Chapter 240 of the text, how can I tell Jenny?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 240th chapter, how can I tell Jenny, floating astronomy

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    Kelly.Lovi bowed his head and looked a little bit tired, even forgetting that Eric was holding his calf. After a while, the girl seemed to figure out something, looked up at Eric and boldly asked: "So, Mr. Williams, can you help me? ”

    Eric didn't want to shake his head directly: "I can't."

    Kelly.Lovi is the same age as Virginia. However, Virginia has not only performed many movies, but also won the Golden Globe Award nomination. Therefore, there is no problem in acting, just lack of opportunities. But Kelly in front of me.Lowe, there is really no acting, except for the vase route as in 007, other characters are difficult to do. If the girl is ten years younger, Eric can also spend some energy to teach himself, now, even.

    "Then you still…"The girl seemed to suddenly think of her current situation and earned her calf that was caught by Eric again: "Mr. Williams, please, let me go? ”

    Kelly.When Lovi just finished, he felt the opposite man's originally clamped legs loose, and quickly took the calf back. Suddenly gaining freedom, the girl who was eager to escape from the room became hesitant.

    Eric's mouth evoked a sinister smile and pushed the cup of milk to the girl: "Let's finish this." Helps sleep. ”

    "Oh," Kelly.Lowe nodded subconsciously. Like the konjac, the obediently picked up the cup.

    Under Eric's gaze, the girl flustered and finished the milk, and put down the glass: "Then I went back to the room."

    "Well," Eric didn't mean to stop, sitting in the chair and nodding at the girl.

    Kelly.Luo Wei stood up and walked to the door in three or two steps, but the hand that opened the door became a little hesitant. After standing for several seconds, he did not open the door.

    Eric didn't know when he was standing behind the woman. I am puzzled: "Or, stay and drink a cup of milk, I have a lot here."

    "I think……That, no…No," the girl felt Eric talking, the heat had sprayed between her neck, and a pair of big hands also wrapped around her waist. Then the speech became screaming.

    Eric didn't pay any attention to the girl's refusal. She directly looked over her head and kissed the two long-awaited red lips. The girl gently refused two times. Immersed in this kind of kiss, feeling the rich milky fragrance between the girl's lips and teeth, Eric decisively sticks out his tongue and knocks on the girl's teeth. Invaded the past.

    After a suffocating tongue kiss, Eric picked up Kelly.Lowell walked to the round table, threw the empty cup and placed the girl on it.

    Kelly.Luo Wei soft looked around on the round table and writhed his body slightly resisted: "Here…No! ”Did not get a response, just felt the windbreaker button was untied, then the wicked man put it in her ear and smirked and said softly: "Wait for feeding you milk."


    The morning sun slanted through the wooden window to the corner of the room, and Eric opened his eyes and looked at the watch. Then he relaxed and stretched out a big lazy waist. Then he quickly realized that this is not his room. Looking at the other side of the single bed, although there is a pillow. But there is no Kelly.Lovi’s figure, Eric thought that the girl had gotten up, didn’t care, put on her clothes and opened the door to go to her room.

    At the time of the wash, Elizabeth walked in again, but the girl's expression was gloomy, she didn't say hello to Eric, and she didn't sit down like she used to.

    When Eric came out, Elizabeth directly dropped today's memo on the small round table: "Hey, look at yourself."

    "amount……"Eric stayed in bed, then realized what he was, didn't care, and asked, "That, my breakfast?"

    "I saw a few stray cats on the street very poor, and they gave them."After the girl finished, she proudly raised her chin and walked out on the little leather boots.

    Eric smiled and shook his head, picked up today's schedule and looked up, and planned to buy some breakfast in person.

    The door quickly pushed away again, and the tall Nicole walked in, sat down next to Eric, and placed a convenient bag in front of Eric: "Hey, I think you might need this today."

    Eric has smelled a touch of food and smiled at the girl: "It's still the best for Nicole."

    Nicole tilted his legs and looked at Eric with his hands on his knees: "So, how can I tell Jenny?"

    "Say what?"Eric watched the schedule and memo and took out the food in the convenience bag.

    Nicole raised his eyebrows: "What do you think?"

    Eric quickly made a look of 'sudden realization': "Wow, I don't think you have a bad habit of listening to the corner. What did you hear last night?"

    The girl’s face was red, and she said: “Nothing, I heard something like drinking milk. Right, in the middle of the night, there is a big mouse running in the hallway.”

    "There's nothing about this. You and Jenny can tell the truth. Many people have the habit of drinking milk before going to bed."Eric doesn't matter.

    Nicole just made a joke with Eric. She didn't dare to use this to get Eric. Listening to Eric said, he could only smile.

    "Right, you see Kelly.Miss Lovi? ”Eric ate ​​breakfast and suddenly looked up again.

    Nicole seems to think of something interesting, laughing: "I saw it, but she may not want to stay and be ridiculed, and hurried away early in the morning. honestly. This time you promised something else, played so crazy last night? ”

    Eric shrugged: "Nothing, this is what you want." Ordinary ons. ”

    Nicole smiled amazedly and immediately said: "In this case, I think that the poor woman must have been stunned by you."

    Eric glanced at the girl. The food in the mouth was ambiguous and said: "You are filthy, be careful, I will tell you,"


    Jonah's little girlfriend home.

    Jessica sat silently on the stool with a bunch of alarm clocks behind her.

    The little girl’s mother walked up to her in two or two steps: “Jessica, you must tell where he is, Jonah’s father is going crazy.”

    The little girl rolled her eyes and ignored it.

    Then, the girl's father crossed the waist and walked three or two steps forward. Putting on the majesty of being a father, Shen Sheng: "Jessica, I am your father, tell us where he is?"

    Jessica hesitated, feeling that she had reached the time and spit out two letters in her usual style of speaking: "ny."

    "what is that?"Sam asked quickly.

    "No-way, meaning impossible!"Jessica said, Dad.

    "That is nw," Sam said helplessly.

    Three adults look at the little girl together.

    "New York, he went to New York."The little girl continued.


    "How come!"

    The three adults all showed a surprised look.

    “Joint Flight 597,” Jessica then reported the flight schedule.

    Sam quickly asked: "When is the departure?"

    "seven thirty."Jessica dad blurted out. The three people looked at the pair of alarm clocks behind the girl, and the sound of the time at 7:30 just rang.

    "Card, good. Alice, your performance is awesome. ”Eric shouted happily, and looked at the girl who got up from the small bench.

    Everyone around is excited about the applause, not because the little girl’s performance is too good, but because it’s the last shot of the crew in Seattle, the morning of September 24th, the eighth day of the boot, the original Set a ten-day shooting time in Seattle. Because Eric used a special method to guide, he played Jonah's Victor.Morris's acting has progressed very quickly. This saves two and a half days of shooting time. Perhaps it seems that these two and a half days are not eye-catching. But for a crew with hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, it can save millions of dollars in two and a half days.

    Looking at the watch, it was less than ten o'clock, so Eric raised the megaphone in his hand and said to the people around him: "A day off, everyone can go to Seattle, but don't delay the plane tomorrow morning. If you missed the plane tomorrow morning, fly to New York. ”

    "Haha…"In addition to laughter, in addition to the necessary personnel to stay on site, many people are packing up and preparing to leave.

    On the side of the road, Eric gave a detailed account of several staff members who were responsible for escorting the filmed film back to Los Angeles for initial processing and editing. After watching a few people leave the business car, they returned to the small hotel with confidence. .

    Back in the room, Eric took off the Director vest, changed a black windbreaker, thought about the weather outside, and found an umbrella to bring it out again.

    "Hey, what are you going to do?"Elizabeth saw Eric's appearance as he was going out, curiously asking him. The girl is too temperamental, and after a day or two, she is no longer Eric and Kelly.The affairs of Lowe are in vain, and the relationship with Eric has returned to the original, but it is ostensibly.

    Eric didn't answer, and asked: "Do you have something?"

    Elizabeth went up two steps: "It's okay, so I ask where you are going, can I go together?"

    "If you like," Eric nodded.

    "Then wait for me, I change clothes."Elizabeth replied when she didn't want to, and then turned and returned to the room. (A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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