Body Chapter 215 One Minute

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the first chapter of the text, chapter 215, floating astronomy

    Murdoch stared at Eric with a look of incomprehensible younger generation, and said: "Eric, you should know that 10% of the shares are impossible, even if I agree, Board of Directors can't agree. ."

    Eric didn't feel the pressure in the look of Murdoch, saying easily: "Mr. Murdoch, although you don't have absolute control, the world knows that News Corp. is the news group of Rupert Murdoch. I believe that you definitely have the power to decide on this matter, so don't you want to smother me with reasons like Board of Directors? ”

    "Then I tell you clearly, Eric, there is no room for negotiation, you still have to change the conditions."

    Eric is still a relaxed look, even with his legs up, but his tone has become louder and louder: "Mr. Murdoch, as I said before, I am a very stubborn person, and once I open my mouth, I will not make any changes. ”

    After this sentence, the scene in the reception room immediately quiet down, an old one less two people with each other to stare at each other, just a moment later, Eric took the lead to remove the line of sight, it is not his guilty, but feel that this is really boring, imposing on others have what use, the key to the negotiations or to see the two sides who have more chips.

    Now, the most important chip is in Eric's hands.

    After drinking the remaining coffee in the cup, Eric was finally able to turn the ceramic cup over. There is no doubt that the words were not engraved on the bottom.

    Putting the cup back on the table, Eric just looked up and looked at Murdoch.

    "Eric, let's talk about it today, maybe we should calm down."

    As soon as Murdoch spoke, Eric was keenly aware. In this confrontation, I have already unknowingly taken the upper hand, in this case. How could he not be tempted?

    "Mr. Murdoch, my schedule is very tight. I missed today, I don't know if I can take time in these two months, and the three TV stations are still waiting for my reply. ”Eric said that it didn't seem to be enough, so he added: "Oh, yes, the American Broadcasting Company has suffered a lot in the past few years. Their offer price is also the highest. Also, they have mentioned that they are willing to pay a liquidated damages and buy the remaining episodes of "FrInternet Explorer nds" this season. To be honest, I am still very excited. After all, in the first season of "FrInternet Explorer nds", I can only get 40% of the advertising share from Fox, but if I change one, the price of American Broadcasting Company is…Sorry, this is a trade secret. ”

    This is already a naked threat, and Murdoch almost wants to throw something in front of Eric's face.

    of course. He can only think about it.

    Murdoch said coldly: "If you want to default, then wait to see it in the federal court, I promise." You don't want to get the last penny. ”

    "Mr. Murdoch, do you think that in North America, can News Corp be able to compete with the three TV stations and the forces behind them? You must be clear in your heart. If this lawsuit is really fought, Fox will lose. Perhaps after the lawsuit is over, "FrInternet Explorer nds" can only wait until next year to replay, and Firefly may lose a lot, but there is no doubt. Fox will lose more. Without "FrInternet Explorer nds", Fox would like to think about it in a short time. During this time, the three major TV stations that were already aware of the threat teamed up to kick out Fox TV Station. ”

    "If you really do this. Firefly also has no benefit in it. Eric, don't forget, in the major English-speaking countries of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and United States, News Corporation has strong media control capabilities with its own newspaper and TV Station. Even the United Kingdom government must now carefully maintain a good relationship with News Corp. to maintain their media image. If you do that, I can make the movie of Firefly all over the world, and let your personal image in the world be useless. You know how much we have let the New York Post press down on you and Are the reports of those actresses? There are a few pieces that I personally intervened to interfere. "A reporter from the New York Post has been interested in you since half a year ago, and has been tracking you for two months. All your private life has been photographed by him. "The New York Post was originally intended to be a report about all your deeds, about the name Virginia.Madsen’s actress, about your current girlfriend, about Julia.Roberts, oh, I almost forgot Drew.Miss Barrymore, she is only 14 years old now, isn't she? ”

    After Murdoch said these words, some arrogantly took the coffee in front of him and wanted to take a sip, but Eric, who had been slightly head down, raised his head at this time, and Murdoch discovered that Eric had a cold, slightly pale face. There was a slight blush on the top.


    Murdoch whispered in his heart, and he suddenly realized that Eric was only 19 years old and a young man who was a young man. When the two conditions add up, it is doomed that Eric is more likely to be tempted than other young people in the face of threats.

    In the unlikely event that this hairy boy is impulsive, he would rather take the "FrInternet Explorer nds" away from the contract, so that in the end he really mobilized the power of the media to destroy the public image of this little guy, but News Corp. Without the slightest benefit, this is clearly not in the interest of News Corp.

    Eric didn't seem to notice the change in Murdoch's look. He lifted his wrist and looked at the watch, then looked up at Murdoch.

    "Mr. Murdoch, you have a minute to consider the time, agree with my conditions, or take a shot, we do each and each, to see who lost the big, and now start timing. ”After that, Eric looked down again.

    Murdoch suddenly panicked, it seems that this little guy is a bit irrational.

    "Eric, don't you be like this? You are already an adult. ”Murdoch said helplessly, with a faint blame in his tone.

    Eric didn't seem to hear Murdoch's words, and he lowered his head and counted himself: "55…54…53…"

    Seeing that Eric didn't pay attention to himself, Murdoch leaned back on the sofa and narrowed his eyes. He seemed to want to see if Eric dared to count down to the end. He had seen Eric's information before, knowing that this young man has the maturity and stability of his peers. He is betting that Eric will be impulsive because of his words, but the countdown is enough for this smart young. The man calmed down.


    The countdown continues uninterrupted. (To be continued)

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