Chapter 245, what do you think of me?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main text of Chapter 245, how do you see me, floating astronomy

    Eric suddenly interrupted when he was about to open his mouth, waiting for the waiter to finish the meal, Donald.Trump saw the opposite Eric look strange, worried that the young man would say something that would make him scratch his head, Donald.Trump quickly took the lead: "Eric, have you been to New York before?"

    Eric nodded. "I have been there a few times."

    "How are you feeling here?"Donald pointed to the outside.

    Eric smiled and told the truth: "There is no feeling. I have been rushed a few times before, and they are all doing things right."

    Donald nodded and said: "You should take a look at it. The bustling world-class metropolis of New York is the paradise for us." That's right, then have you ever thought about buying a property in New York? You should know that the recent price is very cheap, maybe after a year or two, New York's house price will rise again. ”

    Eric looked at Donald suspiciously.At first glance, the real estate tycoon personally went to the door, not to sell the house to himself, this is too much. Eric lifted his wrist and looked at the watch. Then he said, "Mr. Trump, you should know that I don't have much time, so if there is anything, you can say it."

    Donald.Special Trump had wanted to take a few minutes to slowly guide him. Hearing Eric’s straightforward question, the real estate tycoon, who has always been arrogant and resolute, was decisive. He put down his tableware and changed his sitting position. Eric said: "Eric, are you interested in the real estate industry?"

    Eric felt that he understood something, but he had some ignorance and could only continue to ask: "What do you mean?"

    Donald.The special Trump tone is full of temptations: "I mean, do you want to invest in real estate? You have to know that now is a great opportunity to bottom out the North America real estate industry. Missed this time, maybe at least twenty years. ”

    Eric doesn't know if the property tycoon is intentional or unintentional, though. He really calculated in his mind, from now to the next 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. It’s not twenty years.

    Tossing this somewhat inexplicable thought, Eric asked quietly: "Why is it me, Mr. Donald, if it is as you said, now is a great opportunity, then there should be a lot of people who are bottom-hunting?"

    Donald.Trump replied without hesitation: "There are of course many people who want to bottom out, but they don't have your advantage."

    Eric smiled slightly and asked, "You mean me…funds? ”

    Donald.Special Trump solemnly nodded: "Eric. I happened to see some news about you on the newspaper, so I couldn't help but venture to visit. But this is also a great opportunity for you. Your Firefly company will generate a lot of profits this year. If you invest in real estate, I promise you that in a few years, the money will more than double, which is much less risky than investing in movies. . ”

    Eric asked with great interest: "Mr. Trump, if I decided to invest in real estate, do you have any good suggestions?"

    Donald.Special Trump squatted, I can't think of this boy so directly. But look at the other side's eyes, Donald.The special Trump face finally flashed a glimpse.

    However, he quickly remembered his purpose this time. Throwing this emotion behind his head, said: "My real estate company just needs financing recently, but you should have heard about the recent economic situation in our country, so it is not too easy to borrow from a bank. And I just saw something about you on the newspaper, Eric, what do you think? ”

    Eric shook his head: "Mr. Trump, I can't really get much money in my hands, if you know a little about me." I will find that almost all the money I earned this year has been spent. ”

    "Not yet…Are there still a few movies at the end of the year? ”Donald.Trump immediately said: "Eric. At the end of the year, your company had five movies, and they were all very popular with publishers. Can at least bring in a profit of 100 Million USD? ”

    "Sorry, Mr. Trump, I am not interested in investing in real estate," Eric shook his head directly, although the perception of previous life made Eric think that real estate is very profitable, but Eric is blind to the industry. Investing in a 200 Million USD, it will be a breeze, and finally whether you can get back the money is a problem.

    In contrast, Eric prefers to invest in movies. After all, he knows the big movies of these years. Even if the last amount of money is too much, it will definitely go to a more familiar industry, not a real estate that he doesn't know at all.

    Donald.After Trump was rejected by Eric, he was not discouraged, but he did not persuade him. He knew that as long as the young man had some reason, he would ruin his mouth on this meal, and the other party could not immediately agree to himself. The most important thing now is to establish a long-lasting relationship with Eric. He believes that with his own communication skills, even if the ages of the two sides are different, he can easily become friends with each other.

    So, Donald.Special Trump's subsequent look became easier, and chatted in general: "Eric, I heard that your "Home Alone 2" crew talked to a hotel about real-life shooting, you see the Hyatt on 42nd Avenue. How about the hotel, that is my industry, I can let your crew enter the film for free."

    Eric refused: "No, we have already negotiated with the Plaza Hotel next to Central Park, and the other party agreed to use it for free."

    Donald.Trump was clear about the grade of the Plaza Hotel and asked incredibly: "Free?"

    Eric nodded, slightly smug, allowing a five-star hotel to be used free of charge for the crew, and even the staff were willing to guestly a temporary actor, which was not something that was easy to do before.

    And the reason for this, but also thanks to the original "pretty Woman", Los Angeles Hotel Wilshire as "pretty Woman" shooting, after the movie fire, the hotel also followed the fire up, and even became a Beverly Hills of a scenic spot, this paragraph Many people who travel to Los Angeles will go to the hotel Wilshire to see if they can live in the condition.

    Donald.The Trump hotel on 42nd Avenue, although the grade is not bad, but has not yet reached the luxury of the Plaza Hotel, so I heard Eric say so, Donald.Special Trump did not persuade. Think about it, Donald.Special Trump then said again: "So, Eric, how do you see me?"


    "I mean, can you see if I can make a guest role in your movie?"

    Eric raised the eyebrow, remembering a passerby in Home Alone 2, asked, "Are you sure?"

    Donald.When Trump saw a door, he quickly said: "Of course, I used to be a guest in several TV serInternet Explorers. I think the movie is definitely the same, right?"

    Donald.The reason why Trump is so eager is not to value the chance of a guest. Even if he had such a hobby before, now the company is in a precarious situation, he is not likely to be interested. Just do this and want to keep in touch with Eric and continue to convince Eric.

    Since it was delivered to the door, Eric took a nod, of course, just smiled and said something: "If you want, of course, no problem."


    A lunch was a pleasure, then Donald.Trump quickly sent Eric back to the studio.

    "Everyone, everyone is paying attention, to work, Alan, Alan?"Eric walked into the studio and shouted with a loudspeaker.

    The people who were still resting immediately gathered together and began to get busy with their own positions.

    "Mr. Williams, are you looking for me? ”Alan didn't know where to drill out and asked.

    Eric nodded. "You don't have to be here in the afternoon. Go and help me collect some Donald."Information from Trump Company. ”

    "Donald.Who is Trump? ”Alan asked in confusion.

    Eric was too lazy to explain to him, pointing to Elizabeth who came over: "You ask Liz and give me the information at night."

    “Oh,” Alan nodded and walked toward Elizabeth.

    Eric immediately began to tell the crew members to prepare for the shots to be taken in the afternoon.


    In the hotel where the crew stayed, this time the environment was much better than Seattle.

    The sound of the water in the bathroom stopped for a while, and a moment later, Eric walked out with a towel around his waist.

    Nicole, who was originally wearing a light blue nightdress and looking at the magazine on the big bed, heard the movement and climbed up and raised a document placed on the bedside table: "Alan has just arrived, sent this?"

    Eric picked his eyebrow in surprise: "Do you open the door?"

    The girl was innocent and said: "I called you, you didn't hear, so I had to…"

    Eric stared at the girl with a helpless look and sighed: "Okay."

    Nicole saw Eric didn't pursue it again, and once again sneaked a sigh of relief. The relationship between her and Eric knew very few people. Even Aniston didn't know. The little silly girl now thinks Eric is justified. The audition route chose her.

    However, although Nicole doesn't want outsiders to know his relationship with Eric, it's important to know that Jeffrey or Eric's assistant, or some other important person around Eric, wants to let the other person know. (To be continued)

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