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I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the No. 225 chapter, the floating astronomy

    "Mr. Williams, what does 'Brett' mean? ”Eric just finished, and Elizabeth, sitting at the end of the desk, raised her small hand and asked for a faint squint in her eyes.

    Eric glanced at the girl: "Liz, tell me first, what does it mean in Coruscant in Star Wars or Cybertron in Transformers?"

    "how could I know!"Elizabeth took a blind eye.

    "That shuts up," Eric didn't intend to give this young lady a face. It was fine to just make a few jokes in private, but at work, it touched Eric's bottom line: "If you fight again, I will make people Boom you out."

    Elizabeth wants to refute the phrase 'you dare', but seeing Eric's already sinking face, the girl finally didn't say anything, just bowed her head and spit out her tongue.

    Eric snorted and curiously attracted a lot of screenwriter attention between him and Elizabeth: "Okay, let's go on."

    "In the vast universe, a planet named Brett gave birth to a brilliant Brett star, and after hundreds of millions of years of technological accumulation, the Brett star mastered the technology of space travel, which made the Brett star become the universe. A very powerful force in the middle. However, as the long time passed, not only the planet on which they depended for survival was on the verge of destruction, but the Brett stars themselves were almost extinct because of the long-term natural evolution…"

    Eric said here, but saw Elizabeth sitting at the end and raised his little hand, but this time the girl learned to be smart, not directly speaking, but staring at Eric with a pair of curious eyes.

    The narrative was interrupted again, and Eric sank his face and thought for a moment before he squeezed out a word in his teeth: "Say!"

    At the same time he swears in his heart. If the girl is as turbulent as she has just been, she will go out directly.

    "Mr. Williams, according to Darwin's Evolution. Isn't life more advanced and more advanced, why do you say that the Brett star is almost extinct with the evolution of nature? ”

    Eric sorted out the information in his mind and replied: "Darwin's "Evolution" covers only the shortest period of life evolution. And what I mean. It is the development trend of species at the genetic level. Birth, development, prosperity, decline, this is an irresistible law of the universe, huge to the galaxy, tiny to the atom, can not get rid of this law. If you read more books. It will be found that the genes of the species have not evolved in a good way. To a certain extent, the gene sequence will begin to decline and disintegrate. Now there is a saying in the scientific community that the human y chromosome has begun to degenerate, and perhaps millions of years later, there will be only women on the planet. Well, if there are humans on earth at the time. ”

    In the laughter of others, Eric solemnly warned: "Okay, Liz, this is the last time. No matter what doubts, then either endure or go out. ”

    Waiting for the girl to be unwilling to nod. Eric said, "Well, then, in the near extinction situation, Brett Star for the continuation of the species, developed a no matter in time or space are very magnificent alien colonial plan, they use their own technology to create a very advanced spacecraft, while, They compress their vitality into a black liquid with autonomous consciousness. ”

    Eric quickly wrote a keyword on the blackboard: "This black liquid that carries the vitality of the Brett star. Known as 'black oil', the spacecraft carries the remnants of Brett and the black oil to fly into the boundless universe. When they encounter a planet that is suitable for life, they stop. Using the gene blueprint of the Brett Star in Black Oil, began to lead the planet to life and evolution, until the right species emerged, black oil began to invade the body through the infection, through a series of genetic modification, the original species disappeared, new species, that is, the complete form of the Brett Star. In this way, the Brett star completed the continuation of his species in the universe. ”

    With Eric's explanation, there are more and more keywords on the tablet, a tree diagram is gradually being built, and the screenwriter in the office is also immersed in Eric's novel and HTC sci-fi background, even less secure. Elizabeth listened with great interest.

“……Well, the time has come 3.7 billion years ago, the alien spacecraft of the Brett star arrived at the Earth at last, and they began to guide the evolution and evolution of species on Earth, and in order to make the new species suitable for colonization, the Brett stars destroyed the original species again and again, 440 million years ago, 85% of the species extinction, 195 million years ago, 76% of the marine life disappeared, million years ago, the end of the dinosaur era …These are just the extinctions of species that can be realized within the scope of our human science. With the recent extinction of dinosaurs, mammals began to prosper, and after a long wait of 3.7 billion years, Brett stars finally discovered a species suitable for black oil for colonization – humans! ”

    "But the original man has no survival advantage in nature, in order to ensure that human beings can reproduce as much as possible, the Brett star began to catalyze the process of human civilization, so, humans have learned to use tools, learned language communication, learned a variety of skills, and even the emergence of various religions, there are Brett star from which to guide. The final colonial time set by Brett Star for Black Oil is December 21, 2012. On this day, the hidden black oil will launch aggression, destroying humanity and replacing it with the shape of the Brett star on Earth. – Little gray man. ”

    Eric will prepare a picture of a typical alien with a magnet attached to the writing board: "In the Second World War, because of the rise of air power, humans finally realized that in this universe, we are not alone. In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, the US military fled a spaceship over the Pacific Ocean near Japan. During the secret salvage process, black oil was discovered. This was followed by the famous Rossville crash in 1947. The federal government not only recovered the alien spacecraft, but also acquired the bodies of aliens. Through a series of studies on the data on the alien spacecraft, the possibility of alien colonization was also discovered. In order to prevent the colonization of the Brett star, the government secretly formed an organization in an attempt to develop a method against the Brett star colonization. But the scientists in this organization desperately discovered that the colonization of black oil was irresistible. Therefore, in order to ensure that after 21 December 2012, they and their families can survive, most of the people in the secret organization have rebelled against humanity, and they have turned to aliens, forcing aliens to agree to their own conditions through nuclear destruction. . After the colonization, they continued to survive in the way of aliens and humans. This organization is called 'Cindy Plus'. ”

    Write the word 'Cindy Plus' to the end of the tree, and Eric turned: "Okay, let's start with the story of our science fiction drama, our protagonist, Fox.Muller's father, William.Muller, originally a member of Cindy, but he broke away from Cindy Plus because he resolutely opposed to relying on aliens. However, the aliens kidnapped William.Muller’s little daughter Samantha.Muller. Childhood Fox.Muller just saw this scene. After growing up, through deep hypnosis, he recalled the situation at the time. So, Fox.Muller began to have a strong curiosity about supernatural phenomena and never gave up trying to find his sister. After graduating from the Department of Psychology at Oxford University, Fox.Muller joined fbi and immediately moved to a group that specializes in supernatural phenomena: the X-Files group. However, this group was only one person at a time, until a few years later, his partner, Dana.When Scarlet appeared, they started their own adventure. ”

    Eric finished the story background and sat down with a screenwriter listening to it: "Mr. Williams, you are letting us write a male Heroine Fox.Muller and Dana.During the search for Müller’s sister, Scully discovered Cindy’s betrayal and the story of destroying the Brett’s colonial conspiracy and then saving all mankind? ”

    It turned out that the United States screenwriter of this era has already begun to produce a sign of saving all mankind. Eric whispered a little and asked: "You are Peter.Creek, right? ”

    The white man who was just about 30 years old nodded and said: "Yes, Mr. Williams, I have been involved in Star Trek's screenwriter. ”

    Eric didn't take a look at the famous Star Trek series, although it's a science fiction drama, Star Trek and X-files are completely unrelated: "Peter, if it's just what you said, then I can finish the script alone, You don't have to sit here, either. ”

    Peter .Cricks heard Eric say so, smiled awkwardly, didn't refute, and Eric's fame, did indeed say the tone and qualifications of such words.

    "Since the name of this TV serInternet Explorer s is called "X-Files", then the story is definitely based on the protagonist's investigation of a series of supernatural phenomena, the style is mainly terror and suspense. So in my plan, there are 24 supernatural events in the first quarter of 24 episodes. ”

    Peter .Cricks asked again: "If this is the case, this sci-fi drama is not a science fiction detective, then what you have just said about the background of the Brett star."

    "This is the reason why I invite you to come. What you have to do is to link these isolated supernatural phenomena with the Brett star colonization and Cindy's conspiracy to form a seemingly scattered and intrinsically connected relationship. Complete story."

    Eric finished, turned and wrote a word on the tablet, and then said: "According to this clue, I came up with a subtitle for the first stage of this TV serInternet Explorer s: puzzle. This stage may last for about three seasons. Through the three seasons of adventure, the protagonist will collect a series of clues to integrate, outline the background of the story I just mentioned, and then start the next stage of the story. "To be continued)

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