Chapter 219 of the text may give birth to mental retardation.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 219 may give birth to mental retardation, floating astronomy

    After a good show, Barry Diller asked about the results of the discussion between Eric and Murdoch. Eric did not hide it. He revealed that Firefly will share the Fox TV Network with Barry Diller.

    Barry Diller's reaction to the results was similar to that of Jeffrey and Robert. After confirming that Eric was telling the truth, Barry Diller's face changed continuously many times, and finally patted Eric's shoulder silently, and looked away. .

    Eric can also feel the mood of Barry Diller. The Fox TV Network began construction in 1986 and has grown into the fourth-largest wireless TV station in North America in just four years. Barry Diller has made great contributions.

    But even then, Barry Diller has only less than 5% of Fox's management stocks, and Eric can take a 10% stake in Fox TV Network with just one TV serInternet Explorer s. Barry Diller is a good idea. However, Eric did not mean anything to Barry Diller. The world has always been unfair, paying the most, and in many cases is not the one who gets the most.

    After traveling through the crowd and dealing with a few people who greeted or talked, Eric finally found Aniston, and the little girl was chatting with Nicole in a hurry.

    "Jenny, what are you talking about, so happy?"Eric greeted Nicole with his eyes, grabbed Aniston's waist and kissed the little girl's cheek.

    Eric made this intimate action in the crowd, and Aniston shyly shrank his neck and groaned: "We are talking about the topic between girls, you ask what to do!"

    "Oh, I am most interested in the topic between girls, let me talk about it."Eric teased. The hand placed on Aniston's waist was separated from the thin dress by the thin dress, and the sensitive meat on the waist of the girl was pinched, causing Aniston to be another petite.

    Nicole looked at Eric and Aniston in a smile. There was something wrong in my heart, and Eric looked up at this moment. It seems that Nicole is doing nothing, casually saying: "Nicole, I am a little hungry, can you help me with some food?"

    Probably because some time had been developed during Eric's home maid, Nicole nodded subconsciously. After the reaction, he only hesitated and smiled and walked to the table not far away.

    Aniston saw Eric's Nicole's rudeness as a servant. Dissatisfied with Eric's arms: "Eric, how can you do this, feed, Nicole, wait for me, don't listen to this guy, let him starve to death."

    Little girl shouted and chased after Nicole.

    Eric stunned, this is not seen for an hour, how come…The girlfriend is up. Little girl Isn't it always a cold for Herine in my movie?

    "Stupid girl, arrogant and arrogant." Eric. If you continue to develop, even if you have your IQ, you can do it. Being neutralized by her genes, she may also have mental retardation. ”

    Eric followed the sound and reached out on Drew's short-cut bag head. He slammed a few times: "When you work hard at school, even the high-end words of genes are coming out."

    Xiao Nizi called out a few times, knowing that Eric was talking, and protested dissatisfiedly: "It is night, I have not skipped classes."

    Eric grabbed the little ears of Shantou and asked: "From the women's school in Pasadena, northeast of Los Angeles, to Malibu. It takes more than 50 kilometers to travel through the entire city. Road conditions in Los Angeles. You can't get here by driving for two hours. Tell me about it. When did you skip the class, when did you start to come over? ”

    Drew could only slightly squint his head because of Eric's ear, but the small mouth refused to admit defeat: "Who would be so stupid to go downtown, don't you know that there is a highway like this? From Pasadena to the 101 high speed and then to Mulholland Road, it would not take an hour. Oh, yeah…pain! ”

    As Eric exerted his strength, the hoe immediately closed his mouth, and his eyes became a little watery after a few squats, looking for Eric.

    The people around them were curiously looking at the movements here. Some people who were not sure about the situation would ask a few of their companions, and then they looked at Eric's eyes and took a few minutes. Aniston, who was walking with a small plate with Nicole, saw Eric pulling Drew's ear, suddenly coldly snorted, and pulled Nicole. "Nicole, let's go, starve to death."

    Nicole hesitated, showing that he and Aniston's Eric had shown a helpless look, followed the little girl and turned away.

    Eric is about to continue to teach Xiao Nizi a few words, and the brave appearance of Eric's "child abuse" is still brave.

    "Hey, Eric, how can you treat a girl so rudely!"Isaly White, who came with Julia, raised her eyebrows and opened Eric's hand, pulling Drew to her side.

    Xiao Nizi hid behind Elizabeth, and spooked his tongue at Eric.

    Eric doesn't understand Elizabeth. It's really unclear or stupid. However, since someone is involved, he is not good enough to continue to teach Xiao Nizi.

    "Liz, is there anything?"

    Elizabeth thought that Eric would argue a few words, but when he heard the other person say this, he had to say: "Julia is leaving, don't you give it?"

    Julia, standing behind Elizabeth, didn't expect the girl to say so, and quickly pulled Elizabeth's dress.

    Eric glanced at Julia and saw Julia gazing at it, knowing that it was Elizabeth's self-proclaimed idea, but still nodded cheerfully: "Okay," Eric squinted as he saw Xiao Nizi sneak away: "Don't run, come with me."

    "Julia, it’s still less than ten, how come back so early?"Eric asked without a word when walking to the out-of-village parking lot.

    Julia hesitated and opened her mouth: "I…"

    "Julia is not feeling well today, do you ask so clearly?"Seeing the girl's embarrassed look, Elizabeth immediately left the side.

    Eric nodded, and this action made Julia's face slightly red.

    When a few people arrived at the parking lot, Eric said: "Julia, can you help me?"

    "what?"Julia looked at Eric strangely.

    Eric pulled the little Nizi who was boring and playing with fingers behind three people: "Let Drew go to stay with you for one night, help me send her to school tomorrow, can I?"

    "No, I won't go."Xiao Nizi immediately screamed and saw Eric's unquestionable eyes, and had to succumb to the nod. She also understands that Eric may have to take Aniston home this evening, and he is too likely to let himself mess up.

    Looking at the co-pilot who slammed into Julia car, Eric didn't worry about telling Julia a few words before he left.

    When Julia drove Xiao Nizi to leave the manor gate, Eric did not return to the villa, but sat down on a bench in the nearby small garden.

    Elizabeth hesitated in the footsteps and walked over to sit next to Eric and saw Eric picking up a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. Elizabeth opened his mouth slightly and realized that it was outside and it didn't stop.

    Eric took a deep breath and took a smog of smoke, and then turned around and asked: "Liz, is there anything?"

    "You are very upset?"Elizabeth did not answer, but asked. Seeing Eric's confused look, Elizabeth added with a sly addiction: "To deal with so many women, are you too busy to come and lie here to smoke?"

    Eric smiled: "How is it possible? I don't have many women. Besides, movies and women are the two major pursuits of my life. I am too happy to be there. How can I be troubled?"

    Elizabeth was the first to hear such a straightforward view, and turned a blind eye: "Your pursuit is really enough…Vulgar. ”

    Eric ignored the accusations of Elizabeth, and slowly and slowly enjoyed the cool sea breeze under the dim road lights with a cigarette, and planned to stay quietly for a while. Originally thought that Elizabeth couldn't stand the coldness of the scene and left, but after a cigarette was exhausted, the girl was still sitting beside him, which made Eric somewhat uncomfortable. This woman is inexplicably here, what she wants to do, pondering for a while, Eric just tried to ask: "Liz, your father forced you to be my Director assistant, or I am with Mr. Murdoch said that this is all right? ”

    "Do you hate me?"Elizabeth asked again.

    Eric shook his head: "I never hate pretty women."

    Elizabeth heard Eric's words, the heartbeat inexplicably speeded up, but still not for the sake of his mouth: "You really don't forget the slick tongue, it really is a playboy."

    Eric heard this evaluation, turned his head and leaned back on the back of the bench, unscrupulously admiring the wonderful man body wrapped in a dress, and teasing a smirk: "Then you don't hurry to escape far." Far."

    In Eric's aggressive gaze, the girl almost wants to subconsciously grab the chest, but in the end she forced the impulse down and refused to accept the message: "You are a narcissist, why should I escape."

    Eric glanced at the girl and easily overlapped. At this time, they had already stepped on the feet of the ground. They didn’t talk any more, and they took out a cigarette. They combed the things tonight, and they were bored. The ground glanced around. (To be continued)

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