Chapter 231, you have to marry me.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 231 you have to marry me, floating astronomy

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    "Eric, I thought about it, although I don't know much about it, I think you are a good man."Elizabeth squeezed the neckline of the bathrobe with her hand, and it seemed to be a little nervous, and the body swayed softly, but the beautiful slender eyelids stared at Eric.

    When I heard Elizabeth say this, Eric suddenly had a very bad feeling. Before he responded, the girl took the courage to continue.

    "Plus, we went to bed last night. I am not a casual woman, so, so…"

    Elizabeth finally hesitated for a few seconds and finally said one word: "So, you have to marry me!"

    After the girl finished these words, it seems that all the power in the body has been used up in an instant, and the whole person seems to have narrowed down. But the eyes still stared at Eric, waiting for his answer.

    Eric stiffened in bed for a few seconds like a sculpture, and he uttered a few words: "what-the-fcuk!"



    In Julia's apartment, Elizabeth sat on the sofa and looked down on the story.

    Julia, who was sitting next to her, was listening with relish, but Elizabeth stopped after she said that she was forced to marry Eric. Julia couldn't help but ask: "Why don't you say it, then?"

    Elizabeth shook her head. Pulling the white bathrobe strap that was still worn on his body, he said: "Then, he…He ran away. ”

    Julia felt that she didn't seem to understand. Subconsciously asked: "What ran away?"

    Elizabeth made a gesture in the air with his right hand and said, "He is so. Put on clothes three or two times, then open the door and run away. When I reacted, I went downstairs and turned a big circle in his house, and I didn't find him again. ”

    After the words were finished, the two girls looked at each other in a face-to-face manner. Elizabeth bit his lip and didn't seem to know what to do.

    And Julia was a drummer, and it took a while. I finally couldn’t help but slap the sofa and laughed.

    "Hahaha, Eric is really a jerk, hahaha, it's too odious, ran away, hahaha…"

    "Hey, don't laugh," Elizabeth's red-faced Elizabeth picked up a pillow on the sofa and slammed it to Julia. "Where are you so schadenfre, hello, you still laugh." If you laugh again, I will never give up with you! ”

    Julia took a few deep breaths with her waist and finally calmed down, and then remembered another thing: "Then call me in the morning. Say that you have left Eric's home to lie to me? ”

    "I……I didn't want to tell you. However, this fact is…Oops, don't you entangle these details? ”

    Julia looked at Elizabeth, who was maddening, and quickly calmed and said, "Okay, okay, I don't ask, then, then?"

    "What then?"

    "Don't you think about smashing the guy's more expensive things out, such as legs, watches, or something?"Julia thinks. Miss Jiao, like Elizabeth, is treated like this by Eric. Certainly, under the impulse, I can't help but do something.

    "How could I be so naive!"Elizabeth immediately retorted, but faced Julia's expression of a question. Elizabeth still bowed his head slightly and admitted: "Well, I was really angry at the beginning. If he didn't want to, he should tell me clearly on the spot. What does it mean to run away without saying a word." So I was impulsive and I was going to burn his villa. ”

    Julia covered her mouth in surprise: "Is this a bit over?"

    Elizabeth ignored Julia's surprise and continued: "I found a bucket of petrol in the storage room in his living room, and turned around again. I didn't find anything to ignite. Then I slowly calmed down. Then come here."

    Although Elizabeth did not point the fire at all, Julia heard the neck shrinking.

    To be honest, sometimes she still had a lot of resentment against Eric. At one time, she had some lessons about Eric's thoughts, but the most 'brutal' method of the girl's fantasy never reached the point of burning the house.

    Elizabeth also noticed Julia's neck-wrenching movement and laughed: "So, what now?"

    Julia thought for a moment and said, "Now is a very good opportunity. If you open the script to him, he will definitely not refuse. ”

    "If that's the case, then who am I?"

    Julia also knows that this kind of hearty little girl will definitely not agree, and spread the handkerchief: "Then, when everything hasn't happened, what to do."

    "But I don't know how to face the bastard."

    "Then don't be his assistant, so I won't see him. For a while, I will…Keke. Have you already applied for our tgFilm Studio license, and we have spent one or two million to make a low-cost movie to play? ”

    "Do it is best to do it, how can you just play it!"Elizabeth was dissatisfied. The two girls were about to discuss. Drew, carrying a pink messenger bag, opened the door and saw the two people sitting on the sofa saying hello: "Good morning, hey, Liz, you. What are you doing with a bath towel?"

    “I just took a shower,” Elizabeth replied calmly, and the woman was born with a gift of lying.

    "Oh," Xiao Nizi just clicked and didn't say anything. Her attention was not placed on it. Otherwise, as long as the girl carefully recognized it, she would definitely recognize the source of the bathrobe because Eric's Everything about household goods is what she is responsible for.

    Sit down on the sofa. Drew pulled the backpack zip and took a script and handed it to Julia and Elizabeth: "Look, what about this script?"

    The two girls took the script together and looked at the title. Julia asked: "What does "The Silence of the Lambs" mean?"

    "I really want to hear about it." Looks like a novel. ”Elizabeth replied, because there was only one script, the two girls' heads read together.

    When Julia and Elizabeth looked at the script, Drew poured a glass of juice back on the sofa and sat down, saying: "This script is based on Thomas.Adapted by Harris's novel of the same name, Jean, the actor of Mississippi Burning, who nominated the best movie last year.Huckman bought the right to shoot this script and planned to shoot it himself. But the poor guy, because of the shooting "Mississippi is burning" put on a serious mania. The psychiatrist advised him not to touch the subject matter related to violence, so he had to sell the script. I just bought the script recently. I feel that this story is very exciting and not too expensive, so I bought it. ”

    Just looking at half of Julia looked up and tried to say: "Drew, the protagonist of this script is a woman, you don't think…"

    "Hey, Julia, don't you want to break through." Heroine Clarice, who plays the complex character in the script, is sure to hone your acting skills. ”

    Julia shook her head quickly, and she felt that Shelby's role in Steel Magnolias was a temper: "No, I just read a part of this story and I feel creepy." Maybe you have finished this story, I am scared of what I am not sick…Mental illness comes. ”

    In the end, the girl seemed to think of something, her face was slightly red, and she looked down without a trace.

    At this time, Elizabeth, who briefly browsed the story, also looked up: "Drew, I don't think so. This is a thrilling script that will definitely be rated as r-class, maybe after shooting. It will also cause controversy. In this case, it will have a big impact on our Film Studio image. tgFilm Studio is, after all, the three girls we started. ”

    "My thoughts are just the opposite of you, Liz."After listening to Elizabeth, Xiao Shantou immediately retorted: "Because tg is a company opened by three of our girls, I think we should try some more exotic movie themes so that we don't feel that we are three." They are playing tickets."

    When I heard this, Elizabeth and Julia looked at each other and Julia immediately narrowed her neck and said, "I don't play!" And my manager will certainly not agree, my image positioning is mainly in romantic romance. ”

    "I heard that the screenwriter that changed this script wanted to be by JodInternet Explorer.Foster starred in the role of Clarice, Julia, don't you like JodInternet Explorer.Is Foster more than one? ”

    "What is it?"Julia blinked and her voice was a little bit smug: "If it is more than a paycheck, although JodInternet Explorer has won the Oscar Award, but since she debuted, all the movie Box Offices that have appeared in the show have not been a "Pretty Woman". ."

    "But, as an actor, don't you be as sure of Oscar?"

    "I don't want to," Julia chin said slightly, and the girl became famous for less than a year, so she didn't realize the influence of the Oscar Award. At this time, it was true.

    Although Shantou is a half-rounder than Julia, her qualifications in Hollywood are higher than those of the girls. When she hears the girl say, Xiao Nizi reveals a hateful expression: "If Eric hears what you just said, I will definitely regret it and let you star in "Pretty Woman". You really let me…Eric is disappointed. ”

    "Why should I let the bastard not be disappointed?"Julia fluttered in the air.

    Drew threatened: "Do you dare to say the words just in front of Eric?"

    Julia then turned her head to look to the side and made a look that I wouldn't have seen in general with your child. (A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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