Chapter 226 of the main body is not allowed to bully this young lady again.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 226 is not allowed to bully this lady again, floating astronomy

    Seeing that the following people still have some confused looks, Eric added: "In fact, I have already had a lot of ideas about this story. After the meeting, people will be handed over to you for reference. At the same time, give you some tips. Muller’s ultimate goal is to find clues about his sister’s disappearance and even find his sister. And through his deep hypnotic memories, he found that his sister's disappearance was related to alien abduction, so he would record and classify the supernatural phenomena he encounters, and Muller, through his professional sensibility, picked out the information that might be useful and pieced it together like a jigsaw puzzle played by a child. To eventually form a complete clue to the Brett Colony plot, you can add a Muller's notes in each episode. ”

    The thought about the subtitle 'Jigsaw' was Eric's temporary thought. In the original version, it was Dana who often recorded the supernatural phenomena encountered.Scully, but in the episodes Eric has seen, I have not found any special intentions for Scully to take notes. In this case, Eric feels that it is best to use this idea for the actor. Moreover, the plot of 'Jigsaw' can also trigger fantasies and curiosity. This suspense setting has always been a popular weapon in American drama.

    This time Eric finished, the screenwriters didn't raise any concerns. After all, they were the best sci-fi screenwriters that Fox and Firefly had jointly found. If Eric not only gave a rough background, but also gave his own story. For the sake of reference, if these people gather the power of eight people and can't write scripts, then they will not be worthy of their own names.

    After another half-hour discussion, Eric finally concluded: "So, you have two months to come up with a script that will satisfy me. At the end of the year, Firefly and Fox will jointly make the first. Set of samples. I hope that everyone will not let the audience down. If there are no other questions, let's go. ”

    Everyone left, Eric and Alan whispered things. Quickly pack the information in front of the folder into the folder and raise your head. I saw that Elizabeth was still sitting at the end of the long desk, holding her chin in her right hand and looking at herself curiously.

    "Next I am going to the caa headquarters, are you going?"Eric tempted to ask.

    "what?"Elizabeth reacted and looked at the watch: "It’s already eleven o'clock, almost lunch."

    "I eat there at noon. If you don't go, you can go home."

    "I go!"The girl replied reflexively, and muttered in her heart and didn't want to get rid of me.

    A small tail resembling Eric got on the bus. Elizabeth sat next to Eric in the back seat until Car was on the road for a while, and the girl still glanced at Eric from time to time, not blinding her curiosity. Eric, who had been looking down at the documents, was staring at the inexplicable and couldn't help but ask: "What do you want to say?"

    "I am just curious, how are you…Thinking of those things, Brett, Cindy, what? ”

    Eric puts the folder on his lap and turns his head to stare at the girl's eyes, with a hint of mystery in his tone: "Actually. I am a future person who has passed back from 2012. ”

    "Ok?"Elizabeth blinked a few times and didn't respond.

    Eric pressed the voice down to the girl and continued: "The things about Brady Star are true, after December 21, 2012. Black oil launched an invasion, 99% of humans were infected, and the remaining remnants of humanity formed the resistance. I am one of them, but our resistance is too weak to be enough to fight the Brett star. When the Brett star was about to kill the resistance organization, we used the technology of Brett Star to invent the space-time shuttle. The companion sent me to this age, hoping that I could destroy the other side before the Brett star launched the colonization. conspiracy. But I am now alone. You can only tell the truth of the people's affairs with X-Files. ”

    "The Brett star must have also sent a robot called t-800 to chase you, right?"The girl whitened Eric and pushed him away: "Don't think I haven't seen The Terminator."

    The driver in the front row and Alan's chuckle. Eric spread his hand: "Look, I tell you the truth, you don't believe it. Then don't ask so much. ”

    The girl is very dissatisfied with Eric's perfunctory: "You are obviously nonsense."

    Eric shook his head and tried to look down at the file. Elizabeth couldn't help but ask, "Hey, what do we do to caa?"

    "You will know when you go, don't mess, let me read this information."Eric didn't bother to explain, and waved his hand and said.

    Elizabeth snorted angrily, but no longer bothered Eric, turning his head to the other side.

    "Eric," just walked into a reception room in the Caa building, and the little figure rushed over to Eric.

    Eric picked up Stewart .Langkel turned around and put down and licked the little guy's head and smiled: "It’s a lot higher."

    "You are still that tall," said Stou, who stood up in front of Eric and raised his head. Eric looked up and down: "Eric, it seems that you will not grow any longer."

    Eric smiled and squatted on the little guy's head again: "Don't be like a little adult, an eight-year-old should have an eight-year-old."

    "What should an eight-year-old child look like?"Stuart asked very much about the vicissitudes of life, watching Eric walk to his parents, shrugging and turning to look at other people with Eric, seeing the gorgeous Elizabeth, the little guy immediately put his eyes Gently go forward and show a funny face: "Hey, hello!"

    Elizabeth originally thought that this little guy was familiar with it. At this point, he finally reacted to the identity of the other person. The girl's motherhood swept down and touched Stewart's head and looked surprised: "You are Kevin, Kevin in Home Alone."

    "My name is Stewart.Langkel, you can call me Stu," the little guy introduced himself, pretending to be naive: "This lady, you are so beautiful, can I hug you?" ”

    "Of course," Elizabeth didn't think much, laughing and hoping to hug the little boy.

    With Stewart's parents and that name is Brian.Kuzman’s new manager greeted him, and Eric turned his head and just heard the little guy innocently hugged, and smiled and reached for the little guy.

    "Stu, don't let me eat girl tofu, I haven't seen it for half a year. How did you become a little color wolf?"

    The little guy struggled twice and got rid of Eric's big hand: "Eric, you are stingy, I am so small, I can't do anything, even if it's your girl, hug and no less meat."

    "These things will wait until you are 18 years old, and now honestly do what you should do at this age."

    Stewart was about to retort, worried that the little guy annoyed Eric's Lady Langkel and hurried forward and dragged the little guy away.

    But Elizabeth, who heard a brief conversation between the two, has fallen into a sluggish state…Is it really an eight-year-old child?

    No one cares about the girl's thoughts in the reception room. After a simple conversation, Eric took Alan and Charlie.Langkel and Stewart's new manager walked into the small meeting room next to it, leaving only Elizabeth and Langkel mother and son outside.

    The reception room was quiet. The little guy didn't seem to notice everything that happened around him. He ran to the sofa and found a Rubik's cube from a small bag. He played it on his own.

    Feeling a little boring, the girl walked over and sat down on the sofa. She picked up a magazine on the coffee table and looked at it. Only Stewart’s mother stood at the door of the small meeting room and listened for a while, trying to push the door in. However, he did not dare to move when he stretched his hand several times. He could only walk around in the open space of the small conference room.

    Elizabeth is looking at the magazine, and the childish voice in the ear is ringing again: "What is your name?"

    The girl looked up and saw the boy in the hands of the Rubik's cube who was constantly playing with his hands more than a hand: "Are you asking me?" you can call me……Leeds. ”

    "I can't be familiar with you, or call you Elizabeth," the little guy said, licking his pure big eyes and asking: "Miss Elizabeth, are you a woman from Eric?"

    “No,” said the girl Basic Instinct, who shouldn’t talk to this little guy anymore, but she had to answer the question: “I’m just his assistant.”

    But just finished, the girl heard a syllabary with a disdain: "Cut."

    "Little guy, what do you mean by this?"The girl couldn't help but put down the magazine in her hand and looked up at the little boy.

    Stewart tells the truth: "I just think you are a bit hypocritical."

    "I……hypocritical? ”The girl pointed out her nose in disbelief: "Why do you say that I am hypocritical?"

    The little guy shrugged: "Eric just didn't let you go with him, indicating that you are just an insignificant female assistant, and your salary will definitely not be high. If you are not a woman of Eric, then where do you get the money to buy something so expensive, just that your Chanel bag is not something you can afford? ”

    "My family has ten times more money than that bastard!"The girl completely forgot the age of Stewart, like the angry little female cat, raising her voice to rebut.

    "Oh," the little guy heard the sentence, prolonged his voice and nodded. "I understand."

    Elizabeth sat back on the sofa and picked up the magazine. She turned a few pages and decided to ignore the little guy.

    But the little guy didn't let her go: "You like Eric, so I don't want to let the rich lady do it, run to give him an assistant, right?"

    When I heard this, the girl immediately threw the decision just made: "I don't like that bastard!"

    The little guy sighed aloud: "Hey, the mouth is a woman who is guilty, even the little ones have the heart to deceive."


    The little guy was about to ridicule the girl, and the heart was very annoyed. Mrs. Longkel finally spoke, and the voice was slightly sharp: "Stu, shut me up, don't bully this lady again."To be continued)

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