Chapter 222, Xiao Nizi has a big ambition

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    Shantou heard that Julia's little daddy was just envious of Eric's favor for her. However, some of the evil thoughts in Xiao Nizi’s head have disappeared.

    Maybe you can use it in some places, don't believe that he is not a big animal.

    Thinking about it, Drew asked: "What do you buy from Eric?"

    Julia didn't care, and casually said Elizabeth's intentions.

    Xiao Nizi suddenly came to the interest and sat down straight and said: "Why don't you find me?"

    Julia squinted at Drew: "Looking for you?"

    Xiao Nizi proudly said: "Yes, I tell you, Eric likes to write and paint in the study, so there are some script outlines in his study that he feels good."

    Julia opened her mouth in amazement: "You are not going to steal…Right? ”

    "How is it possible," Xiao Nizi subconsciously refuted, and then sneered twice: "Actually, if I just take an outline, Eric would never know."

    Julia immediately shook her head and refused: "No, even if Eric didn't know at first, he would definitely find out if the film was made in the future."

    "That's it," Drew shrugged his shoulders and looked indifferent. She didn't believe Julia would be heartless, so she leaned back on the chair and bowed her head and pretended to be bored with a pair of tweezers, waiting for Julia to again. Opening.

    Sure enough, Car was driving again on the road for a few minutes, and Julia finally couldn't hold back: "Drew, you mean Eric has a lot of spare…script outline?"

    Xiao Nizi gently pointed her head and tried to hide her smile.

    "Eric is so petting you, you tell him, can't you sell us, anyway, he…so many. ”

    Because just after the call. Elizabeth's focus on Eric's strong kiss on her did not explain to Julia the reasons why Eric refused, so the girl felt. Maybe you can try again with Xiao Nizi.

    But Drew broke Julia's illusion directly: "Since Eric has rejected Miss Murdoch, he certainly has good reasons. So even if I go to say, he will not change his mind. ”

    Julia was silent again.

    She didn't want Drew to steal Eric's script, but she really didn't dare. She couldn't imagine how Eric would finally know how it would react, but the result would not be a laugh.

    "Actually, Eric alone will write scripts in this world, right?"After a while, Drew spoke again.

    Julia stopped the car before a red light. Turned around and asked: "What do you mean?"

    "I mean, we can look for scripts ourselves, and then I will let Eric see if there is potential."Drew quickly said that some of the ideas of Xiao Nizi coincided with Elizabeth.

    But this time Julia was keenly grabbed something else from the gimmick, wondering: "You just said…we? ”

    “Yeah,” Drew no longer hides his purpose: “Julia, look, since Elizabeth.Murdoch wants to set up Film Studio, why don't we both participate in the stock market? By the time we are three producers together, I am responsible for script. You are a Heroine, Elizabeth, and how do you see it? ”

    Julia heard this suggestion. At the same time, I was a little surprised at the heart. I looked back at the girl who was already seventeen or eight years old and was only just fourteen years old. Among the few women who are close to Eric, Julia is the one who has the least contact with Drew, so she knows the least about Xiao Nizi.

    After hearing the horn of the car urging behind him, Julia reacted and turned into a green light. She quickly stepped on the gas pedal and asked: "You do this. Will Eric agree? ”

    "We don't tell him not to do it."

    "that……That money, where do you get the money to buy in Film Studio? ”

    Drew immediately found a vip card in front of Julia and shook it: "There are more than 10 million in this card."

    Because it is not clear what Eric asked Drew to acquire the right to adapt. So when Xiao Nizi said the balance on the credit card, Julia suddenly felt unreal. She felt that Eric's favor with this Xiao Nizi was somewhat unreasonable, and she gave the little girl so much money. Although she has become the top actress of Hollywood with "Pretty Woman", it is true that because of the short time of fame, she now has less than 10 million assets.

    Julia was greatly surprised, and the purpose of the hoe was reached.

    Retracting the credit card, Drew immediately said: "I don't want much for the shares, just give me 30%, and the rest of you will discuss the division. Don't think too much, think about it, I can let Eric help us pick the script. This one is worth 30%. After all, if the script is not selected, it means that one person is going wrong, even if I work harder. It is also doomed to nothing. Moreover, the Elizabeth family has 20th century Fox, so the release is definitely not a problem. But when you make a movie, you will definitely encounter a lot of problems. At that time, if Eric knows that I have a stake in it, since it has become an established fact, he is not good enough to stand by and watch it? ”

    Seeing that Julia nodded for a moment and shook her head for a while, and thoughtfully, the little Nizi, who was being brave about Brabra, quickly realized that it was entirely dominated by Elizabeth, and Julia was almost a drift. Character. Realizing this, Xiao Nizi no longer wastes his tongue, but suggests: "Julia, let us call Elizabeth.Murdoch came over, how about discussing this matter together? ”

    Julia raised her hand and looked at the watch: "It's too late now?"

    "Hey, my sister, time is money," Drew said, taking the Julia mobile phone behind the windshield and asking, "Tell me the phone number, I will tell Elizabeth."

    Julia reluctantly pointed to the front: "The address book is there."

    Drew took the previous address book and began to look it up.

    After more than an hour, Elizabeth rushed to Julia's apartment.

    One is thinking about going beyond Eric, one thinking about getting Eric to be surprised. After some exchanges, Elizabeth and Drew almost hit it off. The ambitious big girl started to sit around the small coffee table in the living room of Julia apartment with the ambitious little girl and began to discuss their plans to set up Film Studio. As for Julia. Then completely 'fallen' has become a small role in the tea.

    Eric didn't know anything about it. The two security guards took the first aid kit after he got the medicine. Rested for a while and then carefully returned to the party.

    The pain in the leg made Eric not want to stay any longer. In addition, "FrInternet Explorer nds" is still in the process of intense production. Therefore, many people have begun to leave in order not to delay tomorrow's work. Eric will find Aniston and intend to return to Beverly Hills together.

    "I am going to Nicole," said the little girl holding the tall girl next to her. "And, I don't want to bother my father." So I plan to move out of him tomorrow, and Nicole promised to share with me. ”

    Eric took a while to make sure he was not mistaken. He looked at Anicton and looked at the innocent Nicole. Eric thought that this is the legendary self-restraint?

    Because of the popularity of "FrInternet Explorer nds", Aniston once again became the target of paparazzi's crazy pursuit, so she could not live in a small apartment in Burbank, and little girl would not move to Eric to get along with Drew. Temporarily moved to her father before finding a new safe place to live.

    "then what do I do?"Eric asked the stallion helplessly.

    Little girl heard this question. I still hesitated with a 'conscience', but soon raised my chin and said, "I will control what you do, I will film again tomorrow. So go back with Nicole and go back to Beverly Hills yourself. ”

    It wasn't until Aniston pulled Nicole to disappear, and Eric was a little confused. He just let Nicole go to the little girl to prevent her from colliding with Drew. I didn't expect the final result to be like this.

    He didn't believe it was Nicole's intention, because it didn't seem to be good for her.

    However, he also does not believe that Aniston is a simple little girl.

    Finally became like this. It can only be said that the little girl and Nicole are too different in the position, and Nicole wants to keep Heroine in a hurry to keep Aniston happy. The result directly destroyed the defense of the little girl, and the Nizi began to wrigg up.

    but. Eric also made sure that Nicole didn't dare to do anything to hurt the little girl, so he planned to let it go.

    After experiencing so many things in one night, Eric was a little tired. He didn't even have the strength to drive home. He went straight to the small villa in Virginia for a night.

    The next morning, Julia got up in a confused way, grabbed her hair and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. However, when the brush was full of foam, the girl suddenly remembered that there should be two other people in the room. After a messy cleaning up, Julia walked to the living room.

    At this time, the living room was already in a mess. The a4 paper she bought for printing scripts was scattered everywhere, and she wrote and painted a lot of things at sixes and sevens. Elizabeth and Drew are still eager to discuss something with great interest.

    Julia picked up an a4 paper and looked at it. She didn't understand what was drawn on it. She asked casually: "You…Didn't sleep all night? ”

    The voice finally made two of the konjac girls look up, Drew swayed his head from side to side, and said with amazement: "Oh, the sky is bright."

    Julia rolled her eyes, this is clearly.

    Xiao Nizi made a big yawn and said to Elizabeth: "Liz, just come here, I am going to sleep."

    After that, Shantou was unceremoniously going to Julia's bedroom. It was definitely going to sleep in Julia's bed. Julia didn't have any cleanliness. She just asked: "Drew, Eric said, let me send you to school."

“&-#-#-@–%-#-@……”There were a few buzzing sounds in the bedroom, and it sounded like Xiao Nizi seemed to use something to cover her head.

    Julia slyly looks at Elizabeth: "She…Say what? ”

    Elizabeth held a ballpoint pen and quickly wrote something on a piece of paper, casually saying: "She said no, she has already taken a vacation."

    Julia looked at the direction of the bedroom and licked Elizabeth. She was surprised: "Wow, it's amazing, how do you hear it?"

    "I don't understand, guess."


    Just as Julia was speechless, Elizabeth picked up a piece of paper and gestured to the girl: "Julia, look, what about the name of our Film Studio?"

    "this is……What do you mean? ”Julia looks at two letters on the paper that are unclear: "tgFilm Studio?"

    "tg, it's -girls," Elizabeth replied.

    "you guys……Didn’t sleep all night, wouldn’t I have such a name? ”

    "Of course not, we have also discussed a lot of things. By the way, Drew said that he wants 30% of the shares, and the rest gives you 30%. I account for 40%. What do you think? ”

    Although previous life, Julia was the first Hollywood movie star to set up a personal studio. But now the girl has been famous for more than half a year, and the mind is mainly on the movie, so Elizabeth just said that Julia nodded and agreed: "Well, you can do it, have breakfast, I will do it?" ”

    "No, I am going to sleep."Elizabeth said that she stood up and swayed into the bedroom. Julia, who was not so comfortable, walked into the bedroom and saw that Elizabeth and Drew were on the side of the bed and had already slept.

    Pulling up the curtains and thoughtfully covering the blankets with the two, Julia began to clean up the messy living room.

    In the scattered morning, half-awake and half-awake, then the famous tgFilm Studio was born. (To be continued)

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