Chapter 217 of the text is settled

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 217th chapter of the text is settled, floating astronomy

    Murdoch smiled sincerely: "Eric, everyone knows, the ratings are Nielsen responsible for statistics."

    “Nielsen is a commercial market research company that exists to make money, isn't it?”Eric bluntly asked, since it is a commercial company, it is very easy to tamper with the data as long as there are sufficient benefits. Especially in this era, the statistics of TV programs are still relatively backward. The operating space for rate data is even bigger: "Mr. Murdoch, since you have just agreed to my conditions, why are you not happy? So that we can cooperate more happily in the future."

    Murdoch secretly swears, and this may even be related to the future dominance of the Fox TV Network, how could it be refreshing.

    If it weren't for the persecution of Eric, Murdoch couldn't agree to it anyway. But now, he knows that since the last time the confrontation fell, the next few tricks were seen and rejected by Eric, and this kid is now pressing hard, then this time is likely to have to Pay this 10% of the shares. Because until now, he still doesn't know Eric's bottom line. He can't be sure whether Eric will risk the breach of contract and transfer "FrInternet Explorer nds" to other TV stations. He is not sure about the other three TV stations. What specific conditions were given to Eric. But in turn, Eric figured out what he thought. From the moment he just nodded his agreement, Eric knew that even if he introduced a major shareholder, he would never allow Fox to lose "FrInternet Explorer nds." Only this point, let Eric occupy an absolute advantage in this confrontation.

    Since it is irreparable, Murdoch certainly wants to get more benefits as much as possible. In the end. As a person who wants to control not to belong to Eric, even if Eric's Firefly will become the second largest shareholder of Fox TV Station, he still regards Fox TV Station as his private territory.

    I remembered that Fox wanted to participate in the "FrInternet Explorer nds" production rejected. Murdoch also realized that if Eric said that the two TV shows still can achieve beautiful ratings. So, don't you say that the copyright of Fox TV Station's main programs is all in the hands of Firefly, which is exactly the same as Firefly's pulse of Fox TV Station, plus the 10% stake that Firefly gets. He and Eric may have some irreconcilable contradictions in the future, then. It is self-evident that the shareholders whose interests are supreme will not stand on the side of keeping a few ace cards.

    After hesitating for a moment, Murdoch slowly said: "Okay, Eric, I…I agree, and the specific things will be discussed later. But as for the two programs you mentioned, since Firefly is about to become a shareholder of Fox, I hope that you can provide ideas and hand over the two programs to Fox. ”

    Eric can hear that Murdoch really promised this time. My heart is secretly excited, how many times this stock may appreciate in the future, not to mention, to buy Fox TV Station. It means that his career map has expanded to a whole new field. Of course, Murdoch gave him such a positive answer, then he must now express his sincerity.

    The words that Murdoch said before are actually true. To get a 10% stake in Fox, a "FrInternet Explorer nds" is not enough.

    Although there is some reluctance in his heart, Eric still said: "Mr. Murdoch, it is impossible to hand over the program to Fox. But I can promise that these two programs. Can be produced by Fox and Firefly, splitting the investment and sharing copyright. ”

    Murdoch didn't expect Eric to give the two programs to Fox so generously. His goal was to intervene in production and copyright, and Eric's proposal was very much in line with his psychological expectations, so few of them did not bargain.

    In a short period of time, Eric was struggling to cope with him, and Murdoch was not exhausted.

    "In this case, then, cooperation is enjoyable."Although there was red wine in the cabinet next to it, Murdoch had no energy to take it. The coffee in front of him was directed at Eric.

    "Happy cooperation."Eric also serves coffee.

    An old and a small smile at the same time, like a pair of forgotten, but the quarrel, threats, confrontation seems to have never happened.

    I also talked about some things. It’s been nearly an hour since I came out of the reception room. The wind in the hallway blew, Eric suddenly felt a cool, deeply breathed a few breathful fresh air, Eric went to the stairs and returned to the party hall on the first floor.

    The time is already more than nine o'clock in the evening, and the party is at a high tide. Countless men and women shuttled, and the sound of conversation in the hall was not at all noisy. Accompanied by the band, a pair of men and women in the dance floor swarmed and danced.

    Eric is going to look for Aniston , who has been anxiously waiting for an hour at the stairs .Shea and Jeffrey pulled him aside.

    "Eric, how about talking?"Robert asked first, although the gap with Eric's shares was great, he was already the second largest shareholder of Firefly. Therefore, the "FrInternet Explorer nds" matter is also closely related to his interests. But Jeffrey is very concerned about this matter, but not as eager as Robert.

    Eric showed a slightly heavy expression and said to Robert: "Robert, I have a bad news to tell you."

    "Ah," Robert.Xie opened his mouth and Eric had already revealed some of his plans to them. So when he heard Eric say this, he was a little disappointed, but Robert still asked some unwillingly: "Is it…Didn't talk about it? ”

    Eric shook his head and said in a confused look by Robert and Jeffrey: "I mean, Robert, the Box Office division of Pretty Woman, which was recently taken, is going to pay you 60Million of money, but now, The money may have to be used elsewhere."

    Robert and Jeffrey suddenly realized that Eric had just been doing the trick to tease both of them, and things must have succeeded.

    Pretending to be angrily hammered in Eric's chest, Robert smiled and said: "Bad boy, don't circle again, hurry up and tell the truth."

    Eric stretched out his right hand and spread the five fingers in front of the two: "Murdoch promised to give us a 10% stake in the Fox TV Network, and the price of the top 80% of the "FrInternet Explorer nds"."

    Two middle-aged people suddenly opened their eyes, Robert.Shea swallowed, apparently eager for what Eric said was true, but it was unbelievable on Basic Instinct. A North America ranks fourth, and with the "FrInternet Explorer nds" has already presented a 10% stake in the rising wireless TV Network, which makes Robert.How can Shea believe: "Eric, this joke is not funny at all, how many shares does the Murdoch family have?"

    Jeffrey and Eric have known each other for a long time and have seen miracles in Eric more than once. Therefore, after a brief surprise, Jeffrey has already believed more than 90%: "Eric, are you sure you are not kidding?"

    Eric took a glass of champagne from the passing waiter and said to two people: "Of course, guys, we are about to become one of the major shareholders of the Fox TV Network."

    This time, neither Robert nor Jeffrey doubted that they both showed a surprise look, Robert.Shea is even more excited to raise the red wine in the glass.

    Although he only has a 1.5% share of the 10% stake, as the CEO of Firefly, he means he will have the right to speak on the Fox TV Network with 10% of the shares. Have never thought about it. After becoming a billionaire, Robert.Shay’s pursuit of money is not so eager. He is more concerned about power now. His goal is to become Michael.The head of the great film giants like Eisner. Michael .Eisner also doesn't have much equity in Disney, but he still has the power to speak within Disney.

    Of course, there is something Robert.Shea did not realize it or deliberately ignored it.

    That is, Firefly and Eric, but Disney does not have such a person.

    After a brief excitement, Eric went on the topic just now: "So, Robert, although you can make it, Firefly can still pay 60Million USD for you, but this will definitely make Firefly's capital chain tense, so I think Can you wait for the 60Million USD to be paid at the end of the year? Don't worry, I will pay you interest at the bank loan rate when the contract payment deadline is exceeded. ”

    Robert .Sheihaha smiled and patted Eric's shoulder: "Of course, no problem, we are a family now, and what are you doing?" I have read the information. At the end of the year, Firefly can't take out too much money. After all, the remaining movies of Firefly are released at the end of the year. When the film is divided, it is already in the middle of next year. So, by that time, I can pay the money again. ”

    Robert .When Shea finished, he immediately added nothing: "In fact, Eric, the money is not for me, it is enough to convert directly into Firefly shares."

    Eric smiled and pretended not to notice Robert.After Shay’s words, if nothing had turned around and talked a few words, Robert left with satisfaction with the red wine.

    Jeffrey, who received Eric's suggestion, took a slow step and stayed. (To be continued)

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