Body Chapter 236 is lying in the ground

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 236th chapter lying in the ground, floating astronomy

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    It seems that during this time Nicole was not addicted to the scenery after the release of "Sleepless in Seattle" Heroine, privately must have put a lot of effort into trying to figure out the role. In Hollywood, as an actor, after all, I still have to rely on acting. Compared to many beautiful actresses who can't extricate themselves in the scenery of vases, Nicole apparently gotten through this early.

    Hearing Eric's praise, the girl showed a happy expression, and then carefully tried to say: "Eric, can I lighten the lip tone?"

    Eric looked at the girl's thick red lip gloss and looked at the two makeup artists. He didn't think about it for a while.

    An older makeup artist quickly explained: "Mr. Williams, this is the shape we made for Miss Kidman according to the original makeup photo. At the time, I also suggested to make Miss Kidman's lips lighter, but it seems that you personally veto this proposal. ”

    Eric thought about it and immediately said: "Oh, I remembered it, it just happened, I didn't have to adjust it."

    "But it looks very unnatural."The younger makeup artist said weakly.

    "What is needed is this effect."Eric explained: "If even this flaw is repaired, Nicole is too perfect, don't forget Annie.Rhett is a woman who has no heart and soul in her life. How can such a woman dress herself up perfectly, and there are some shortcomings that are more in line with her character. ”

    Hear Eric's words. All three people nodded thoughtfully.

    Eric went on to say: "I know that you are all very professional makeup artists, but don't forget that you are modeling for Actors, so your job is not to dress up the Actor perfectly, but to be as beautiful as possible, The shape of the Actor is shaped according to the requirements of the Director."

    "Thank you for your advice, Mr. Williams, we know. ”The older makeup artist nodded quickly.

    Because of the full preparation. Nicole's shots are barely ng, so the first encounter between Sam and Annie on Alki Beach is quickly completed. In the next few days, after taking a few shots of the airport, Nicole can leave the crew temporarily if he wants.

    By convention, the crew did not take any complicated shots on the first day. Except for the encounter between Sam and Annie, it was basically the scenes where Sam played with his son.

    To be able to work with the small actor Victor.Morris played the image of the father and son, and Hanks started to get along with the little guys a week ago, so when he started shooting. There is no gap between the two people. It was only after the first day of running-in, the 'father and son' had already entered the state, and the time did not allow the crew to proceed step by step. The next day, the crew began a more complicated scene. Of course, the problem will follow.

    The background of the lens was that Jona revealed the address of the home to the radio station, so Sam quickly received a courtship letter from all over the United States.

    There was a lot of mail on the dining table in the living room. Jonah picked up a piece and opened it. He said, "Dear Sleepless in Seattle, you are the most attractive man I have ever heard, hehe…"

    The little guy snorted and pulled the letter aside. Reaching out is going to take apart another one.

    Before leaving Hanks to speak, Eric shouted again. Because the boy’s expression didn’t have the funny look, but it was a nervous look. I couldn't help but look at it.

    Making a gesture to other people, Eric said: "Forget it, take a break, Victor, come over, let's talk."

    "Mr. Director, am I not doing it?"The little guy jumped off the chair and came to Eric, asking a little embarrassed.

    Although it was only five times, but from the third time, the boy became cringe. Seeing this situation, Eric decisively stopped shooting. He knew that forced shooting would definitely put more pressure on the boy, and might even make the little guys have no confidence to play again.

    Eric quickly shook his head when he heard Victor: "No, no, you have done a good job, but you have not done the best. Do you want to be the best?"

    Victor snorted and nodded: "Of course, I grew up and I have to win the Oscar Award."

    "Well, it’s a good boy with aspirations, but the Oscar Award is not so good. It’s the best one to stand on the Oscar podium and take over the little gold."

    "What should I do?"Victor looked forward and asked, in Eric's temptation, the little guy temporarily relaxed and sat next to Eric's beckoning gesture.

    The crew members know that Eric is teaching his little guys in his own way. In order not to affect two people, most people consciously left the room. There are only a few staff members left in the house, and they are also light-handed. of.

    Hanks also pulled another chair and smiled and sat down on the other side of the little guy. This action made Victor more reassuring. After all, compared to Eric, Hanks, who had been with him for more than a week, was more secure.

    Eric squatted on the boy's head and smiled: "It's very simple, that is, you can't be discouraged when you encounter a failure. Just like the one you just shot, since this time you didn't shoot well, it will be a few more times. But because one or two shots are not taken, they become unconfident, so one can never make progress anymore. ”

    The boy seemed to understand and nodded. He seemed to realize something, but then whispered his fingers and said: "But I saw so many uncles and aunts because I wasted my time. I was worried when I thought of them. I was afraid that they would be angry. ."

    "Do not. You are wrong," Eric said. "You came to the show and you paid for it, too. These people are also going to get paid. Moreover, they can be different from you. Their wages are calculated on time. The longer you take the time to shoot, the more money they get, so they are really happy. ”Eric said, Nickel, who was faintly smiling and changing the film for the camera: "Nickel, you are happy now, right?"

    Nickel released the strong smile and nodded and smiled: "Of course, little guy, you can try it out. The more we take, the more we are happy. Of course, you can't deliberately interpret the lens, because Mr. Director will definitely see it, then we still can't get the money. ”

    Eric licked Nickel and stopped the other person from continuing to crap. Then he said to Victor: "So, talk about your performance, Victor, have you seen "Home Alone"?"

    "Of course, Kevin and two thieves, unfortunately I only read it again. Mom will no longer lead me. Mr. Director, Mom said that the movie is your Director, then is this movie just as interesting as Home Alone? ”

    "I am very sure of that. So, if you play well, the children of the entire United States will worship you like Kenin in the future. ”

    The boy immediately showed a sly look, although he didn't understand Eric because he hadn't learned the word 'worship' yet, but the little guy Basic Instinct felt that it was a lot to be worshipped by the children of the whole United States. Awesome things.

    In order to let the boy take the topic away again, Eric said again: "Since you have seen "Home Alone", you must remember the way Kevin looks like in that movie, and you want to play the role of Jonah. Just like Kevin. You just did not play, when you read the letter. You should be a little more funny, fangs. Rub your eyes, yes, will you make faces? ”

    "Wow–" The little guy immediately hooked his mouth and turned his eyes to make a face.

    Eric patted the boy's shoulder: "It's doing very well, then wait for you to do this…"

    After ten minutes, the shooting resumed.

    Still the pile of letters, the little guy took a letter and read it as usual: "Dear Sleepless in Seattle, you are the most attractive man I have ever heard, hehe…"

    "cut!"Eric subconsciously shouted out, but then realized that it was not right.

    He just built self-confidence for the little guy, originally thinking about at least waiting for the boy to complete the scene completely, and then say other. But seeing the boy's expression didn't do it, Eric shouted out at Basic Instinct, but it was too late to take it back.

    The boy looked at him again with his sly eyes. Eric took the opportunity to grab a baseball cap next to Nickel, who was not far away, just on the innocent photographer's face: "Nickel, you stupid So a good shot is messed up by the shaking of your camera."

    Eric 'snarling' squeezed a few eyes toward Nickel. Although lying in the ground, the poor photographer did not dare pretend not to understand Eric. He had to apologize with a smile: "Sorry, Director, this is really An accident, I must pay attention next time, forgive me, okay?"

    "Let's let go of you this time, dare to do this next time, just…Deduct your salary. ”Eric gnashed his teeth and said, in a blink of an eye, he changed his amiable appearance to the boy: "Victor, this time I don't blame you, Nickel has screwed up the camera. You see, adults will make mistakes, so don't be nervous. Can we continue?"

    "Well, Mr. Director," the little guy nodded hard.

    Perhaps it was the 'encourage' that adults would make mistakes. Although it was ng several times, this shot passed smoothly.

    And since it was found that this method can stimulate the self-confidence of the little guy, Eric immediately found out a few 'idiots', even Hanks was very stupid with a few times. What followed was that the boy’s performance progressed rapidly. (A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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