Chapter 230 of the main text can’t be eaten even if you bite it down.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood. The 230th chapter of the main text can't be eaten even if you bite it.

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    "Hey, you can't, um…"In the dark, the girl briefly broke away from Eric's bondage. Just after a few sounds, the small mouth was blocked again.

    At the beginning, there was a fierce cloth rubbing sound, but in less than a minute, the sound of rustling had become very slight, and it was quickly covered up by the sucking sound of the tongue and tongue.

    I don't know how long it took, Eric finally let go of the girl and sat back in her position.

    "Would you like to turn on the lights?"Eric asked softly.

    "That is your business."The girl's voice was fluttering, while still breathing vigorously, but still refused to show weakness.

    Eric smirked and grabbed his hand and grabbed the girl somewhere in a random way, causing a string of tenderness.

    "you this……Bastard, let go! ”Despite this, Eric felt that his hand was gently pressed by the girl's small hand, so he was very understanding and increased his strength.

    "You don't want to continue?"After a while, I felt that the girl's little hand still did not let go of her own signs, and Eric's voice asked with a narrow sigh.

    Elizabeth scratched his back on Eric's hand: "Why, you dare?"

    "Wow, this is a provocation," Eric said, groping for the co-pilot's seat, and the whole person bullied. Pressing the soft body underneath, Eric violently tore the girl's shirt. Drop it and throw it aside.

    Although there is dark cover, but here is not indoors, the girl who feels the upper body is cold and asks: "Hey. Asshole, you won't want to…Want to be here? ”

    "This is what you asked for."Eric didn't stop, and continued to pull the girl's bra away, and the big hand covered it up. The smooth touch was really better than just getting across the clothes.

    Although the breath of the teasing was more rapid, Elizabeth soon found out that Eric had handed over to his lower abdomen. The girls were really panicked and held Eric's hands and said: "No. Absolutely not, here is the street, there may be people passing by. ”

    "Well, wait a moment," Eric said. It took less than two minutes to drive the car into the mansion.

    Locking the door into the car, Eric found that the girl had once again extinguished all the lights in the car. After a few groping, I found the place where the girl was, and pressed it up again.

    "you can. Really sinking. ”Elizabeth complained, feeling Eric unbuttoning his jeans and obediently lifting his heels. Let the man retreat the fabric wrapped around his legs.

    "I, I, I think, let's go to bed," the skin touched the cold leather, and the girl twisted her body a few times and whispered.

    Although it was very exciting in the train, Eric felt that some of the activities were not open and should be heard. Push the door open and pick up the girl who is already naked. Go to the villa.

    "Hey, I don't want to. Only a robber will marry a woman. ”

    Eric laughed that the little girl's thinking focus was really a bit off. In general, although it was at night, but was walking naked outside in this way, it is estimated that women will first ask for clothes to cover up. But the woman on the body is entangled in the posture problem, laughing and slap on the girl's soft hips: "What do you want?"

    "Princess hug, I want the princess to hug!"The girl patted a few times on Eric's back and said reluctantly: "Why did you take me off, and the clothes on your own are good?"

    Eric changed his position, held Elizabeth in his arms, leaned over and found the girl's lips and kissed him. He smiled and said: "I am really curious, this time, you still have so many questions at sixes and sevens. ."

    The girl's body is stiff, why is this, because she is already nervous in her heart, in fact, she does not know what she is saying.

    Because of the familiarity of the villa, Eric took Elizabeth all the way to his bedroom without turning on the light, and unceremoniously threw the girl on the big bed.


    In the confusion, Eric felt the female body in her arms move, carefully slipping out of Eric's arms and moving to the bedside.

    Open your eyes and see the naked back of the girl just facing herself, the little hand seems to take the phone at the bedside again.

    "What is this to do, is the police arresting yourself?"Eric thought bored, then squinted and continued to sleep, trying to see what the girl was going to do.

    After a series of beeping dials, the girl puts the microphone in her ear.

    After a while…

    "Hey, Julia, what should I do? He slept me."The girl asked for a low voice.

    Eric heard this and grabbed his forehead. This silly girl doesn't really think that after making these noises, the man will still fall asleep.

    Elizabeth, who is facing Eric, still doesn't realize that he is awake, and he is on the other side of the microphone: "What, that…It feels good. Oh, don't think I don't know, you went to bed with him yourself, and asked what to do? ”


    "Where am I?"The girl said, quickly turned to look at Eric, and then lied: "Of course I escaped…I know it’s still early, but I can’t wait for him to wake up and leave. So good…Ok……Hey, I know, it’s useless to call you, then I hang up…No, no, no, no, pick me up…That's it, I hang up. ”

    When I hung up the phone, the girl was about to gently walk down the bed, but was caught by a pair of big hands behind her. In the scream of the girl, Eric smirked and said: "Liz, I should say that you are cute. It’s still silly. If you talk about this kind of thing with your girlfriend, shouldn’t you carry a man?”

    "Ah You……When did you wake up? ”The girl's two small hands pushed Eric's chest and asked in a panic.

    "It didn't take long, when you said the phrase 'I feel pretty good'."

    "Wow……"The girl shyly covered her face, Eric also took the girl tightly in her arms: "Well, the common feelings of men and women lover, to be honest, you said that I feel pretty good, I am very happy."

    "you you you……"Elizabeth whispered twice, then opened his mouth and bit it on Eric's shoulder, and it was solid and unrelenting.

    Eric took a few mouthfuls of cold breath and patted the girl's back to appease: "Hey, Liz, it's enough to grind out the teeth, don't force it, even if you bite it, you can't eat it."

    Fighting –

    The girl was teased by Eric's last sentence, squatting on Eric, then broke free from the man's arms and quickly escaped into the bathroom. (A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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