Body Chapter 214 Pit

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 214 pit, floating astronomy

    Eric gently put down the coffee cup in his hand and looked up and said: "Mr. Murdoch, you must have some understanding of me. I am a very stubborn person. If you let me speak, then the conditions I will say will not be a little more concession. If Fox can’t accept it, then the two sides will definitely make trouble. Very unpleasant. So, let's talk about it first. If Fox's conditions can satisfy me, I am not an insatiable person. ”

    Murdoch in the heart of a small weasel, this is not greedy, but Murdoch just consider a moment to open way: "Eric, Fox and Firefly cooperation has been very happy, so I use Fox Film Studio 5% share replacement F Irefly share of shares, you must know that Fox's market value, Firefly but accounted for a big bargain, this can also let two film Studio cooperation more closely. I used this price in exchange for the first broadcast rights of "FrInternet Explorer nds" in the following four seasons. The 70% of the advertisements that have just been proposed have remained the same. What do you think of this time? ”

    Eric heard the condition that Murdoch proposed, and after a few seconds of Tempted, there was no feeling of being cheap.

    He heard it very clearly, what Murdoch said was to exchange the shares of Fox Film Studio for the same proportion of shares of Firefly, not the shares of Fox TV Network.

    Perhaps the public would think that the two companies are one, but Eric is very clear about it. Although it is currently under the control of Barry Diller, Fox Film Studio and Fox TV Network are completely unrelated companies. Fox Film Studio now has a market capitalization of around 2Billion USD, a 5% stake worth 100 Million USD, and Firefly's 5% stake is really not worth it. According to the price of the merger with the new line, the market value of Firefly is only about 600 million USD. In this way, Firefly only agrees to make a share swap with Fox, which is equivalent to earning 70 Million USD.

    But things are far from simple.

    After the merger of Firefly and the new line. No matter which film giants in Hollywood, you know the potential development of Firefly, if the momentum of the Eric movie harvesting Box Office has been maintained. Maybe it won't take a few years, Firefly's status can be side by side with the seven Film Studio. Correspondingly, the market value of Firefly will also skyrocket, and may even exceed Fox.

    Eric is very confident, and if it goes well, the process won't take five years. Eric was willing to pay a 15% stake and a large sum of money to buy a new line some time ago, because it would make up for the shortcomings of Firefly's distribution capabilities and greatly shorten the pace of Firefly's rise.

    A 5% stake can already have a say in the Board of Directors. After replacing the shares with Fox, Eric not only did not see much benefit, but would be constrained.


    Eric gently pulled the corner of his mouth and leaned forward, asking Murdoch to the opposite side: "Mr. Murdoch, how much do you think Fox Film Studio will make this year? ”

    Murdoch's heart suddenly jumped, was the heart said that it was broken by this little guy?

    However, Murdoch was still holding a glimpse of luck and shook his head and said: "I am not too clear about this matter. I will not know until the end of the financial report."

    Eric almost sneered out: "Mr. Murdoch. I can calculate it for Fox a bit, because Mr. Barry Diller focused on the development of the Fox TV Network, Fox itself does not have much film launch. Big production movies with high Box Office potential are not one. This year, Fox is the main film of my three films, "Pretty Woman", "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Home Alone 2", "Pretty Woman" has been settled, North America 210 million, 530 million worldwide, Fox removes the issue fee And at least get the profit of 70 Million USD. Moreover, I personally feel that the next two movies, "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Home Alone 2", will have a profit of at least 100 Million USD, plus other movies released by Fox and videotapes. Ha, it’s a good year. Perhaps the annual profit that can create 300 million USD this year is also almost double that of the ordinary year. ”

    Murdoch heard Eric's summary. It is inevitable that I will be happy in my heart. If this is the case, this score is definitely ranked first in the seven Film Studios. Even this year, because of "Batman", Warner is not necessarily able to create such a high annual profit. After the end of the financial report, Fox's market value will definitely usher in a rise.

    However, after the surprise, some of Murdoch’s luck was completely shattered, but he replied dryly: “Eric, isn’t that good?”

    “Of course it’s good,” Eric said. “So let’s calculate Firefly’s profit this year.”

    Eric said, erecting a few fingers to count: "Pretty Woman, 105 million; "Running Out of Time", according to the current Box Office trend, the global Box Office can still reach about 500 million USD, Firefly can Get another 100 million USD, and at the end of the year, "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Home Alone 2", in addition to cost, Firefly can at least get 100 million USD like Fox. Don't forget, I have three other movies released at the end of the year. I am very optimistic about the three movies, but even if the three movies are added together, I can only get 100 million USD. At the end of the year, the same 5% of the shares, Fox can get 20 Million dividends, Firefly can only get 15 Million. ”

    Speaking of this, Eric took the arm in front of him, but his heart was very angry. After Murdoch proposed the condition, Eric had a moment of Tempted because of the 70 Million USD share value difference, but after such a combing, He found that this is a big pit dug by the old guy.

    Swap the shares and Fox to get the first broadcast rights of the first five seasons of "FrInternet Explorer nds", it is basically two things to do, but Murdoch cleverly confuses these two things together, giving Eric a very sincere illusion of Fox. . But if Eric really chooses the 5% stake, there may be some benefits in the end, but instead of paying a dividend to Fox every year because of the profit gap. Coupled with this stock must have a long period of limited sales, and until it can be sold, perhaps the market value of Firefly is almost the same as Fox.

    And Fox definitely has the power to take back the shares first. Even if Eric sells the shares back to each other, the final result is that Fox owns the shares of Firefly, which can be used to refer to Firefly's affairs, but Firefly can't intervene in Fox. Another point, after the share swap, the interests of Firefly and Fox are tied together, even if the heart is not willing, if necessary, Eric has to pinch the nose to choose to cooperate with Fox. It is estimated that this is also the main purpose of Murdoch's desire to replace shares with Firefly.

    If Eric is still a soul that is somewhat naive and somewhat weak and somewhat young, perhaps when he thinks about it, he will surely be smothered with tears and screaming: "Too bully, don't follow You have cooperated."

    To be honest, Eric just thought that because of the thoughts left by the original owner, it was indeed the impulse to be full of juvenile sentiments.

    However, now the body is still dominated by a soul of more than forty calm middle-aged people. Coupled with the special experience of rebirth, Eric has seen a lot of things relatively light, and rushed to the crown for money. Things are even less likely to happen to him.

    Of course, Eric is still very angry at this time: "Mr. Murdoch, maybe Fox doesn't want to show any sincerity at all, then…"

    Murdoch showed a faint smile, saying: "Eric, you listen to me, or we…"

    "No," Eric immediately interrupted Murdoch's words. He wasn't sure if there would be any big pit waiting for him in the conditions that the old guy would suggest. If he didn't respond, he would plant it: "Or me? Well, I am not very interested in the shares of Fox Film Studio, but since the discussion of "FrInternet Explorer nds" today, then talk about the Fox TV Network. I want the shares of Fox TV Network. If Fox wants to get the first broadcast rights of "FrInternet Explorer nds" in the next few seasons, then the price of the market value of Fox TV Network before the broadcast of "FrInternet Explorer nds" must be transferred to I have 10% of the shares. ”

    Murdoch was shocked by Eric's lion's big mouth. Although he is known as a media tycoon, he currently only owns more than 30% of News Corp., and News Corp. only owns about 80% of the Fox TV Network. Down, his family has only 24% of the Fox TV Network. If Eric's conditions are agreed, Firefly will become the second largest shareholder of the Fox TV Network, second only to the Murdoch family. If there is a contradiction between the two parties in the future, Eric will likely win the dominance of the Fox TV Network as long as it is supported by other shareholders.

    Fox TV Network is Murdoch's most important move to enter the North America market. In any case, he can't promise Eric.

    To be honest, Eric didn't have such a big appetite. He originally planned to get a stake of about 5% of Fox TV Network.

    From the collected data, Fox TV Network is now worth less than 1Billion, far less than the huge size of the three TV Station 40~5Billion USD.

    But Eric knows that, more than 10 years later, Fox TV station will be the size of the three TV station side, up to 30Billion USD, now only need to invest less than million USD, when the 5% of the shares is a value of more than 1 The huge fortune of 500 million USD, and, compared to film Studio, TV network profit is more stable, in the future he will be able to do nothing from Fox TV Network The annual number of 1 billion USD profits to get a generous dividend. (To be continued)

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