Chapter 232 of the text is of course different.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 232 is of course different, floating astronomy

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    Xiao Nizi immediately said: "This is the script selected by the film actor who won the best film nomination last time. It will definitely not go bad, and if you agree, I will let Eric help me to take a look. ."

    Julia listened to Drew and said, "Drew, Eric is not letting you buy a lot of adaptations?" Why don't you come out and use it out? Since those are the ones that he picks, it must be much better than this one, right? ”

    "No," Xiao Nizi immediately shook his head: "Those copyright is my flower Film Industry."

    "Don't you have a copy of tg?"Julia is not happy.

    Drew said: "Of course not the same, the flower Film Industry is given to me by Eric."

    Julia squatted, and she was envious, but she didn't know how to refute it.

    "Well, Julia, I think that's it, our filming of the "The Silence of the Lambs"."

    Julia took a pillow and hugged it in her arms, huddled on the sofa, and shook her head: "I don't play Heroine anyway."

    Elizabeth and Drew looked at each other and exchanged their eyes. Elizabeth immediately said, "So, if that's the case, vote, agree that Julia plays Heroine's hands."

    Xiao Nizi and Elizabeth immediately raised their right hand in a strange way.

    "you guys……"Julia rolled her eyes in a speechless manner.

    Elizabeth looked at Julia's still disagreeable look, and her eyes turned and said, "Yes. If you disagree, then Drew and I will find another person to convince you. ”

    Julia immediately thought of Eric's odious face and jumped up to throw the pillow away. Angry said: "You guys…How can you bully me like this. ”

    "So, you agree?"Elizabeth smiled slyly.

    Julia has a small face: "I have to ask my manager first."

    Elizabeth said: "The role of Clarice is neither a villain nor a harlequin. I want Mr. Sid will definitely agree, and don't think that we don't know, Hollywood Star has reached your height. The manager only has the right to suggest. It is impossible to control your script selection. You are so excused, why bother with the manager. I think that guy's vision is better, we can ask him. ”

    "Okay, okay, I agree, I agree, I can't do it."Julia finally compromised completely.

    "In this case, then I will go back tonight to let Eric help us look at this script."Drew followed a revealing smile and was about to put the script down. Elizabeth suddenly reached out and pressed the script: "I still come, just that I will be involved in the filming of Sleepless in Seattle this time. Give him more time to help him."

    "you?"Drew looked at Elizabeth puzzled and wondered if it was an illusion. She thinks the girl is a little…Mindfulness: "I remember you said, does Eric disagree with helping you choose a script?"

    Elizabeth quickly said: "We haven't decided yet, and Julia must have paid for it. So I think that the investment in such a movie will not be too much, even if it is lost. In this case, I just took the past and asked him to help me with some advice. I think Eric is still not going to this level. Moreover, if you show it to him, you have to find another reason. If you don't pay attention, Eric will find out that you are involved in our Film Studio. ”

    Drew thought about it and nodded. "That's fine." I went back to the province, and Eric said that I skipped classes. ”

    Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief. If Xiao Nizi went back and found the gas in the villa, she found a little clue about her. That would be bad. Elizabeth is not worried about Drew's reaction after discovering it. She just doesn't want this anecdote to be known by more people. If it wasn't because I didn't stay home last night, I wouldn't be able to hold Julia's words, and Elizabeth would just not disclose the story to Julia.

    Having talked about this matter, holds dutifully looked at the Elizabeth's bathrobe, and on a whim, stand up and take off the small T-shirt, and the drum of small chest 丨: "In this way, then I also go to bathe, hey, if I can rent a house on my own, the school bedroom is always uncomfortable, Julia, Why don't you get a bigger one, you can buy it anyway. ”

    "No, big, I think space, you won't come to live for a long time, that's just fine."Julia shook her head immediately.

    Shantou shrugged and said nothing, but he went.

    When the bathroom door closed, Julia whispered, "Hey, Liz, are you going to Eric?"

    "What else?"Elizabeth picked up the script and shook it: "You can't let Drew go back and find a gas in the villa." Besides, this thing, it should be guilty that the bastard is right, he is not going to escape, I just leaned over to the guy, so that he can not be peaceful at all times. ”

    Julia remembers Eric's situation of being restless in the face of Elizabeth, and can't help but praise it: "Liz, you are really vicious."

    The girl's 'not shameful' smashed the short hair before the forehead: "Of course!"

    That said, it was not until the next afternoon that Elizabeth came to Firefly's office again, and Firefly's staff knew that the girl was Eric's new assistant and that he had a very unusual relationship with Eric, so Elizabeth came all the way to Eric. Office door, hesitated for a moment, the girl just raised her hand to knock, think, or gently rotate the door lock, crept straight in.

    "Jeffrey, I have seen the set photos, there is nothing wrong with the indoor scene, but Jona's room lacks an egg-shaped space chair…You can tell the props directly to the name…Ok, let me draw a sketch and fax it in the past. There is no problem in the room, but I feel a little empty outside the wooden house. There is only one seat under the gallery to give a sense of solitaryness. Put a few large pots there, right, it's best to be wooden. want……"Eric is talking, feeling that there seems to be someone flashing through the eyes. The subconscious raised his head and looked at the appearance of the coming person. The hand shook and the microphone fell directly on the ground, making a few clicks.

    Originally, there was some embarrassment in the heart. Elizabeth saw Eric’s stunned look with a stunned microphone. Instead, she relaxed her heart and pulled a chair, sitting gracefully in front of Eric. Seeing Eric's subconscious look with his eyes open, the girl asked smugly: "Why, do you want to escape from the window behind you?" Although this building is not too high, but at least it can fall into a comminuted fracture? ”

    Eric opened his mouth and smiled. He bent over and picked up the microphone and put it in his ear: "…Jeffrey, nothing, I accidentally dropped the microphone on the ground…Well, this is the case. I have something urgent to deal with. Wait for you to fight again.Then do this first. ”

    hang up the phone. Eric didn't know what to say for a while. The night before, Eric thought it was just an ordinary night sensation. I didn't expect the girl to get married in a blink of an eye, and it felt terrible to think about it.

    Although the experience of previous life has already been experienced, but this world he is less than twenty years old, how could he circle himself into the siege of marriage so early.

    Do not look at the Westerners in the film and television dramas are a heroic and unrestrained look, but if you carefully check out, you will find that among the mainstream film and television dramas, those men and women who are unmoving together are basically unmarried. That is to say. Although Westerners are very open before marriage, they are married. Whether it is social atmosphere or public opinion, the loyalty requirements of both husband and wife after marriage are very strict.

    If he is single. Then even if you keep a relationship with a lot of women, what you gain is at most some ridicule, no one can treat him.

    But if you dare to do this after you get married, then you will be greeted by all the public opinion. As a man who aspires to be a playboy, Eric, of course, didn't want to confront the whole public opinion, it was very stupid, so he did not have the idea of marriage, so yesterday morning will just slip away, although this is a bit excessive, but for holding a thought has drilled the Horn of a woman, He has no good way to deal with it.

    "Why do not you speak?"The girl looked at Eric's guilty look and suddenly became more energetic.

    "What should I say?"Eric smiled slyly: "I can't thank you, didn't I burn my villa yesterday?"

    Elizabeth hated: "Hey, I just didn't find a lighter, it's cheaper for you."


    Although Eric was pushed to the corner, Elizabeth didn't think about chasing after all. After all, she didn't want to entangle the topic herself: "What are you doing?"

    Sensibly feeling that the girl had signs of diverting the topic, Eric quickly said: "Nothing, communicating with Jeffrey about the "Sleepless in Seattle" set, because I have too many things, I can only hand over these things to Jeffrey, who is now in Seattle. Make the final arrangement."

    "Oh," the girl nodded.

    "That, you have to continue…Then do my assistant? ”Eric tempted to ask.

    "why not?"The tone of Elizabeth immediately rose: "And, you bastard, never want to have that again…It’s gone. ”

    "Of course," Eric nodded quickly. For a woman who woke up and forced to marry, Eric would rather not touch it for a lifetime.

    "I am here today, there is one more thing that needs your help," said the girl, bowing out of the bag and taking out The Silence of the Lambs script: "Hey, give me some advice, I have decided to make this movie next year." So you don't have to evaluate the future of Box Office for this script. You won't be responsible for profit and loss. Just give me some guidance."

    Eric took the script and was about to tell the girl to take a moment to look at it and accidentally blinked the name of the cover and suddenly widened her eyes. (A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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