Body Chapter 221 Chair 咚

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the No. 221 chapter, the Chair, the Flying astronomy.

    Eric refused to think and refused: "This is even more impossible. Liz, even if it is the same script, different people will eventually show two completely different styles. So I said that there is potential, but the ability of the Director you are looking for is not good. In the end, it is my reputation that has been ruined. ”

    Elizabeth grabbed Eric's clothes and didn't hesitate to say: "Then we will invest together, you can also be a Producer." So you can personally check the quality of the film. ”

    "If I let go of the news of co-production of movies, let alone those companies in the second and third tiers, that is, the seven majors will cry and rush to rush, and the conditions they open will certainly be much better than you. Come, you give me a reason to cooperate with you? ”

    "you……"Elizabeth was stunned and embarrassed to slap Eric for a moment before he gnashed his teeth: "You are this unpretentious bastard."

    "Wow, angry," Eric smiled and stood up, and suddenly with the hands of the bench back to the girl near, looking at the reflection of the other side to shrink back to the small appearance softly: "So, little girl, since your father does not want you to inherit the family business, then don't toss, enjoy the rich daughter's life, Then find a man to marry, how good. ”

    Because of this period of contact, Elizabeth Eric is not entirely without feeling, at this time to see the other side suddenly so close to themselves, and even can clearly feel the faint of Eric's body is not disgusted with the smell of smoke, no one in the heart of the preparation of the Elizabeth immediately a big mess, All the thoughts in my head buzzed into one, and the cheeks were flushed with a flush.

    Under the soft lighting of the manor streetlights, the look of the girl is more beautiful, and the atmosphere between the two begins to become blurred.

    I don't know if I was infected with this kind of emotion. Eric, who didn't have any mourning, couldn't help but lean down again and sniff the charming body fragrance that the girl gave out. Accurately contains the girl's delicate lips.

    I didn't think that Eric would suddenly do this. Elizabeth suddenly opened his eyes and wanted to push Eric away, but he felt a rush of electricity. The whole body is soft and can't even lift the fingers.

    Eric realized his gaffe when he felt the girl's lips tremble as quickly as the frightened butterfly wing. But since it was done, Eric took a few more moments on the girl's smooth lips and held up her body. Seeing the remaining girl's lips and lips because of this kiss, Eric reached out and used the index finger to wipe the girl, and said: "Sorry, Liz, I didn't mean it."

    In just a few seconds, Elizabeth felt that she had no idea where it was. The field of vision is completely occupied by Eric's face, feeling the other person sucking his own lips and feeling the touch of the other's rough fingertips.

    This feeling……Ok, it's really good.

    Then he seems to be talking, what is coming. Oh, he said that he was not intentional.

    Not intentional! ! !

    The girl reacted and her eyes blinked a few times, seeming to confirm whether she was wrong.

    Of course she did not get it wrong.

    How can he say this, it is too rogue.

    In a flash. The small flames in the heart of the girl ignited the engine like an electric spark. The physical strength of the original escape began to condense quickly.

    趁Eric hasn't completely retired yet, and Elizabeth has bowed. Didn't find the guy who called the hand, so Basic Instinct raised his calf, sharp high heels rudely rushed to Eric.


    In the screaming voice, the girl stretched her face and did not return, and walked quickly to the distance.

    When the two security guards in the manor came in, they only saw Eric sitting on the bench next to the garden, picking up his trousers and quickly licking his calves.

    The two quickly recognized Eric's identity and relaxedly inserted the baton back into his waist and asked: "Mr. Williams, what happened just now? ”

    Eric smiled slyly. Shaking his head: "Nothing, just accidentally touched it."

    One of the security guards glanced at the obvious black-green on Eric's leg. Concerned: "Mr. Williams, would you like to take a break? ”

    "No, no, no. No, I take a break and I will go back. ”

    In addition, older security guards felt that Eric might not want to let people discover his anecdote, but he also saw Eric's leg injury unclear, so he said: "Mr. Williams, there is a first aid kit in our lounge, I don't know about you…need or not? ”

    "Oh, then thank you," Eric nodded quickly and smiled gratefully at the man.

    On the other side, Elizabeth didn't go to the party hall again, instead, he returned to his bedroom, took off his evening dress and took a bath out of the bathroom, and the girl's mood was still not calm, though she had just kicked in on Eric's calf, but from the garden to the bedroom, the girl's anger was already drifting around, Now, instead, some of the outcome.

    I irritated a few laps, fell a few pillows, did a lot of deep breathing, or did not have much effect, squatting on the bed with a pillow to cover my head venting like a few screams, quiet for a moment. Then I pulled the phone placed on the bedside table and held it in my arms, and dialed a series of numbers.

    Julia, who had just entered the city, didn’t hear the ringing of the mobile phone, parked the car on the side of the road, and pressed the call button to the ear.

    Immediately, Julia heard a little girl's accusation: "Julia, he kissed me."

    Julia barely got a brain, and she understood who the 'he' in Elizabeth's mouth is.

    Although the incident of the wine-spitting Julia this time in front of Eric has always been like a little quail, but the girl's own character has not changed, to hear this, Julia seems to have expected, not only not jealous, but tease up: "Liz, just let you talk to him about script Thing, you are really out of it. How about, he kissed him, and promised? ”

    Elizabeth was frustrated: "No."Later, the girl roughly said the story, of course, many details must be omitted.

    Julia patiently listened to the opposite girl's talk, whispered a bit, and hung up the phone. I started the car again on the road and looked at Drew, who was always curious about Drew. Julia snorted and complained: "Your little daddy is really abominable, kissed Liz, but not even a script. Willing to take it out."To be continued)

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