Chapter 244 of the text is really leisurely

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the text of Chapter 244 is really enough, floating astronomy

    Under the influence of this Great Depression, Donald.The assets of Trump quickly shrunk, just over two years, Donald.The assets of Trump have shrunk from the peak of the 1.7 billion USD assets to the current 500 million USD.

    If this is the case, there is nothing. After all, the market value of many real estate companies has shrunk dramatically.

    But before the Great Depression began, Donald.Special Trump was at the peak of his career. The whole person was very angry. He spread the booth of his own real estate company very large, so he owed hundreds of millions of USD loans to major banks and financial institutions. After the Great Depression began, because of continuous losses, His real estate company's capital chain is on the brink of collapse and can go bankrupt at any time.

    Although he used his personal connections to persuade several banks to suspend high interest payments on those loans on a regular basis, they could no longer borrow a penny from any institution. Without funds, his real estate company would not be able to operate normally, and it would still be in a state of semi-death.

    A few days ago, Donald accidentally saw an article about Eric on a newspaper that detailed the magical rise of Eric in amazing tone, and predicted that Eric owns Firefly Film Studio with several movies released this year. The most conservative estimate also yields a net profit of 400 million USD.

    After reading the article carefully several times, Donald.Trump immediately moved his mind, knowing that even large group companies with a market capitalization of Tenillion USD are unlikely to have 200 Million USD in cash. If you can get the money from Firefly, even if it is only half, he will be able to Successfully passed the bankruptcy crisis.

    Donald.Trump has the advantage that all savvy merchants share, that is, they are good at grasping all the opportunities that can be seized, and he has never thought about the chances of success. Just try it, and finally there are two possibilities for success and failure, don't try it. There is only one possibility.

    Donald.After Trump made up his mind, he immediately found a detective company. A detailed collection of information about Eric found in the Pixar studio where Eric acquired Jobs.

    Pixar Studio has always been a heart disease for Jobs, and has been losing money since it was bought, and the studio was acquired by Eric at 20 Million USD at the beginning of the year. In the data he collected, Pixar's losses this year will reach 10 Million USD higher than before, so the information he collected is very low on Eric's acquisition, even using 'stupid' and the like. Words.

    But this is exactly what Donald wants to see. He feels that this teenager is not too smart in terms of film, but the business is not too smart, or that the whole person is not too smart except for movies. If this is the case, it would be great.

    Donald.Trump originally planned to go to Seattle personally, but then I learned that Eric led the crew to New York, but here is his base camp.

    Because it is not possible to contact the middleman for introduction in a short time, Eric is busy shooting the film. Not participating in any social activities, Donald can only come to the door personally, he also made an analysis of Eric's character before. I feel that since I became young, Eric must have the pride and vanity that young people of this age should have, in order to cater to Eric's heart, Donald.Special Trump deliberately arrived for two hours early, and the person who disclosed the news to the crew knew.

    At this point, I was only 19 years old when I looked at it. Although there was a faint scorpion on the chin, I still didn’t completely retreat to the young man, Donald.Special Trump has an envy in his heart.

    The investment institution's estimate of the market value of Firefly after the merger with the new line has exceeded 1Billion USD. According to the share calculation, the boy’s worth is twice as high as he is now. The other party did all this, but it took only one year.

    But it is not the time to feel it. Donald.Trump quickly sorted out a series of pre-prepared words in his mind and was about to speak. Eric spoke first.

    "Mr. Donald, are you a fan of me?"

    Donald.Special Trump squatted, subconsciously wanted to nod, but then decided to tell the truth: "No, I am not, but I really like the "Running Out of Time" you took, and I will buy it in the future. A box goes back to the collection."

    "Oh, thank you," Eric nodded politely. He didn't talk anymore. He watched the waiter bring up the lunches of the two people and poured red wine for them. The mind was silently calculating, Donald.Trump obviously won't find it for no reason, but Eric doesn't understand why the other party is looking for himself.

    Wouldn't you want to run a dragon in your own movie?

    Think of previous life Donald.Special Trump likes to go to the entertainment industry. Eric feels that this is quite possible. However, "Sleepless in Seattle" is definitely no chance. Does the other person want to guest "Home Alone 2"?

    Eric just about to discard this 'ridiculous' thought, but suddenly looked up and carefully looked at Donald across.Special Trump a few eyes.


    Eric whispered silently, thinking that it wouldn't be so clever?

    Because he just came up with the thought, when the subconscious mind recalled the story of "Home Alone 2" in his mind, he suddenly found out that Donald.Trump did make a guest appearance in the movie that the child directed.

    Probably in the movie more than twenty minutes, Kevin came to New York in a wrong way, when he stayed at the Plaza Hotel near Central Park, Donald.Trump plays a passer-by, a passer-by for the little guy, a line and a front shot.

    Originally Eric also knew that there was such a referee's role, but he was busy four feet ago. In addition to the main Actor of Home Alone 2, he didn't care about the little characters at all, and gave them to the casting director.

    And like Donald.The small role of the special Trump guest, even in advance do not need to determine the Actor, usually when shooting, casually find a crowd actor, or pull a strong guest in the cast members to make a guest.

    So Eric didn't think about the identity of that person at all, if not at this time Donald.Special Trump sat in front of him and estimated that Eric would never think of it.

    After pondering for a few seconds, Eric still didn't think that a guest with such a small character with no name and no name had any meaning. He could only say that the New York real estate tycoon was really idle. (To be continued)

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