Body No. 238 chapter Bang Girl

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 238th chapter of the girl, floating astronomy

    Ps: Watch the exclusive story behind "I am in Hollywood", listen to your suggestions for the novel, pay attention to the starting point of the Chinese network public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread), tell me quietly! "what? ”This time it was Eric's turn to be confused.

    Elizabeth repeated: "If you look back five hundred times, you can change it and pass it by. Isn't that too tired?"

    Eric suddenly speechless, this little girl is not a romantic cell or too true, but he still follows the girl's words: "So, since it is so tired, then this life can meet, it should be more cherished, you say right?"

    “Oh,” Elizabeth nodded thoughtfully, then asked, “What can you say, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with Sleepless in Seattle?”

    "It doesn't matter. "Sleepless in Seattle" is telling a story of fate. A pair of men and women separated by a thousand miles, through a radio program, finally came together romantically. Isn't this a fate?"

    Elizabeth is not convinced: "But I think that your story is impossible in reality."

    "It's too absolute for you to say this. There are a few Billion populations in the world. Any odd coincidence can happen. And, if it's too easy to happen, then why am I making a movie? ”Eric spreads his hand: "It is precisely because there are too many possibilities in reality, there are too many disappointments, so the stories on various carriers have appeared, such as movies, these are just to give people some kind of spiritual compensation and Consolation, this is also the beauty of the story."

    "Well, you always have many reasons."Elizabeth realized that she must argue with Eric and had to give up.


    On New Year's Eve, the father and son are still alone in the house without lights.

    After Jona fell asleep, Sam took his son into the bedroom. Then, the single shadow came to the deck and looked at the fireworks rising in the distance. The loneliness in my heart was more intense. Cangjie fled into the living room and lay on the sofa. After drinking some beer, I finally slept in the groggy.

    Unconsciously, he saw his wife Maggie appear again, the woman with short hair, a white dress, and a tall, sophisticated face.

    “Can I drink half a can of beer?”Maggie took Sam to drink half of the beer, walked to his feet and sat down, leaning against the back of the sofa and looking at Sam with affection. A charming smile hung from the corner of his mouth.

    Sam also stared at each other.

    Maggie said: "How did I say it before?"

    "How to say?"Sam finally reacted and asked a subconscious.

    "I said, respect your eyes."

    Sam shook his head: "Grace us."

    The two looked at each other for a moment, and Sam finally said with a painful look: "Baby, I think you think of heartache."

    "Card, good!"Eric shouted with satisfaction. After the people around him moved, the woman sitting on the sofa followed and came to Eric, revealing a charming smile and asked: "Director Williams. Is it ok for me? ”

    "Of course, you are very good, Ms. Lowe."Eric said to this tall girl.

    The girl's name is Kelly.Lovi, who is just the latest girl in this year's "The Killer License of 007", the role of Sam's wife in the original "Sleepless in Seattle" in the original time is made by this woman. That being the case, plus the name of the other party is now bigger than a few years later, Eric makes an invitation.

    Kelly.Lowe also responded quickly and expressed his willingness to be a guest character in Eric's film. This is also very understandable, although she is the latest state girl, but this year's "007 murder license" in this summer file release, only got more than 30 million Box Office. If it's another movie, 30 Million Box Office is definitely good. But this is 007, 30 Million's results are embarrassing to say hello to people. What's more, the cost of the movie's announcement is far more than 30 Million.

    Although through the worldwide distribution, Metro Goldwyn Mayer made a small profit by not only recovering the cost.

    However, the results of 30 Million in North America directly led to the suspension of the 007 series for six years. Once again, all the main innovations were replaced.

    Because of poor grades, Kelly.Lovi did not get the corresponding reputation.

    To be honest, the 007 series of Bonnie girls have never gained much fame. People will remember Shane who played 007.Connelly, Pierce.Bruce South, Daniel.Craig, but not many people can name the names of several state girls.

    "Would you like me to come over again, is it this way?"I heard Eric say so, Kelly.Lovi asked, she had few shots, in addition to appearing in Sam's dream, there was a few seconds when the family was shopping. All the lenses add up and will not exceed one minute in the entire movie.

    Since I can become a Bond girl, my appearance is definitely the best choice, but Kelly.Lowe was about the same as Virginia, and she was born in 1961, this year is 28 years old, if there is no big breakthrough in the performing arts, then her acting career after 30 years of age, there will be no further development, so, since the ability to play in Eric's film, The girl also made up her mind, Try to get more play for yourself.

    When she promised to be a guest, Kelly.Lowe didn't even have a penny for a penny. Her mind can be imagined. Although it is just a guest appearance, no one will despise this role except Eric himself who knows the specific situation.

    There were still many people who pushed people to Eric, but they were all rejected by Eric. Instead, they directly ordered Kelly.The name of Lovi. The girl is also very cherished, know, Brooke in Running Out of Time.ShInternet Explorer lds is nominally Heroine, but it is similar to guest appearances by playing time. So Kelly.Lowell also hopes that "Sleepless in Seattle" will bring Brooke to himself.ShInternet Explorer lds is similar to "Running Out of Time".

    But Eric shook his head: "No, Ms. Lowe, it’s already a little late, so you can go back to the city, and you must know that the crew’s living conditions here are not very good."

    "It doesn't matter, let me wait, anyway, it's almost finished, maybe there is still somewhere that needs me."

    "Well," Eric nodded, and the girl walked to the side with interest.

    The camera began to continue, the picture was still on the sofa, and Sam woke up with his eyes open, only to find that everything was just a dream. Rubbing his eyes, I looked around for a moment, the lights were dim, silent, as if to reflect his loneliness at this time.

    "Well, Hanks, today's lens is here," Eric said. He said to the surrounding staff: "People clean up and get back to work as soon as possible. We will go to Seattle Airport tomorrow to film (the good event in the sky) Cool mobile phone waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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