Body Chapter 227 Pig Teammates

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 227th pig teammate, floating astronomy

    Ps: Watch the exclusive story behind "I am in Hollywood", listen to your suggestions for the novel, pay attention to the starting point of the Chinese network public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread), tell me quietly! Upon hearing the mother's reprimand, Stewart made a face to Elizabeth and bowed his head to the Rubik's Cube.

    After a little calm down, the girl discovered that she was teased by the little guy in front of her. Moreover, she still has no seizures, and she can't lose her temper to an eight-year-old child.

    Taking a moment in the hands of the magazine, she sulking for a while, and Elizabeth suddenly turned her eyes to the closed meeting room.

    Blame that bastard!

    The girl muttered silently, and she simply angered Eric.

    Eric in the conference room didn't know that he was inexplicably shot again, and he looked at Brian sitting oppositely.Kuzman and Charlieson.Langkel.

    “10 Million USD and 10% of North America Box Office are divided, Charlie, is this what you mean?”Silence for a while, Eric asked, it seems that caa did not learn the lesson, and once again the lion opened his mouth. In the previous negotiations between Cruise and Hanks, caa was only trying to get a high percentage of profit sharing. The difference between Box Office and profit sharing was the same, but the final result was 10 million USD.

    Charlieson.Langkel glanced at Eric with a guilty conscience, not knowing how to speak, Brian beside him.Kuzman quickly interfaced: "Mr. Williams, Mr. Langkel has already handed over the full responsibility of this negotiation to me. He just listens. If there is any problem, you can ask me directly. ”

    "Oh, that's fine."Eric sneered and asked: "If this negotiation is yellow, Mr. Kuzman. Can you be responsible for this? ”

    This sentence just said, Charlieson.Langkel looked down on the manager. The expression is with concern and vigilance.

    Obviously, Charlieson.Langkel also knows that this condition is somewhat impractical compared to the Hollywood Star's pay rules. But his heart is also very contradictory. On the one hand, Langkel certainly wants to get such a generous pay and date, but at the same time, he also knows if he insists on the terms of the film. Finally, the possibility of a collapse is high.

    Eric saw the look of Langkel, and suddenly he was determined, as long as the other party did not hand over the dominance of the negotiations to the strange new manager.

    Eric doesn't know why caa will be the original Horner.Willie changed it, and it was probably the reason for the storm in the first half of the year.

    But these are not the concerns of Eric. He knows Frankel’s character very well. This is a mediocre and unpredictable middle-aged man, but he likes to take things beyond his own ability, and Habitual suffering is lost.

    Therefore, Eric knows that the main breakthrough point of this negotiation is on Langkel. As for this, it seems to be better than the original Horner.Willy is a smart and strong Brian.Kuzman. Isn't there a sentence, and then a powerful warrior can't stand the drag of the pig teammates.

    Brian.At this time, Kutzman was also guilty of concealing Langkel. He had already discussed this middle-aged person in detail before, saying that as long as he does not intervene, he will be able to get a very rich pay and contract for Stewart. Of course, he can get more draws. Unfortunately, the couple have always refused to give him the power of negotiation.

    At this time, Eric was just a temptation, and the incompetent middle-aged man exposed the details to the other party.

    Brian.Kuzman knows if he is allowed to stay here. Then their negotiations with Eric will be more passive.

    "Mr. Langkel, if you can trust me. Maybe you can go out and wait," in order not to let Charlieson.Langkel messed up his plans. Brian.Kuzman said to Langkel with a smile.

    Eric didn't seem to hear Brian's words to Langkel, and he didn't have any dissuasion language and movements. Since he had planted a seed of distrust in the heart of Langkel, Charlieson.When Langkel is willing to go out, he will blame it.

    Sure enough, Langkel heard Brian’s suggestion, the body of the blessing twisted a few times in the chair, but did not get up, but said: “Brian, I am still here, you talk about you, I promise Do not interject."

    Brian.Kuzman’s hand on the desk clenched his hand, but his face still had a smiling expression, no longer paying attention to Charlie, to Eric: “Mr. Williams, we all know that you signed a deal with Fox, including the distribution rights for Home Alone 2, and I think that if you want, Fox won't let the negotiations break down, isn't it? ”

    "Then you should know that Box Office has now broken through 200 Million USD's "Running Out of Time", which originally belonged to Fox, but was eventually taken away by Columbia Corporation. So, big deal, I’m going to shoot another film for Fox,” Eric said with a pen in his hand.

    Brian.When Kurzman heard Eric's words and hesitated for a moment, he said: "Fox will certainly not agree with you to change the film because you can't get a work that is as famous as Home Alone."

    Hear Brian.In this tone of Kurzman, Eric once again put down a big stone, it seems that caa does not know the specific content of his contract with Fox.

    You know, the original contract for the three films of Fox was originally directed at the sequel to Home Alone. Therefore, while agreeing to Eric's high share of the terms, he also signed a series of harsh conditions for the film. One of them is that Eric must continue to let Stewart.Langkel served as the sequel to the sequel.

    Since caa knows nothing about it, Eric is more confident and bold: "Even if Fox doesn't agree to change the film, then I can change the lead. I believe that there are countless families who are willing to let their children in the hometown of "Home Alone" sequel at a low price of tens of thousands of USD, isn't it? ”

    When this sentence is finished, Eric looks at Langkel. He believes that the Langkel couple will definitely resonate with his words.

    Although Stewart's payroll share in the first part of Home Alone is not high, but because of the world-wide reputation brought by Home Alone, this year. Stewart signed a series of high-priced endorsements that brought tens of millions of USD to the couple: "Charlie, I think most of the endorsements signed by Stewart are for one year? If the advertiser knows that Stu is no longer in the sequel to Home Alone. Do you think that you can get tens of millions of USD endorsement fees from advertisers next year? ”

    "Mr. Williams. You have been talking about us, why not mention yourself. If the "Home Alone" sequel is gone, Firefly may lose hundreds of millions of dollars, isn't it? In comparison, our offer is very reasonable. After all, Stu is the only male protagonist in this film, he is unique. ”

    Eric shook his head: "If you stick to this whimsical offer. Firefly is the payer of Stuart's compensation. In the end, there is only 25% of the share. This part is divided into the production budget of the sequel, which may exceed 25 Million USD. In the end, our profits may not have been obtained by Stu. Not to mention the loss of hundreds of millions of USD. And, you are wrong, Brian, no one in Hollywood is unique, I can tell you that Firefly now has an alternative. If your offer price is too high, we intend to immediately open the small Actor of the sequel to Home Alone, and through the election, we can once again hype the popularity of Home Alone. The final production budget may also be a fraction of 25 Million USD. ”

    Brian.Kuzman is about to refute, sitting next to him, Richardson.Langkel couldn't hold back, and said: "Eric, it seems that you haven't said how much Firefly is going to give Stu?"

    Damn it!

    Brian groaned, and there was a strong urge to punch a punch on Langkel's fat face.

    "8 Million USD."

    Eric reported a number and immediately added: "Charlie, you shouldn't focus on this small pay, and look a little longer, and many people can see it. Stuart's greater potential is in advertising endorsement, as long as he can maintain a good reputation with Home Alone. Then, you can still get tens of millions of USD endorsement fees next year. With this. Stu can be the highest-paid star in Hollywood. Whether it is Tom.Cruise or Bruce.Willie, or Julia.Roberts, they not only can't get 8 Million, but they can't get a series of high-priced endorsements like Stu, because they have many competitors of the same age. ”

    "Mr. Williams…"Brian.Kuzman knocked on the table and wanted to interrupt.

    But Eric ignored him completely, still staring at Charlie.Langkel: "So, if Firefly has enabled the alternative that I just said, there is no doubt that Stu will be downcast next year, and the sequel to Home Alone may pose some risk because of the substitution, but The hope of success is still very big. Once successful, you said that those advertisers will choose the new protagonist of "Home Alone" as the spokesperson, or choose Stu, which is obvious, isn't it? Think about it, Charlie. You in order to adhere to the unrealistic salary and contract, gave up tens of millions of USD income, oh no, perhaps the income of billions of dollars, because "home Alone" sequel will be filmed several, or has been stu to do the male lead, or Firefly will be the program of the auditions continue, Make a competitor for Stu every year. ”

    Eric finished in one breath, Charlieson.Langkel had already produced fine sweat on his forehead, and Brian.Kuzman sat in a chair in vain, knowing that they had completely failed in this negotiation. Because Charlieson.Langkel was completely moved by Eric, and it was almost impossible for him to regain his initiative. (A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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