Body Chapter 242 True Freedom

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 242th chapter of true freedom, floating astronomy

    Ps: Watch the exclusive story behind "I am in Hollywood", listen to your suggestions for the novel, pay attention to the starting point of the Chinese network public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread), tell me quietly! After a short half-day break, the crew drove to New York on the second day. This time, Jeffrey is still taking the pick-up, and there is also a team of Firefly, responsible for "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Home Alone 2 Lost New". Pre-preparation work for York.

    Compared to Seattle, most of them are two of Jonah's father and son.

    Shooting New York scenes is a lot of trouble. From the role of "Sleepless in Seattle" in New York, there are not only Annie, but also Annie's friends, colleagues and so on.

    Eric thinks that this plot design is likely to weaken Annie's boyfriend Walter's presence, just like the appearance of Sam's deceased wife Maggie.

    Although this is a very romantic love story for Sam and Annie.

    But for Walter, who has been engaged with Annie, it is a very sad reminder to be jealous of a 'inexplicable' reason on Valentine's Day's date.

    Eric remembers that some of the reviews she saw in previous life had comments on the matter, roughly a criticism of Annie's infidelity and sympathy for Walter. However, in a country with a divorce rate of 50%, it seems that people don't care too much about it. To put it bluntly, in terms of politics and love, people in this country are pursuing two words: freedom.

    Eric remembers not knowing where he has seen a word, true freedom, not doing what he wants to do, but not doing what he wants.

    Although this sentence has the suspicion of ignorance, but. Putting it on Annie in "Sleepless in Seattle" is perfect, even if it is engaged. But when she discovered that Walter was not the one she was destined for, she still refused to accept the other party.

    "How about the discussion of the Empire State Building and the Twin Towers?"I got off the plane. Sitting in a business car with Jeffrey, Eric's first sentence is two things he is concerned about.

    These two things are about "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Home Alone 2". Jonah and Kevin will be filmed in the two tallest buildings in New York, respectively, until the "Sleepless in Seattle" started shooting. Two things have not yet been determined.

    “It’s all done,” Jeffrey gave Eric a reassuring look and then said: “However, the management of the two buildings did not give enough time.”

    "Nothing. There are not many lenses anyway, mainly the Empire State Building. The lens on the top of the Twin Towers only needs a few aerial shots. ”Eric nodded with satisfaction.

    Jeffrey added: "There is one more thing. I have consulted the meteorological department in detail about the snow. The first snow in New York will have to wait until November, maybe in the first week of November, but not too. Ok, after all, it’s only September, you know. The weather forecast has never been accurate. Maybe we are lucky, it snows at the end of October, or it is not good luck. It won't snow until New York is released in Home Alone. In short, you have to be mentally prepared. ”

    Eric nodded: "This is nothing. You are directly prepared to make artificial snow. I try to put the location of "Home Alone 2" on the final shot. However, it will not be delayed for a long time, so I think 90% of the possibilities. Artificial snow will be used."

    "I have already made estimates based on your script, although I don't need to cover the scene. However, artificial snow should reach the point where the audience believes it. The budget will increase by about 1.5 Million USD. ”

    Eric heard Jeffrey's tone in his tone and patted Jeffrey's shoulder. Although Firefly is getting bigger and bigger, Jeffrey is still the one that Eric first saw, and she likes the budget. However, this kind of personality is also the most suitable for Producer: "Jeffrey, now it is not last year. When we made the first "Home Alone" last year, we must be careful, in order to save the budget and even go to the distant northern town of Canada. Shooting. But the budget for our movie is very loose, so there is absolutely no need to save money. ”

    "I also know that I just subconsciously think that if you change the schedule of "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Home Alone 2", perhaps this 1.5 Million will be saved."

    Eric smiled and said: "According to what you said, we finally waited for the natural snowfall, but it was able to save the 1.5 Million. However, because of the extension of "Home Alone 2" to Christmas, we may lose a few dollars on the Box Office. Millions. You have to know that from the trend of Box Office of the previous "Home Alone", this is a very suitable for long-term screening of children to the film, so we must extend the period of the festival as much as possible, in late November The beginning of the Christmas season Box Office peak period. ”

    "Then why not put" Sleepless in Seattle "Also in late November, even if not with" home Alone 2 "to form a vicious competition, delayed a week I think it is possible. ”Jeffrey asked again.

    "Because "Sleepless in Seattle" is not only for Christmas, but also for the Valentine's Day in February, because this is a romantic comedy, if it is a month in advance, then in February, the popularity of this film Almost exhausted. But after December 2nd, after two months of screening, then after entering the Valentine's Day schedule, you can make a rebound in the Box Office of this love movie. You know, my movie, the massive box office harvest cycle, is more than eight weeks, like last year's first "home Alone", a full 10 weeks of the box office title, later the "Pretty Woman" and "Running out of" T This is true of the IME. ”

    Jeffrey smiled and said: "I really don't know where you learned these things. I wanted to tell you about the schedule of the others, and you egged Michael on.Eisner the "the Others" on November 1, I also feel very wrong, Halloween is really suitable for the release of horror films, but those are not the box Office ambition small production horror film, although the "the others" is also small production, but we are on its box offi Ce placed great hopes on. Now it seems that you definitely have your own ideas. ”

    Eric nodded and didn't explain to Jeffrey anymore, and Jeffrey didn't ask.

    In fact, the concept of film schedule in United States is now relatively mature, but it is still very rough after more than twenty years.

    Eric, who came from later generations, did not have a director to film, and did not do the work of distribution. However, in the era of information explosion, it was natural to understand the law of distribution of some movies. (A good activity to drop the pie in the sky, cool mobile waiting for you to take! Pay attention to the ~ point/Chinese net public number (WeChat add friends – add public number – enter qdread can), immediately participate! Everyone has a prize, now immediately pay attention to qdread WeChat public number! )To be continued)

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