Isn’t that too tired in Chapter 237 of the text?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body is not too tired in Chapter 237? Floating astronomy

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    Another morning, in Eric's room, Elizabeth sat in a chair next to the wooden table and asked Eric, who was brushing his teeth in the bathroom.

    "I am Director, the master of the entire crew, like the wolf in the wolves," Eric rubbed his mouth and wiped the foam on his lips. He continued: "If I make a mistake, it doesn't mean you all. People are wrong."

    "Hey, you can really argue."Elizabeth grinned dissatisfiedly and saw Eric coming out. The girl pointed to the breakfast in the tray in front of her: "Hey, give it to you."

    Eric was also welcome, pulled the tray straight in front of him and ate quickly. He knew that Elizabeth had already eaten. According to the girl herself, she said that she was on a diet. During this time, she only had one apple and a cup of milk for breakfast. However, in Eric's opinion, it must be because Elizabeth can't stand the hygienic conditions here, and can't find a place to make breakfast. So I have to do something simple, and the girl has eaten two other meals.

    Looking at Eric, who started to gorge, the girl reluctantly picked up the documents in front of her, read Eric's schedule and other things to Eric, and reminded some of Eric's need to take extra time to deal with things. These were all Alan's work, but since Elizabeth had to get together, Eric naturally assigned this part of her work to her, and she could raise her eyes every morning. Although she also realized Eric's '龌龊' thinking, Elizabeth did not refuse.

    "correct. I think this newspaper you definitely need to look at. ”

    “What,” Eric put down the glass and picked up the newspaper.

    This is a Seattle Times. One of the most widely distributed newspapers in Washington State.

    Of course, this is not what Eric cares about. At this point he is paying attention to the front page title of the newspaper.

    "Sony 5.5 billion USD acquisition of Columbia Film Studio".

    Although it has long been known that Sony may complete the acquisition in September, it is also worried about the future payment of "Running Out of Time" after the acquisition of Columbia by Japan, but Eric is unlikely to keep this matter in mind.

    After reading the article carefully, Eric breathed a sigh of relief and left the newspaper aside to continue eating breakfast. He saw a message from this article that Japan was under pressure from public opinion and publicly stated that Sony would not participate in the management of Columbia Film Studio. The company is still handed over to the United States management team, and Sony only maintains the identity of an investor. Since everything will not change, presumably "Running Out of Time" will not have any twists and turns in the future.

    Elizabeth stared at Eric for a moment and couldn't help but ask: "Are you very proud now?"

    Eric swallowed the food in his mouth and looked up and wondered: "What can I be proud of?"

    "Oh, I don't think you are still humble."The girl snorted: "Or you just didn't look carefully, the analysis in the fourth paragraph of the article, because "Home Alone" and "Running Out of Time" two films have pushed up the share price of Columbia Corporation, and the Japanese have at least Paying more than 700 million USD, that is 700 million USD. Can't you make you proud? ”

    Eric shrugged: "I am of course proud, but it didn't reach the level that made me happy. After all, the Japanese did not hit the 700 million USD."

    "The "Running Out of Time". I heard about the contents of the contract. Firefly didn't invest in a penny, but it got more than half of Box Office's profits. ”

    "Why are you looking at me with a look that I have taken advantage of, and although I have taken more than half of my profits, Columbia has also made money."Having said that, Eric pretended to be angry and said: "And you just said that the Japanese have paid more than 700 million USD for this, so I have lost money. I averaged a movie to make the Columbia shareholders earn 3.5 more. Billion. They refused to give it to me for a penny. ”

    The girl was shocked by Eric's oracle logic and opened her mouth slightly. "You are really…"

    "All right. These are not what you should worry about now," Eric will finish the breakfast. I took out a napkin and rubbed it: "Now we take the film well and it is the most important thing."

    "When you say this, I think of something," the girl looked up and looked at Eric, who was walking next to the cupboard and took the clothes. "I saw the script these days. I think this movie is very…strange. ”

    "It's weird?"Eric turned to look at the girl.

    Elizabeth nodded. "Yeah, don't you think that two people who have never met each other, one who hasn't seen each other, is beginning to worry about it. The other one sees the other person at first sight, and it looks like a long-awaited reunion. It seems too far-fetched."

    "I don't think," Eric said in a coat, "Liz, you heard that…Fatality? ”

    "ship?"The girl repeated the phrase translated by Eric for a while, then shook her head: "I don't think it is impossible. How can there be a natural relationship in this world?"

    "Everything that has happened and can't be changed anymore is a fate, the so-called fate. Like me and you, me and Jenny, me and Drew, me and Vicky…"

    Elizabeth turned a big white eye: "Listen to you, how can I have an urge to beat you up?" Also, don't you put me and other women together? ”

    Eric smiled: "Okay, make a joke. In fact, in the far east, there is a very romantic view, called the five hundred times of the previous life, in exchange for a pass of this life. ”

    "What do you mean?"Elizabeth asked.

    "This is a long story," Eric looked at his watch and said, "Everyone must have already set off. Let's go, let's talk on the road."

    This small hotel is less than a kilometer away from the seaside huts used by the crew, so everyone in the crew walked.

    Say hello to other people, the two walked side by side on the street, Elizabeth said: "Go on then?"

    Eric nodded and said: "There is a point of view in Oriental Buddhism that life will not be annihilated, and their souls will be recurring, so there will be a previous life. So, if you think about it, you should understand it? ”

    "The five hundred times of the previous life, in exchange for a pass in this life," Elizabeth muttered this sentence again, then looked at Eric and said: "Isn't that…too tired? "A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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