The body of the 224th chapter of the treasure of the town

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 224th chapter of the treasure of the town, floating astronomy

    Packing a bunch of newspapers aside, Eric crossed his arms and looked at the opposite girl. In this era, whether in film and television or in reality, it seems that women like to wear shirts.

    Of course, Eric also likes this kind of dressing of women very much, which will make a woman have a few more temperament, at least he thinks this look is much stronger than the women who wrapped the fabric of at sixes and sevens in the later generations. It is. Moreover, in fact, in Eric's view, the shirt is also a kind of uniform lure, especially when a woman wears a large men's shirt, it is best to bare two long legs…

    Elizabeth saw Eric staring at herself intently. The original heartlessness quickly converges. Her arms were on the desk and blocked her chest. Eric was dissatisfied: "Hey, what do you look like, color?" ”

    "I didn't see anything, I was just thinking, are you going to wear this body to work?"Although the look of the girl looks good, it is obviously not a dress that a woman who is going to work should wear.

    "Of course, what I have to do is your assistant, not an office girl. Do you want me to wear a suit skirt and high heels to run around with you on the set?"

    Eric squinted at the little chin that the girl gently raised, and knew that it was useless to say more. She shook her head and shook her head. It was no longer reluctant. Anyway, he didn’t expect the girl to help himself, as long as the film was shot. Being able to hand over something as a megaphone, the most important thing is not to be willful.

    "Just do it," Eric said, looking down at the drawer next to him.

    Elizabeth seemed to have won a small victory, and the long nasal sound snorted softly.

    Eric found a document and a pen next to it and pushed it to Elizabeth: "This is the contract, you signed the word, and then the crew of Sleepless in Seattle."

    Elizabeth took it and didn't rush to sign it, but she read it carefully. Eric looked at the watch, didn't care, and took the newspaper next to it and continued to look at it.

    after awhile. Eric, who is seriously looking at the newspaper, said the opposite girl said: "Eric, I signed it. What should I do next? ”

    Eric put a copy of Elizabeth's hand in a folder and said to the girl: "You can go back now. When the crew leaves for Seattle a few days later, someone will inform you."

    "what……"Elizabeth opened her mouth slightly and quickly realized that Eric didn't take her seriously. She was angry and said: "How can you do this, I protest, if you don't assign work to me. I am not going to leave your office today! ”

    Eric snorted and knew that it would be like this. In the first place, Murdoch should not be promised.

    It’s painful how to get rid of this big lady, the office door is knocked open again, Alan probes a look, said: “Mr. Williams, the screenwriters are all here, waiting in the conference room. ”

    "Well, I will pass."Eric nodded and waited for Alan to leave. Only to Elizabeth: "Liz, I really can't use you here, so you still go back. Someone will notify you by then. ”

    "I don't want to go. Since you have signed a contract, you should assign work to me."

    Eric was a little annoyed, his right thumb quickly rubbed a few times on the side of his index finger, then pointed to the coffee machine next to him: "Since you want to work, give me a cup of coffee."

    The girl did not do it immediately: "I am not your servant!"

    "This is a matter of Director Assistant. If you don't want to, go home now and wait for the crew to notify."

    "you……"Elizabeth glanced at Eric with reluctance. After a while, the committee succumbed to a small face and carefully took a cup of coffee to Eric.

    Eric certainly didn't have the coffee. Looking at Elizabeth's stubborn appearance, I had to pick up the phone and press it a few times. Speaking into the microphone: "Alan, send the two copies of the confidential contract that you signed earlier."

    Elizabeth's look moved, concealing the smear of the eye, and squatting down his head and standing next to him. After a while, Alan sent two confidential contracts.

    "This is a confidential contract signed by Alan. If you are too long, you don't have to look at it, as Mr. Murdoch's daughter, I think you probably know what the content is. If you violate it, you will not only have to pay a huge amount of liquidated damages, but may even go to jail. After signing "Sleepless in Seattle", you can follow me and act as a secretarial assistant for Alan to share some work. ”

    This time, the girl didn't have any more ink. It took less than a minute to flip over ten pages of contracts and quickly signed her name.

    "Well, come with me, and, at least in Los Angeles, these days, don't wear this dress anymore."

    "I know."The girl did not retort this time, and followed Eric back to the meeting room.

    There are eight people sitting in the conference room, six men and two women, all around the age of 30.

    This is the screenwriter team that Eric has specifically found for the next TV serInternet Explorer s.

    Fox TV Station has signed a preliminary letter of intent for equity transfer with Firefly these days, and the specific transaction will be completed within this month. Therefore, Eric began to promise a Murdoch TV before making the last two films of this year. Prepare for serInternet Explorer s and a variety show.

    In the plan, the variety show will be broadcast in the spring, but the variety show that Eric intends to produce is relatively simple to plan, so it is not in a hurry to make.

    Another TV serInternet Explorer s will be broadcast next fall. Although Eric is at the helm, but after hearing the production cost of this American drama of up to 2 Million USD per episode, Fox is still cautious to recommend changes. Eric did not agree, not only because he is very confident in this American drama, but also because of the theme, if you use the mode of shooting while shooting, it will definitely affect the drama because of the rush the quality of.

    Eric even said that if Fox didn't want to take risks, Firefly could invest in it alone, but copyright wouldn't want to split even. This proposal didn't even dare to agree with Barry Diller. Who can guarantee this? Will TV serInternet Explorer s be as hot as "FrInternet Explorer nds"?

    The two sides stalemate for a few days, and finally Murdoch personally made a decision. Since Eric is so confident, Fox, who is a big family, can't even take the risk. Even if the final result is not good, it will only cost more than 20 million. Even this year, Fox TV Station suddenly got "FrInternet Explorer nds", but there will be tens of millions of USD losses at the end of the year.

    What Eric wants to make is the previous life Fox's "X-Files", the treasure of the town in the 1990s. In Eric's memory, this is almost the only American TV show that Fox TV Station can achieve in the 1990s.

    However, the ratings of this American TV show in the first few seasons are not good. If it weren’t for a group of die-loving fans, the show was so hot on the Internet that it’s more popular than the first broadcast when it’s replayed. The first season was cut.

    Although the style of X-Files in the first three seasons is the most unique, it is the peak of ratings in the fourth quarter after the change of style.

    In Eric's opinion, the ratings of the first three seasons have not been able to go up. The main reason is that there is no main line in the story. Although there will be a strange monster or supernatural event in each episode, this state of no main line also makes it difficult for the audience to Attention remained in the show, screenwriter Chris.Carter didn't connect the chaotic clues revealed in the first three quarters until the fourth season, and began to tell the reader a complete sci-fi story.

    The sci-fi drama "X-Files" was initially not very popular with Fox, because North America TV Station has tried to make science fiction dramas, but there are few successes. So Eric thinks maybe the screenwriter of X-Files, known as the father of X-Files.Carter himself did not have any complete mainline for X-Files. It is estimated that it will be edited and compiled for many years, and the story becomes clear.

    Before planning to make this TV serInternet Explorer s, Eric also found Chris.Carter, intends to let the other side dominate the screenwriter of this American drama, after all, the previous life is a lot of whimsy is Chris.Carter conceived it. Chris.Carter is not obscured. The other party is now working as a screenwriter under Disney, but when Eric sent someone to contact him, Chris.Carter said he was not interested in science fiction and so on, so he was unwilling to accept the job.

    This made Eric once again see the power of the butterfly effect. The father of X-Files of previous life was not interested in sci-fi TV serInternet Explorer s, really…It’s amazing.

    In the conference room, Eric pointed to the position at the end of the meeting table, let Elizabeth sit down and come to the top, and each said hello. After self-introduction, Eric stood up and walked to the wall hanging with a tablet. Go.

    Pick up the black pen and quickly write a word on the wall: the-x-files.

    "There are screenwriters who are very good at science fiction movies and TV dramas, so you must also realize that what I am going to make is also a science fiction drama. The name of this TV serInternet Explorer s is called X-Files. ”

    In the eyes of everyone's curiosity, Eric put down the black pen in his hand and patted the palm of his hand: "So, let me briefly introduce the background of the sci-fi drama I envisioned."

    "The story begins almost from the origin of life. The universe is so large that we can't imagine it. Then, there is an infinite possibility in this vast universe. Among the hundreds of millions of stars, the planet that can produce intelligent life, certainly not the only one of our planet, the Brett star, is the initiator of this whole story. "To be continued)

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