Chapter 218 of the text…what!

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 218…what! Floating astronomy

    Waiting for Robert.Shey went far, Eric said to Jeffrey: "Jeffrey, you also saw it, because of this incident, Firefly has nearly 80 Million USD spending this year, the funds will be very tight, so the year will be your year. How about the film split into all the shares of the company?"

    Jeffrey squatted and smiled. "This is something I can't ask for, but Eric, are you going to dilute Robert's shares so quickly?"

    "Of course not," Eric laughed. "If that's done, Robert estimates that I have killed my heart. I will transfer some of my shares to you. I hope you won't mind too little."

    "No, how much do you give me, how much I want," Jeffrey said quietly: "If I don't want to watch Firefly step by step, I am now retired. By the way, I bought a farm in Maryland some time ago, about 2,000 acres, just the place where my wife was older and now handed over to someone else. When the Firefly doesn't need me anymore, I will take the initiative to leave, go to the farm to grow corn, hunt and hunt, and keep the place to enjoy the old age. ”

    Eric's nose is sour, and without the help of Jeffrey and the excellent team that his legendary wife has cultivated, Eric can hardly say what it would be like. However, after Jeffrey finished, Eric put on a look that couldn't stand it: "Okay, Jeffrey, you are neither Juliet's Romeo nor the mermaid's prince. You are just a middle-aged bald fat man. Don't say such grievances?"

    Jeffrey knows that Eric is not really blaming himself. This smart young man just doesn't want to be immersed in the past, so he rarely humours: "I am certainly not the one you said, I am Sorina. Jeffrey."

    "Wow, let me vomit."

    Jeffrey shook his head with a smile: "But, Eric, if I really left in the future. Don't forget to visit me on the farm occasionally, you know. mine……There are not many relatives. ”

    Eric asked carefully: "You…Are you still not reconciled with your son? ”

    Jeffrey was a little lost when he heard this question: "I can't say that it's not good, but it's not too harmonious. Chris is very busy, we can't see it a few times a year, so it's not surprising that the relationship is a bit weak. ”

    Eric is a little curious: "Speaking, I have never seen your son before. You just said that he called Chris, what kind of work?"

    "He works at Wall Street."

    Wall Street, listening to the high end of Hollywood. Eric couldn't help thinking about it, and asked: "Which company is Wall Street?"

    "Morgan Stanley."

    "Wow!"Eric couldn't help but sigh, although there is less concern in this regard, Eric also knows that Morgan Stanley is the four major investment banks alongside Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Citi, and there are many famous financial storms in memory. There are these giant figures.

    "I still want to let him work for Firefly if it is possible. Since it is the famous Morgan Stanley, it will definitely be no more."

    Eric said that Jeffrey also inevitably showed some pride. Even if their father-son relationship is somewhat alienated, no father will be proud of his son's excellence.

    "Eric, if you want to make some investments in the future. Can look for him to try. Although I am not very clear about his specific work, Chris's professional quality is definitely very good. At the time of the University of Pennsylvania, he always took the full scholarship, and did not let me pay a tuition fee from beginning to end. ”

    Eric heard Jeffrey's words and suddenly had a lot of thoughts in his heart.

    But soon these immature thoughts were crushed, and he even Chris.Hanson has never seen it before, and of course it is impossible to make a decision based on a few words from Jeffrey. But in my heart, Eric quietly put Chris.Hanson remembered this matter.

    Eric is chatting with Jeffrey. Barry Diller came over.

    In addition to Robert and Jeffrey on the Firefly side, he is the helm of the Fox TV Network. Barry Diller is also the one that focuses on the "FrInternet Explorer nds" thing, and Eric finds Barry Diller on the floor. but. He originally wanted to wait for Murdoch to come down and ask the results of Murdoch directly.

    But for some reason, Eric had been down for a while, and Murdoch had never appeared again, so Barry Diller couldn't wait and had to come over.

    "Mr. Hanson, Eric, how are you."Barry Diller smiled and greeted Eric.

    After nodding with Barry Diller, Jeffrey knew that Barry Diller’s goal was not his own. He said very eloquently: “Eric, let’s talk, I’ll go there and say hello to an old friend.”

    Looking at Jeffrey's walk away, Barry Diller didn't get to the point. Instead, he whispered in a sigh of relief: "Eric, the copyright of An Affair to Remember is what you buy?"

    Knowing that he couldn't help a smart man like Barry Diller, Eric smiled and nodded.

    “I didn’t care if I saw the document that sold “An Affair to Remember” copyright. I then thought about it after reading the “Sleepless in Seattle” script.” After this sentence, Barry Diller put another pair. Dissatisfied look: "Eric, this is totally unnecessary, and the cooperation between us is very happy, isn't it? If you came up with it in person, maybe Fox 1 Million can sell copy to you. The price of 3"500 is even too high for me."

    Eric was speechless and laughed twice, after the release of "Sleepless in Seattle" led to the sale of millions of boxes of "An Affair to Remember" videotape…

    Well, he couldn't think of how Barry Diller would look at it, but the manager who decided to sell "An Affair to Remember" copyright was definitely miserable.

    Barry Diller certainly can't see Eric's current mind. He used Eric's expression as a sly, but slaps Eric's shoulder. "Oh, this thing is over, remember, need help next time. I must open my mouth to myself, okay?"

    "Of course, I will," Eric nodded sincerely and pretended to be grateful to raise a glass and touch Barry Diller. At the same time, Eric made a decision in mind, and must remind Xiao Nizi to try to get all the Fox-related adaptations in the copy list he opened before the end of the year.

    It is estimated that after waiting this year, I don't want to take anything out of Fox anymore. (To be continued)

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