Chapter 239, Saving Flowers

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 239 to save flowers, floating astronomy

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    Eric gave a cry and hurried to Aniston on the other side: "Baby, someone knocks on the door, then I hang up first…How is it possible, it is estimated that someone in the crew asked me to discuss things…Little silly girl, don't think I don't know, you let Nicole help me monitor it, right? ……Haha, now she lives next door to me, this broken hotel speaks louder and louder next door, how dare I…Ok, okay, kiss, bye. ”

    Putting down the microphone, Eric puts on the slippers and goes out of bed, opens the door of the boudoir, and wears a khaki windbreaker.Lowe stood at the door, the girl's exquisite face after a careful dress, than just in the film playing Sam's wife Maggie more than a few minutes of Leng, high collar windbreaker above a button did not buckle, vaguely a white let people want to pull open a look at the impulse, to the knee trench coat exposed a section wearing black stockings slender shank, The little black boots on his feet made the girl look a bit more youthful.

    The girl still holds a blue folder in her hand and sees Eric's short, stunning expression, Kelly.There is a glimmer of glory in Lowell’s eyes: "Mr. Williams, can I come in? ”

    "Oh, of course," Eric finally reacted and smiled at Kelly.Lovi let him into the house and closed the door.

    “There are limited conditions here, only milk and orange juice. Miss Lovi, which one do you want? ”Eric went to the cabinet where the old-fashioned TV set was placed, and asked a small grid to open it.

    Kelly.Lovi sat down on the chair at the round table. Place the blue folder on the table and hear Eric's inquiry. The expression moved slightly and said: "If you can, give me a cup of milk."

    Eric didn't think much about it. He poured a glass of milk into the girl and sat down on the other side of the small round table.

    Kelly.Lovi whispered softly, and the cup of milk seemed to be inadvertently sent to the lips, and the blue eyes stared at Eric motionlessly, with a bit of charm. After taking a sip, the girl swelled her rosy little tongue and rubbed her milky white milk stains, full of some hints of small movements.

    In this small, quiet room, watching the girl picking up the action, Eric couldn't help but touch his nose and asked, "Miss Lovei, shouldn't you go back to the city?" There is no more of your play here. ”

    The girl looked at Eric with a hint of grief and said: "Do you want me to go? It’s been so late, even if I can’t find a hotel in the city, and I don’t dare to run around in the middle of the night. ”

    Kelly.Lovi this is obviously nonsense. Eric saw the other side and an assistant came along. But he did not break, see Kelly.At the first sight of Lowe, Eric could almost imagine the girl's intentions.

    "Ok. Then what do you have? ”Eric asked straightforwardly.

    Kelly.Luo Wei opened the blue folder in front of him and said: "Actually, Mr. Williams, I want to talk to you about my role. ”

    Eric took a few pages from the girl and bound a4 paper, glanced at it, and understood that it was about understanding and thinking about Maggie's role. Many Actors would do similar work after picking up the character. Eric just didn't expect the other person to do this role analysis for such a small role.

    Probably after reading it, Eric found that the understanding of Maggie in these analyses was even more thorough than himself. Some details he did not think of. He looked up in amazement and asked, "Miss Love. These are you doing it yourself? ”

    Kelly.Luo Wei moved his lips, hesitated for a moment and said honestly: "It is my manager and…I discussed it together. Eric, what do you think? ”

    "Your manager is not bad," Eric said with a smile. Eric didn't entangle the problem with the sly expression of the girl's eyes, and then said: "The above analysis of Maggie's character is in place. To be honest, some details didn't even come to me. And Maggie is indeed the fuse of the whole story. Without this character, there is no basis for the development of the whole story. ”

    "So," Kelly.Lowell heard Eric's approval and was pleasantly surprised to explore the body: "Mr. Williams, don't you think that the role of Maggie is too little? Since this role is so important, it should be reasonable to add a few more games. ”

    "Miss Lovei, you have to understand that the focus of this story is Sam and Annie. I hope that after the film is released, the audience will have a strong resonance with the heroine's fate. Only then can this movie be possible. success."

    Kelly.When Lovi heard Eric's words, his look was not discouraged. The opal-like blue eyes stared at Eric, and the body once again explored, whispering: "Mr. Williams, I don't want to snatch the meaning of Heroine, and, with your talent, certainly won't let this happen, right? I just hope that you can add a few more plays to Maggie. ”

    Eric's mouth twitched with a faint smile. The two legs under the table were separated, and the restless leg that was touched was caught, so that the other party could not be tempered. Although there was a layer of fabric, Eric still clearly felt. It is smooth on the calf that is caught by oneself.

    Kelly feeling Eric's movements.Lowe's body was slightly stiff for a moment, but the look quickly became more charming. She thought that Eric did this, which was equivalent to agreeing to his own demands in disguise.

    "Mr. Williams, so, have you promised? ”

    Eric looked at the glamorous red lips that the girl kept talking, and laughed and asked: "What should I promise?"

    Kelly.Luo Wei squatted, but did not dare to show an impatient look: "Add a few scenes to the role of Maggie, in fact, do not need to add too many shots, as long as the audience can remember…Remember the role of Maggie, you can definitely do it, right? ”

    "Of course, this is easy, like Brooke in Running Out of Time.Like ShInternet Explorer lds, "Eric nodded, and before the girl looked surprised, Eric shook his head again, and said firmly: "But I can't do that. If the feelings of Sam and Maggie are too beautiful, it will not only distract the audience, but may even give the audience the idea of ​​leaning toward Sam’s singleness, and at the same time resent the Sam and Annie’s fate. The movie is a disaster. ”

    Kelly.Lovi looked at Eric, and when he heard the other person, he didn’t mean to loosen his mouth. He was disappointed to withdraw the calf caught by Eric. But after pulling hard for a few times, I felt my calf tightly hugged by the other side. Biting a bite of red lips, the girl blushes to Eric Neander: "Mr. Williams, since…In this case, can you let me go? ”

    “Why should I let go, I think it’s very comfortable,” Eric asked with a grin.

    Kelly.Lovi’s face was redder. She saw Eric’s aggressive eyes. The girl lowered her head and the little hand supported the edge of the round table. It used a few more strengths, but she still couldn’t succeed. She didn’t dare to make a big noise. Brought others, and did not dare to lose temper to Eric, but had a tone of voice and pleaded for weakness: "Mr. Williams, don't…Don't be so good, I should go back. ”

    Eric lowered his voice and followed suit: "When I go back so late, and I remind you, there are mice in this small hotel. These little things are quite bold, and they dare to climb the bed in the middle of the night."

    Kelly.Luo Wei shrunk his neck, but still immediately said: "I am not afraid of mice, Mr. Williams. ”

    "That is afraid of me, it's really sad," Eric made a lost expression.

    "No, no," the girl shook her head, and immediately thought of something like it. "Yes, I…I have contacts, so, Mr. Williams, we can't do that. ”

    Eric grabbed his chest: "Wow, this is really a shame. Another beautiful girl has a famous flower. It is estimated that all men who know you will feel sad. Can I know who the lucky guy is? ”

    Kelly.Luo Weidao: "His name is Griffin.Dunn, also an actor, he…I have already proposed to me. ”

    Eric recalled that he found Griffin in the movie in memory.Some images of Dunn, one with Robin.Williams looks almost the same, but Robbin.Williams is a much shorter man. The other side has played a supporting role in many movies, and Director has had several movies, but it has not been famous.

    Thinking for a moment, Eric asked: "Have you promised?"

    Kelly.Lovi shook his head: "I am still thinking about him…He is still very popular in Hollywood. ”

    Eric understands that the girl is referring to Griffin.When Deng is married, he can bring more opportunities to his career.

    Looking at the glamorous girl who is one meter tall and seventy-five in height, thinking about the wretched guy in the early six meters, Eric suddenly produced an impulse to save flowers in the deep water, blurting out and debut: "He can't help you."

    Kelly.Luo Wei said slightly in a panic: "Mr. Williams, I don't understand what you are talking about. ”

    "You understand," Eric said with a deep smile: "And, I can tell you that he can't help you."

    The girl couldn't afford it, she had to look up and ask, "Why do you say that?"

    Why, by your own memory. Eric groaned in his heart, in memory, Kelly.In addition to revealing a face in the 16th 007, Lovi has no masterpiece. (A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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