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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the text of Chapter 234, the astronomy

    Ps: Watch the exclusive story behind "I am in Hollywood", listen to your suggestions for the novel, pay attention to the starting point of the Chinese network public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread), tell me quietly! On September 15th, the 46th Venice Film Festival was successfully concluded.

    Although the Venice Film Festival has repeatedly advertised its literary character to distinguish between the increasingly commercial Cannes Film Festival and the politically sensational Berlin Film Festival, it has been firmly labeled with the anti-war label after a series of media campaigns. In the current turbulent world situation, the winners finally won the Venice Film Festival Silver Lion Award.

    After the results of the awards were released, after the sparing efforts of Disney, the reputation of "The Others" overshadowed the "City of Sadness" that won the Golden Lion Award.

    Of course, most people admit that the film "Sorrowful City", which portrays the little people in the context of the times, is far more artistic than the "The Others", and the humanity is more intense. But this is, after all, a world of profit-making. Although Sad City has won the highest honor, as an art film, it is not doomed in business.

    Although "The Others" won the Venice Silver Lion Award, but through the screening in Venice, as long as there is no problem, the publishers all over the world know that this is a commercial movie, and it is still a very exciting story. Box Office has great potential. Commercial film. Therefore, after "The Others" won the Venice Silver Lion Award, the world's filmmakers who had already started to negotiate with Disney were swarming.

    On the day the awards were released, Disney sold the rights to distribution in 12 countries around the world, and more countries and regions were in negotiations.

    Of course, Disney will certainly not forget the publicity of the United States. Although with the rise of Hollywood, the decline of Europe movies. The influence of the three major film festivals in North America is getting lower and lower, but the Hollywood film can win awards abroad, and it must be something that makes the United States people proud. After a mad bombing of the newspaper media. "The name of The Others is quickly unknown.

    Immediately, Disney announced the schedule of the movie. November 1, Halloween. Although this is not the hottest schedule, there are even suggestions to put The Others in the summer of next year, but after communicating with Eric, Michael.Eisner has arbitrarily determined that this is not a good time for many people.

    In fact, Eric has his own considerations in making such suggestions. "The Others is not the kind of Western traditional horror film that relies on blood and violence to attract viewers into the cinema. It focuses on suspense and plot, plus its pg-13 rating, which does not hinder the whole family during the festival. Going into the cinema, there is no problem in the New Year's schedule.

    What's more, who said that the horror film is not suitable for the New Year's card, Eric remembers very clearly, the previous life of the famous "Scream", the release time is during the Christmas period, and more than 10 million cost to get 100 Million more Box Office . That is the real r-class horror film that relies on violence and bloody as a selling point. Even a poor person is opened for a few minutes…

    In early September, most of the crew members of "Sleepless in Seattle" had already rushed to Seattle to prepare for the preliminary work of the film. It was not until September 16 that Eric was thoroughly disposed of Firefly's recent affairs, ready to set out for Seattle to start filming, Sleepless in Seattle and home Alone 2, which were successively produced next to each other, so that Hanks's play in Seattle was filmed. , Eric will go to New York to shoot Nicole's main play, "Seattle" filmed, followed by "Home Alone 2 lost New York." Since the previous life sequel still achieved great success, Eric did not intend to change the script.

    Although the time is very tight. But Eric, who is used to this rhythm of shooting, doesn't have much pressure. He just feels more uncomfortable now. The location is in the lobby of Los Angeles Airport. In addition to some of the staff who are going to follow Eric to Seattle, there are several women who are on his side, Drew, Elizabeth and Julia on one side, and Aniston and Nicole on the other.

    Not far from the flash, the flashing lights from time to time, in addition to paparazzi, which was blocked by the airport security several times, but the observers raised the camera to participate.

    After all, among the women, except for Elizabeth, the other four little girls are famous actresses. Although Eric has been reducing his exposure, he wants to work toward some kind of behind-the-scenes black hands, but his fame. More and more, the media that pays attention to him has never been less, so the passengers at the airport can't understand him.

    It is conceivable that there will be a lace title like "Playboys open, five beautiful surrounds sweet" on the newspaper tomorrow.

    Of course, sweetness is definitely not there. If the eyes have a real form, he is now dressed in various weapons and can be directly on the grill.

    Look at a few women, although they are dressed in beautiful and bright colors, but that look, the expression, Xiao Nizi’s face is narrow, Aniston is full of resentment, and Nicole’s heart is already out of the way, Elizabeth you It doesn't matter if you put it in the end, why don't you know that you are wearing high heels? And Julia, what kind of expression is that, sometimes helpless, sometimes resentment and sometimes low, just revealing a pair of indifferent expressions and then a little sadness, is it necessary to show you the best in your role?

    Although it was to send him off, but a few women discussed it, he was left aside, and he was divided into two chats.

    Nicole and Aniston Eric can understand that during this time on the newspaper, they have been speculating on the relationship between two people. They are shopping together, eating together, and Nicole went to the "FrInternet Explorer nds" studio to take a lot of photos.

    On many newspapers, Nicole got "Sleepless in Seattle" Heroine thanks to Aniston's recommendation to her boyfriend, Nicole cleverly did not make any rebuttal. Of course, Eric is also very fond of this. After all, in several movies related to him now, Eric and Nicole are the most 'innocent' because of the very good cover of the maid.

    It is also estimated that Aniston will become a good friend with Nicole. Eric even thinks that the little girl does this, and certainly has the idea of ​​preventing himself from stealing.

    But the other three women, Eric, are a little confused. They seem to be very familiar. Elizabeth and Julia are clear. What is Xiao Nizi?

    I endured this endurance. Finally, after half an hour of suffering, the airport broadcaster’s incomprehensible broadcast sounded and I was able to board the plane. (A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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