Chapter 246 of the text makes people feel helpless

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 246 makes people feel helpless, floating astronomy

    Because if that's the case, it's a lot of good for her, like Aniston, Eric's girlfriend, who is like a princess in "Frinternet Explorer NDS," even though the other five stars are now as famous as Aniston ' s, but in FrI Nternet Explorer NDS, Aniston received more special attention than the other five people, UTA on the resources of Aniston ' s tilt is not comparable to the other five stars. Although this has something to do with the father of "FrInternet Explorer nds" by Aniston's father, everyone knows that this is mainly because of Eric's sake.

    Of course, Nicole also wants to enjoy this kind of 'treatment'. She doesn't care if the people who know it will be guilty of their own, just let them know that she is Eric's woman, they must hold her carefully. However, although Nicole is thinking this way, Eric has never meant to introduce her and his relationship to others. So the girl can only come by herself. During this time, she creates some small accidental hints without any traces. Almost everyone who knows her relationship with Eric knows, and she shouldn't know if she shouldn't know.

    Eric actually has a clear understanding of the girl, but Nicole has been careful and has not touched his bottom line. What else can he do? I can't explain it to those who know the relationship between them.

    Silently walked to the bed, padded two pillows against the bed, and Eric picked up the paper that Alan sent and patted it. The girl immediately showed a flattering smile, and she faded her tulle nightdress. She only climbed into the bed with a delicate black bud silk crepe. The smooth cat slipped into Eric's arms and used her soft and smooth. The body was gently smeared on Eric's body, and the little hand tried to tear off the towel from Eric's waist.

    Slap a slap on the hips of the restless girl. Eric said: "Don't make trouble, wait for me to read these things."

    Nicole came over and asked, "What?"

    Eric's big hand slid along the warm skin to the girl's chest. I caught a soft and soft slap under the lace silk and said, "The information of the real estate tycoon who invited me to dinner at noon today."

    "Oh."The girl nodded and was not interested at all. Under Eric's big hand, she leaned on the man's chest and made a small gasp, and occasionally rubbed her teeth on Eric's chest.

    Eric didn't pay attention to the girl's little tricks. From time to time, she took back the file from the girl's chest and turned the file up. The information collected by Alan was not too much, but it was enough for Eric to Donald.Special Trump is fully understood.

    Looking at the information in the file, Eric found out. Donald at noon.The words that Trump said are half-truthful, and the other party knows that if they are interested in it, they will certainly collect relevant information, so they dare not make up.

    However, in some places, the concept has been stolen, and some things are also ambiguous.

    As Donald said, it’s true that his real estate company needs financing. It’s true that Donald’s real estate company’s capital chain is already on the verge of breaking. But the bank refused to lend to his company. It is not because of the overall economic situation of United States, but because of Donald.Special Trump was too big for his company's stalls because of his ambitions. As a result, the decline in the housing industry started this year is also the biggest shock to the bank's dilemma, to the point that he is a big uncle, because once Donald's real estate company is bankrupt, then the biggest losses are those banking groups, although in order to avoid Donald's real estate unit company bankruptcy, The bank group did some work, but refused to lend Donald a penny.

    I feel that the big hand that makes me feel my chest is getting lighter and lighter. In the end, even without any action, Nicole's eyes flashed. The thigh lifted up on Eric and whispered, "Eric. How do you say that I am going to do a breast augmentation surgery? ”

    Eric wonderedly opened his eyes from the file and glanced at the girl's small hood: "It's good, what chest?"

    Nicole pulled the cover down directly and leaned toward Eric and asked, "Yes…Don't you think it is too small? ”

    Eric doesn't bother to say: "Just do it, think about it."After that, Eric put his eyes on the file.

    Nicole bit his lip, and although Eric said casually, the girl was keenly caught in the disappointment of Eric's eyes, directly dispelling the original idea.

    Eric turned to the back and found out that Alan had also picked up some articles about economic experts ' analysis of North America's real estate industry in recent years, and then found another problem, and Donald told him at lunch that it was a good opportunity for real estate to bottom out, but economic experts analyzed This recession in the real estate industry is only just beginning, in the past, this decline will continue for another two or three years, as to how long it will take to stay in the undervaluation period, and the subsequent economic situation, which means that investing in real estate in North America for at least five years is not a sensible choice.

    And the last North America price curve diagram, let Eric completely dispel the original heart and a touch of intention, because North America from the 1950s to 1990s, the overall trend of house prices but not lunch time, Donald.Trump has occasionally said that the upward trend of the uptrend, although it has been ups and downs, has remained in a relatively stable range. Although the currency must have inflation in 40 years, the house prices have not changed much. This is not the opposite of the ocean of previous life. North America's housing prices are closely related to the economic situation, and politics has little effect on housing prices. The other side of the ocean is just the opposite. Housing prices are entangled in politics. Therefore, there are experts on the other side of the ocean. Every year, experts say that house prices have plummeted, but they have not fallen because those experts simply analyzed economics but forgot political reasons. . Housing prices have boosted national strength, propped up the face and propped up the world's second. Therefore, it is impossible to fall, even if you don’t need money, you have to face it. Therefore, every time the house price has a falling momentum, the original austerity policy is like seeing the lumbar belt of the naked woman’s waist, and the squatting is loose, all kinds of stimulus policies. Then I will come.

    Eriking his head and throwing it out, Eric threw the paper aside and pulled the towel off his waist and pushed the girl's shoulder: "Go and lick it, wait for the lesson to teach you."

    "You are so awful," Nicole gave Eric a blank eye, but crawled down.

    Eric quickly and comfortably took a long breath. (To be continued)

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