Body No. 216 Chapter Hu Yu

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the No. 216 chapter, Hu Yu, the Flying astronomy

    Usually a fleeting minute is a bit long for Murdoch.

    Murdoch had hoped that the young man could calm down in front of him, but soon, Murdoch himself couldn't calm down with the numbers he had drawn from Eric's mouth.

    He began to quickly calculate the gains and losses of things, Eric said yes, once Fox TV Station lost "FrInternet Explorer nds" this time, then missed the best or perhaps the only opportunity to rise. Once you really lose "FrInternet Explorer nds", if Fox TV Station can still quietly and quietly develop, then it is nothing. However, after the "FrInternet Explorer nds" viewing miracle, the three old TV stations are aware of the threat of the Fox TV Network's status, and will certainly not allow the Fox TV Network that has lost the "FrInternet Explorer nds" to develop steadily.

    In the media industry for decades, Murdoch see accustomed to a variety of intrigues and cruel competition in the industry, when he left Australia, to United Kingdom pioneering career, the most difficult period, competitors unscrupulous to him this foreign people to retaliate, Even his family's personal safety was threatened, and a group of kidnappers had mistakenly kidnapped News Corp's manager's wife as his wife, and the poor woman was killed when he learned that he had been strapped to the wrong person.

    Now that he is in United States, Murdoch believes that the competition in the North America industry will not be much more moderate than that of the United Kingdom.

    In less than 30 seconds, Murdoch has turned a myriad of thoughts into his heart.

    Sitting opposite Eric, he still stares at the watch in his hand, and counts down without hesitation.


    In the last few seconds, Murdoch finally sighed and waved his hand, saying: "Eric. Don't count, I promise you. ”

    Eric paused after hearing Murdoch's words. Then it seems that the remaining numbers are slowly counted out because of some inertia, and then the head is raised.

    Of course, he can't really be suddenly young and prosperous. As a mature middle-aged person, Murdoch's threat to him is much more than the threat of taking away the "FrInternet Explorer nds", but he can't do anything too aggressive. He is betting that the chances of Murdoch having more than 70% will be agreed, because the Fox TV Network needs "FrInternet Explorer nds" too much.

    Of course, he also thought about what would happen if Murdoch didn't really agree.

    in fact. Even if there is really nothing to talk about, I can be sure that the countdown is really finished, and he goes away. Murdoch will definitely find the door again. Because of the original plan, he can't really sever the cooperation with Fox TV Station. After Fox's several indications, he will half-push and promise to renegotiate.

    But if that is the case, Fox will certainly be aware of his bottom line from his actions. By that time, he will no longer have the opportunity to get a 10% stake in the Fox TV Network.

    However, after he proposed his own conditions, Murdoch's attitude. Eric himself thought that he could not have a chance to get a 10% stake in Fox TV Station.

    However, after Murdoch heard that he might transfer "FrInternet Explorer nds" to the American Broadcasting Company, he made a threat to use his women cleverly, which gave him a reason for the attack.

    It’s not very reasonable for him to be angry and young.

    Since the odds of getting a 10% stake have been very embarrassing, Eric has also gambled.

    Murdoch didn't dare to take the risk. He was afraid that Eric was really in a hurry. He didn't even give the opportunity to turn around after he left. Directly sever the cooperation with Fox TV Station and transfer "FrInternet Explorer nds" to American Broadcasting Company TV Station. Once the worst kind of thing happens. There is no room for recovery anymore.

    Therefore, he gambled to win.

    Although Murdoch nodded. Eric did not show any joy, but he looked at the coffee pot in front of him and poured a cup of coffee for himself. He tasted it and waited for Murdoch to open his mouth.

    Murdoch's eyes are not so old, and from Eric's indifferent movement, he quickly realized that he might have been fooled.


    This is the first thought that Murdoch produced.

    However, if Eric might have pretended to be angry to threaten him, then if he immediately repented, then Eric would really go away.

    After more than 30 years of fighting in the media industry, even in the hands of a small boy, how could Murdoch be willing.

    Since you can't immediately turn your face, Murdoch certainly wants to recover the loss.

    "Eric, I can give you a 10% stake in Fox TV Network, but you should also know that if you take this TV serInternet Explorer s to talk to the three TV stations about the same conditions, the other party may drive you out of the office. . So, a "FrInternet Explorer nds" is not enough, you need, um…"Murdoch indulged, and then said: "You need to provide Fox with two excellent TV serInternet Explorers. Of course, I know that it is difficult to reach "FrInternet Explorer nds", so as long as the two TV serInternet Explorer s The average rating can reach 1,500, and I promised to transfer the equity to you."

    Eric heard this condition and almost laughed.

    If Murdoch asks other conditions, it may still be difficult for him, but if it is a high-profile American drama, let alone two, that is, twenty, Eric carefully slaps the corners of memory and can also come together. Previous life The American drama, which has a terrible rating, even the subtitles are too lazy to translate, so most of them are high-quality American movies with high ratings.

    However, Eric also heard some other questions from Murdoch's words, and Murdoch just apparently said that he would transfer the shares to him after he provided Fox with two high-profile American TV shows.

    How is this possible, he can be sure, if you really hand over the three American dramas to Fox, and wait for the results to come out, it is estimated that Murdoch will not want to give an old face, nor can he give him any shares. Because at that time, all three TV serInternet Explorer s have been broadcast, Fox also cultivated a sufficient fixed audience with its high ratings. The next steps are clear, unloading and killing, rabbit dead dog cooking.

    "Mr. Murdoch, I can offer two more programs for Fox, and the ratings are over 15 Million, which is not a problem, because I have just a few good ideas. However, I don't like to play any word games. Today is the 8th and 10th is the day when "FrInternet Explorer nds" is broadcast again. If The Day After Tomorrow did not show the sincerity of transferring shares before the evening, I don't guarantee what will happen. ”When Eric finished, he was about to get up.

    If Eric just said the last few words in the words, perhaps Murdoch will let Eric leave. But when I heard Eric's phrase, 'I just have a few good ideas,' Murdoch was heartbroken. He proposed two so-called TV shows with more than 15 Million ratings, and originally had the intention of smashing the promises just made. With an average audience rating of more than 15 Million visitors, all of North America's TV stations add up to more than 10 each year, and most of them are sequels to those old-fashioned hit shows. It is even more difficult for a brand-new American drama to achieve this result. Therefore, the first season of "FrInternet Explorer nds" will make a big sensation in the first quarter of more than 30 Million people.

    So, seeing Eric getting up, Murdoch quickly waved to stop the other: "Wait, Eric, how can I play a word game with you?" You have to believe that since I have agreed to your terms, I will definitely not repent, so let's sit down and talk about it, talk about your…idea? ”

    I believe you have seen the ghost!

    Eric's belly, I didn't want to talk about it anymore. It was too hurtful to confront Murdoch, the old fox. If you don't pay attention, you might fall into the other's pit. But when I heard Murdoch's question, Eric couldn't help but sit down.

    "Actually, I think so, Mr. Murdoch, two TV serInternet Explorer s I also took it out, but to improve the influence of a TV station, only TV serInternet Explorer s is definitely not enough. In addition to Fox's TV SerInternet Explorer s of the type "FrInternet Explorer nds", I plan to build a variety show for Fox TV Station. I guarantee that if the variety show is good, the average viewing rate will exceed 20. Million is not a problem. ”

    Murdoch jumped in his heart and asked, "Eric, you can talk about your file…Is the concept of variety show? ”

    Eric smiled and shook his head: "Mr. Murdoch, I just said, I hope to see Fox TV Station's initial equity transfer plan between the 10th. Until then, nothing was necessary to talk about it. ”

    "But, you are not willing to disclose anything, how do I know if you are telling the truth?"Murdoch asked.

    Eric sneered at the palm of his hand, reminding him: "Mr. Murdoch, don't forget, you promised to transfer me the shares of Fox TV Station, completely for "FrInternet Explorer nds", and it has nothing to do with the other two TV shows, so you can only choose to believe me. ”

    "If you don't, Eric, I can transfer the shares to you first, but I must indicate that it will be a one-year period. If you can't achieve the promise of more than 15 Million's average ratings for the two TV shows within a year, Then, if you get one less, you will return 5% of the shares. What do you think?"

    Eric sneered: "Mr. Murdoch, ratings fraud can be more than the film box Office fraud is 100 times times easier, the time is not your Fox said how much is how much, you think I will agree? ”(To be continued)

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