, biting a single word with a provocative saying: "Hah, do you want to punish me, Williams…Mr? ”

    Eric touched his chin and thought, and then said: "Maybe, I can improve the authorization conditions of "FrInternet Explorer nds" and then tell Mr. explicitly. Murdoch, this is a cold punishment for Miss Elizabeth. ”

    Elizabeth suddenly showed a sullen expression. The beautiful nephew glared at Eric. She remembered that her father had just told herself that if she closed her credit card again, the girl would be angrily crippled. If Eric really said that, it would be more than just to stop. Credit cards are so simple.

    The more the girl wants to be more wronged and angry, she finally gnashed her teeth: "Eric.Williams, you are such a jerk. ”

    Eric was only a joke this time, but she didn't think that the girl's reaction would be so big. The eyes were a little tearful because of the excitement, so she quickly explained: "Liz, don't be angry, I just make a joke."

    The girl wanted to turn and leave, but her footsteps seemed to be stuck and did not move, but her face did not ease because of Eric's explanation. Cold and cold: "Mr. Williams. My father asked me to come over and invite you to talk. I don't know if you have time? ”

    "Of course, you…Take me in the past? ”

    Elizabeth was slightly spotted. Turning around and taking the lead to the stairs, Eric quickly followed.

    Come to a room on the second floor. Elizabeth knocked on the door and pushed away without waiting for the person inside to respond. He made a gesture of asking Eric to enter.

    Entering the door, Eric glanced around in a circle, a simple reception room, a row of bookshelves, a few sofas, and a coffee table in the middle. There is only one old Murdoch in the room. Not even Barry Diller is here.

    "Eric, come, sit down," Murpoch quickly stood up as he saw Eric coming in. He smiled and gestured to Eric sitting down on the opposite sofa, then told him, "Liz, help Eric make a cup of coffee."

    The girl nodded to Murdoch and walked faintly to the side.

    Eric sees Murdoch and looks at the back of the daughter who is making coffee, and looks at it. Elizabeth's red one-shoulder dress perfectly set off the girl's body.

    "Eric, you are 19 years old, right?"Murdoch asked inexplicably.

    Eric nodded. His physical birthday was May 16th. Speaking of it, his 19th birthday happened to be spent in the intense shooting of "Running Out of Time", so even the party did not open, just a few people who had a closer had a meal.

    "Liz is actually only two years older than you. I still remember the appearance of Liz when I was a child. Unfortunately, I have been too busy. I don't have much chance to be close to my children. It seems that the introverted little between the eyes is long. It’s a big girl, but the character is still like a child."

    "father. I am like a child," Elizabeth finally turned dissatisfied. Pass two cups of coffee to Eric and Old Murdoch, then sit down next to Murdoch. She wanted to leave, but Old Murdoch had already warned her before. Elizabeth sometimes likes to do it with her father, but Old Murdoch is really angry and she doesn't dare to violate it.

    Old Murdoch laughed a few times and said to Eric: "Look, it's so impulsive, it's not like a child."

    Eric laughed twice, and the old man's intentions became more and more obvious. Eric didn't want to marry a 'Princess', but would there be a good day?

    When Murdoch finished, he changed the subject: "Eric, "Sleepless in Seattle" is going to be turned on?"

    Eric was sighed and replied: "Yes, the boot time will not exceed one week at the latest. It is already September. I have to complete "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Home Alone". The movie, the time is very tight, and it may happen at the same time as the filming and later."

    Murdoch said with a faint fascination: "I have some understanding of the production of the film, but it is rare to make a movie like you, so I am very curious about how you make a movie."

    Although it was opened, Eric was very useful for this kind of compliment, and he said: "Ha ha, if possible, welcome Mr. Murdoch came to the crew to visit the class. ”

    "That won't work," Murdoch said with a look of regret: "I am very busy, too, but Eric, what do you think of Liz?"

    "Ok……what? ”Eric looked confused and turned to Elizabeth.

    Murdoch said without hesitation: "This is the case. The course at Liz University has been completed. It just needs an internship. You must know the major of Liz University. So, let her be a deputy in the "Sleepless in Seattle" crew, so that Shantou can exercise with such a good young man like you. ”

    Eric instantly vacated an impulse to marry her, and the pit was waiting here. Looking at Elizabeth next to Murdoch, little girl squinted her fingers with a low head, a daughter-in-law who made her decision.

    "Mr. Murdoch, the crew is going to run around in New York, Seattle and Chicago, be my…Director assistants are certainly cumbersome and boring, and Elizabeth certainly can't stand this bitterness. ”

    I don't know if it's a good idea. Elizabeth, who was unwilling to hear it, heard Eric's words and immediately raised her head and yelled at Eric's dissatisfaction: "I can't stand it because of what I say, do you look down on a woman?"


    Old Murdoch saw Eric, who was stunned by her daughter, and immediately laughed: "Ha ha ha, I said, Eric, that's it."

    What did you say, Eric immediately wanted to refute again, and Murdoch didn't give Eric a chance to refuse, but patted her daughter's shoulder: "Liz, go out, I'm going to talk to Eric alone."

    Elizabeth nodded and glanced at Eric and turned away. (To be continued)

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