Chapter 220, I will look at you.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 220 I will look at you, floating astronomy

    The guilty little trick was seen by Eric, and Elizabeth's face was finally a little bit hot, but the girl seemed to regard this confrontation as a 'war'. She always had a strong heart and she sat stubbornly sitting there as if she were together. It is necessary to lose what it is. But seeing Eric completely disregarding his appearance, the girl doesn't look up: "Hey, what are you thinking about?"

    Eric didn't even look at her, and pointed her finger at the floor-standing landscape light on the lawn: "The lampshade over there is pretty, I am thinking that you can't help but walk away, I remove a few plugs. Bring it back in the trunk."

    Elizabeth couldn't help but burst into laughter, but soon tightened his face and glanced at Eric: "You don't even think about it, I will look at you."

    "That's a pity."Eric lamented that there was no regret in the tone.

    "I said, can you be serious," Elizabeth finally had some helplessness.

    Eric threw the cigarette butt in his hand into the trash can. He said, "Well, Liz, what the hell is going on, can you just say?"

    "I……"Elizabeth paused: "What I want to say is, don't forget to pay me."

    Eric feels inexplicable: "Well?"

    "What about your Director assistant, although my father asked me to go, but you don't want me to do it, I want to achieve economic independence as soon as possible, so the old man would not want to threaten me with the freezing of my credit card. It is."

    Eric smiled and said: "What do you really want to do as a Director assistant, Liz, we all know your father's purpose, but neither of us has that meaning, so don't worry about it? Although you have nothing to do, I suggest you go back to school. Enjoy the last year's campus time. Once you leave, you won't find that feeling in your life. ”

    "My business doesn't have to be yours!"The girl was dissatisfied with the top sentence. He added: "I have my own plan for my future. I am planning to be a film producer. So first of all, of course I have to be familiar with this aspect. ”

    "Oh? What about the News Corp., do you study the media, isn't it just to inherit your father's career? ”

    When I heard Eric ask, Elizabeth couldn’t help but be a bit stunned: "He…Although Dad did not say it, I still know that he hopes that my brother can take over. ”

    "Your father is quite…Traditional. ”

    Eric didn't expect Murdoch to have a patriarchal tendency, which made Eric feel a little…kind.

    "Old stubbornness is almost the same."Elizabeth muttered dissatisfiedly, and then said to Eric: "That, there are still things."

    Eric realized that Elizabeth was talking about business this time, nodded lightly, and told the girl to go on.

    "I have discussed with Julia, maybe next year, and after accumulating some experience, I intend to try to make my first movie. She promised me to be Heroine."

    "and then?"

    "and so. I mean……Can you……Sell ​​us a script? ”

    Eric didn't answer immediately, and took out the cigarette case. This time Elizabeth finally couldn't stand it. I hid the cigarette in Eric's hand and threw it directly into the trash can: "Hey, don't you realize that smoking in front of a lady is a very rude thing?"

    "Okay, okay, I don't smoke," Eric raised his right hand and then asked: "If you don't talk about script first, if you make a movie, where is your money? You just didn't say that you want to be economic." Stand alone? Take your identity as a little rookie. Even if Julia is a Heroine, it is estimated that it is difficult to invest. ”

    "This is two different things. I thought about it, I first set up a Film Studio with 10 Million from the old man. It was enough for the money to make a film. Julia also agreed to use the film to pay for the shares, and finally split it proportionally. ”

    What Elizabeth said is a matter of course, and it seems that this kind of thing is commonplace. Eric thinks a little, and understands.

    This is a common way for billionaires to circumvent high estate taxes in order to pass on family wealth. Giving their children money in the name of borrowing to help them establish and develop their own company, and so the children's company to develop a certain scale, and then by the way of exchange-traded mergers and acquisitions, such as high prices to recover, this way allows the rich to transfer their wealth at the lowest possible cost to the next generation, of course, this way of transmission of children's ability also has a higher demand, If the next generation of mud can not paste on the wall, it will be difficult to make it.

    Although Murdoch does not intend to let Elizabeth take over, but with regard to the inheritance of wealth, if Elizabeth speaks, Mordoch will not refuse.

    Eric was thinking, Elizabeth suddenly interrupted his thoughts and asked, "Eric, what do you want, you can't promise?"

    "What should I promise?"Eric asked a subconsciously, then thought about it, revealing a curious expression, and asked: "script, then, how much do you plan to use to buy me a script?"

    When this problem came out, it really made Elizabeth difficult.

    Eric is now writing a movie script, and the Box Office score is less than 100 Million USD. Almost every one can bring no less than 50 Million's profit to the investor. Calculated by this standard, even if it is based on the price of Hollywood's top gold screenwriter, it is certainly not enough.

    "Look, you haven't thought about anything yet, so wait until you think about it."

    Eric said that he stood up and that as long as Elizabeth had no problem understanding, he knew that he was rejecting her.

    This is actually not just a question of money. Eric's 'script' is not known, even if it is given to Elizabeth, there is nothing. But now it doesn't work. Although several consecutive films have made Box Office success, his strength in Hollywood is still not stable. If he takes out a script to toss the other party, he can't maintain his dominant position and always check the quality of the film. If he messes up, it will ruin his unbeaten aura through several movies. Obviously, although Elizabeth moved Julia, it was not enough for Eric to believe that the two girls would succeed.

    "Hey, Eric, you wait," Elizabeth hurriedly stopped Eric who wanted to get up, though he didn't know what Eric was thinking, but after a moment's thought, Elizabeth the idea of getting a script from Eric for a while, because she realized that she didn't The price, but the girls are pretty smart, soon thought of another thought: "Eric, you see this is not good, I do not take the script from you, I and Julia to pick the script, but then, you help us check, see script there is no big selling potential, this is OK?" ”(To be continued)

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