Chapter 243 of the text can be tossed

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 243th chapter of the text can be tossed, floating astronomy

    Although Heroine Annie is working in Baltimore, except for the location outside the Sun Tower and elsewhere in Baltimore, the other shots of Annie's plays were all taken in Manhattan, New York.

    Eric did this in order to take care of the preparations for Home Alone 2, and most of Home Alone 2 was near Manhattan's Central Park.

    In a rebuilt apartment room, Eric once again shouted Ng, and then to a more than 30-year-old white woman who is plump and fat: "O ' Donnell, say the characters ' ex-husband's lines, be mean again, remember, when you say that line, you have a grudge in your mind, It's all your ex-husband's fault, nothing to do with you. ”

    RosInternet Explorer, who plays Annie's co-workers.O'Donnell shrugged: "You know, Director, I don't feel anything about this kind of thing, so I might try a few more times."

    The members of the surrounding crew all made a sneer, RosInternet Explorer.O'Donnell says that the 30-year-old rapper and actor is not only an extreme feminist, but also a homosexual. More importantly, she has never concealed this matter like some other public figures. This woman not only has a fixed same-sex couple, but also two people have already lived together.

    Although after coming to New York, because the lens that needs to be shot here is much more chaotic than that in Seattle, it will inevitably have such problems, but so far, the shooting progress is completely consistent with the previous expectations, so Eric does not have Anxious, hear RosInternet Explorer.O'Connor said this, laughing with other people, said: "No hurry. We are coming slowly, I believe that you will feel it a few times. ”

    RosInternet Explorer.O'Connor nodded and Eric greeted the beginning of another shot.

    This set of lenses takes a long time. Therefore, the performance of Nicole and RosInternet Explorer is very high. It has been ng several times before. No success.

    In the crisp sound of the board, Becky, played by RosInternet Explorer, began to talk about the lines and guided Annie to write a letter in accordance with the conversation when An Affair to Remember male Heroine met.

    Annie slammed the typewriter and found that she was a little crazy. She was so fascinated that she would meet another man like "An Affair to Remember" in the top of the Empire State Building. That day, I was on a big day with my fiancé Walter.

    Scratching his hair. Annie left the written letter in a group and threw it out.

    Becky picked up the small paper group that was thrown on the sofa and looked at it. Then she didn't know what she thought. She complained and said: "You know, because of that bad fate, I got married with Martin and bought it. There is a house with a dead tree, so I divorced him, and it hurt me to meet Rick."

    When Becky said this, the tone did not reflect on herself, but instead she showed a hateful look. Eric behind the monitor nodded slightly, but felt that the expression of RosInternet Explorer was a little exaggerated, but he did not immediately stop. Instead, the conversation between the two people continues.

    Annie followed a bowl of popcorn and sat down beside Becky. He heard a friend's complaint and asked with interest: "Wait, you haven't mentioned it, you are divorced because of a tree."

    "Because of the gardener," Becky blurted out.

    Annie asked: "You fell in love with the gardener?"

    After Becky said the sentence, she showed a brief panic and immediately said, "I didn't say that I fell in love with him. Have I said that?"Becky asked a question. Then quickly transfer the topic and direct Annie's attention to "An Affair to Remember" on the TV.

    Annie followed with Becky to start the classic line of male Heroine with the plot on the TV. When I was touched, I cried together without regard to the image. But the expression looks very exaggerated. Therefore, not only does it make people feel sad or moved, but they are very happy.

    Fighting –

    Eric heard a short snicker, and the eyes that were originally staring at the monitor immediately swept out to the sound source. Like the snickering lighter, he issued a severe warning, and the other party quickly made an apology to Eric. .

    Originally, Eric also felt that in the paragraph of the filming, the two women who were stupid towards the TV set could be edited and used in the movie, but with this laughter, the lens was also destroyed.

    After shouting the stop, Eric rubbed his forehead, "Well, I know two women who cry in a romantic comedy," said the woman. In many men it looks ridiculous, but remember, you are at work now, and if anyone feels compelled to do so, wait to go out and be caught up in trouble, even if you don't mean it. I will not be spared. Everyone is ready, come again! ”

    Then several more shots were taken, and the shot finally passed, and the time went to noon.

    Eric announced that after the filming was suspended, he was planning to go to lunch, and Elizabeth hurried in.

    "Eric, Donald.Special Trump has been waiting for you for two hours, but since you have been shooting, I have not informed you, are you going to meet him? ”

    Eric asked questioningly: "Donald.Who is Trump, are you familiar with him? ”

    Elizabeth explained: "It's not too familiar. I know it. He is a real estate tycoon in New York. He built a building named after him all over the United States. He is a very powerful person. I used to talk to him at a party. I have seen it a few times."

    Eric listened to Elizabeth's narrative and quickly found Donald from his memory.Some trumps of Trump, the information is not too much, looks like Donald.With a few popular show shows, Trump left a star on the Avenue of Stars as a Hollywood outsider. It seems that this person can toss.

    At the same time, Eric quickly remembered the other person's name, Ivanka.The beautiful daughter of Trump, because of the previous life network, Ivanka.Trump was once rated as the world's top ten unmarried woman rich by the media of good things, sitting on the wealth of more than 2Billion USD, Eric has seen Ivanka online.The photo of Trump is indeed a beautiful woman, and looks like a big ice in the previous life entertainment industry.

    Although I remembered this person, two people were making movies and one was engaged in real estate, so Eric didn't have much interest and asked: "I am with Donald.Special Trump doesn't know, what did he come to me for? ”

    Elizabeth shrugged: "Who knows, I just want to inform you, if you don't want to see me, I will tell him that you are busy and have no time."

    Eric looked at his watch: "Since this Mr. Trump has been waiting for me for two hours, see you, it's lunch time anyway."

    "Then come with me," Elizabeth said, taking Eric out of the studio.

    Eric soon saw a blond middle-aged man who looked like he was in his early forties and wore a gray woolen coat.

    "Hello, Mr. Williams, "When I saw Eric out of the studio, the middle-aged man who was sitting in a luxury car quickly got out and enthusiastically held Eric's hand.

    Eric was somewhat incomprehensible by this self-satisfaction, but still smiled and said: "Hello, Mr. Trump, may you ask me what is going on?"

    Donald.Trump seems to appreciate Eric's directness and smiles: "I think you should almost enter the lunch time, let Miss Murdoch help me, Eric, don't mind if I call you, there is a nice restaurant nearby, I Have you already booked a seat, can you invite you to have a lunch?"

    Eric is not very concerned about symmetrical calls. He nodded and then shook his head and refused: "Mr. Trump, I only have one hour, so I am afraid…"

    "I promise not to delay your work, the restaurant is just around the corner of the street," Donald.Special Trump pointed to the point.

    Eric faces Donald.The enthusiasm of Trump, for a time I don't know how to refuse, I looked back at Elizabeth and wanted the girl to help me out. But Donald.Special Trump is obviously wrong, and immediately followed the opening: "Miss Murdoch can also come together."

    Elizabeth, who was just trying to help Eric find a reason, heard that he was pulled in and immediately shook his head: "No, Mr. Trump, I still have things."

    "That's a pity," Trump shook his head, and then enthusiastically opened the door to the luxury car for Eric: "Eric, let's go."

    I don't seem to have promised yet, Eric muttered in her heart, but seeing the other side so stance, then refused to appear too inhuman, and had to get into the car, Donald.Special Trump followed the car and told the driver to drive to the destination.

    The two arrived at a restaurant, and Eric and Donald were led by the waiter to a quiet corner.

    Sitting down in the chair, Donald immediately ordered the waiter to start serving, and when the waiter left, he breathed a sigh of relief and carefully looked at Eric sitting opposite.

    The two were originally just people who couldn’t get along with each other, Donald.The reason why Trump will suddenly come to invite Eric personally is still related to his current situation.

    As a real estate businessman, he has been working hard for his career since the mid-1970s, relying on his talents and the help provided by the previous generation, just over a decade, Donald.Trump is sitting on a property of up to 1.7 billion USD.

    But since 1987, the collapse of the United States stock market has also affected the real estate industry, causing the Great Depression of the real estate market. (To be continued)

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