Chapter 247 of the text comes and goes

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 247 is coming and going, floating astronomy

    After nearly 20 days of intense shooting, "Sleepless in Seattle" was finally filmed, but Eric did not enjoy the leisure time, because the next "Home Alone 2" shooting task will be more onerous. Although the second part plot mode is the same as the first episode, there are quite a few innovations. The most important thing is that the second part has more rich plots than the first one in Kevin's home. In addition to the scenes of a thief, there are more story lines such as the Plaza Hotel and Central Park.

    "Is it going so early?"Early in the morning, Eric walked out of the hotel room and saw Elizabeth carrying a simple backpack and was about to walk outside the hotel.

    Listening to Eric's voice, Elizabeth stopped and turned and blinked at Eric: "Do you want me to stay?"


    Eric for a time did not know how to answer, he had to join the "Sleepless in Seattle" cast has been resisted, that this little girl is likely to bring trouble, but, spend a few weeks down, although the two people still bickering constantly, But Elizabeth has done his job very well, although less than one months, but Eric and she has established a number of tacit understanding.

    After a moment of silence, Eric shook his head and said, "Forget it, even if I agree, your father will definitely not let you stay with me."

    Elizabeth blinked a little in the eyes, biting her lower lip and whispering a sigh: "My father can't control me."

    Eric laughed and asked, "Are you still going back to Los Angeles?"

    "You are so stupid, my family is in Manhattan, you don't think everyone in the world should live in Los Angeles," the girl subconsciously slammed Eric and saw Eric's faint sly face. Opened his mouth and said: "I…I am going back to school, and there is. Thank you for the information provided to me during this time. ”

    "This is nothing, in fact, I am just…"Eric said it. I stopped quickly and said that I was stuffed. What the two said was actually the graduation thesis that Elizabeth and Eric met for the first time, and a case study of the success of several Eric Box Offices. Eric is also only searching for some of the post-mortem analysis articles that are occasionally seen in the memory of previous life, and also provides some ideas and details when shooting.

    Elizabeth waited for a moment, seeing Eric saying that he did not say half, and did not ask again, said: "I plan to finish the paper years ago. I started making my first movie early next year, and then released it in the summer file. Did you have a movie released at that time? ”

    Eric nodded, although he won't be as hard as this year next year, but the summer file is definitely not to be missed.

    "How about the two of us compared to Box Office?"The girl was so eager to win, this sentence blurted out without going through the brain.

    Eric subconsciously wants to say that I let you have a zero, and then I think that Elizabeth wants to make the famous "The Silence of the Lambs". The movie's previous life has gained such a great reputation, and Box Office is certainly not too bad. . 100 Million USD above is definitely ok.

    After Elizabeth said this, she quickly realized that she was not self-sufficient and pulled the backpack strap in a panic. Road: "Forget it, I am definitely better than you. So…Goodbye. ”

    Eric followed and said, "That goodbye, um…Would you like me to take your luggage? ”

    "No, the waiter has already taken the baggage for me, and the taxi is waiting underneath."

    "Then I will send you down," Eric followed the girl to the elevator.

    Looking at a yellow taxi, Eric walked back to the hotel again and walked to the restaurant, and Nicole, who was wearing a slim jacket and jeans, came over.

    "Eric. early. ”

    "Good morning," Eric nodded to the girl. "Did breakfast?"

    "Ok."Nicole went up to the restaurant with Eric.

    The two called a breakfast and sat down at a table. Eric asked: "Yes, when are you leaving?"

    Nicole showed a faint resentment: "When you sent Murdoch's second lady, I was so reluctant, but now I have to drive me away?"

    "Don't make trouble," Eric glanced at the girl lightly. "You know I don't mean that."

    Nicole saw that Eric was not in a good mood, and he was no longer joking. He said: "I haven't returned to Sydney for more than half a year, so I plan to take advantage of this time to go free. Go back and spend time with my family. When I come back, I want to see Sleepless in Seattle's promotional schedule."

    Eric suggested: "If you don't, let me explain them, let you finish your Thanksgiving and come back?"

    Nicole shook his head with a smile: "No, you forgot, Australia doesn't have Thanksgiving, plus there is the southern hemisphere summer. Although the Christmas is lively, it always lacks the atmosphere, so there is nothing to miss, I will follow The schedule of the promotion schedule came back on time."

    Two people ate and talked, Nicole quickly finished eating the simple breakfast in front of him, wiped his mouth with a paper towel, looked around, and smacked in front of Eric: "My ticket for tomorrow, I have to leave for a while, I am going to your room again tonight?"

    Nicole's voice is not big but not too small. If someone pays attention to them, they will probably still be heard. Eric glances at the bold girl and finally nods. "Be careful, don't It’s always happening that people are coming across.”

    Nicole laughed, using the sweet smile of "Seattle" in Annie, and she almost figured out Eric's character. Although this man is very strong, he is not a harsh person. So sometimes she even has some enjoyment to see Eric knowing how to play tricks, but she looks depressed and helpless.

    In the last few days of Sleepless in Seattle, a deputy director had taken Eric's instructions to start shooting some simple shots of Home Alone 2, such as Kevin's aerial photography when he climbed the top of the Twin Towers, or made a taxi. The picture when passing the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Therefore, after the film "Sleepless in Seattle" was filmed yesterday, the crew had a day off, but Eric could not rest for a moment. Not only did he have to remotely control the post-production of "Seattle" every day, but also check the pre-production of "Home Alone 2". The lens material is taken to determine which ones can be used and which ones need to be retaken.

    The next day, Eric personally started the filming of "Home Alone 2". In the order of easy and difficult, the scene was just placed in the Plaza Hotel.

    "Stu, wait, you go straight from here, when you get to that place, stop the gentleman and ask for the road, then continue, remember, don't go too fast, understand?"

    "Of course, Eric, you have to repeat this simple thing, when I am an idiot?"The little guy rolled his eyes. At this point, the boy was wearing a thick pair with a knit cap on his head and a small brown backpack standing next to Eric.

    I saw Eric’s depressed face when he heard the little guy, and Donald, who was on the other side.Special Trump laughed and looked at Stu: "It's a funny little guy."

    "Well, anyway, you remember, just go to the door, we are ready to start."Eric finished, walked to the monitor, and at the same time took the intercom and all the group performances scattered in the corridor began to bury.

    This long shot is not difficult for Stu. It’s not a problem with the little guy’s acting, just passing through the corridor from the doorway and going to the hall.

    The most difficult is for photographers and sound engineers.

    Because it's a long, long, half-minute frontal shoot, unable to lay a photographic track, photographer Nickel can only carry a heavy camera and bend his waist to the pace of the little guy, so, although it's just a simple walk, it takes at least five people to work with, in addition to the recording division and the photographer, there are several assistants, With the action of the recording division and the photographer, the cables that are connected to the microphone and the camera are folded together.

    "Nickel, are you ready?"Eric walked to the hotel lobby, where the Director monitor was placed. He still took the intercom one by one to confirm to everyone, and the intercom also heard the sound of ok from time to time.

    Eric came to the monitor, but saw a golden hair faintly behind the monitor. Eric quickly walked two steps and finally saw a little girl in a pink children's trench coat, squatting on the Director monitor and Behind the other piles of equipment, curiously touched it.

    Little loli looks like a ten-year-old, taller than Stuart, with a beautiful pink cartoon hairpin on her blond hair, a beautiful bangs in front of her forehead, long and big eyelashes The eyes flashed twice from time to time, and the pointed small chin has revealed the appearance of a few beautiful human embryos.

    Seeing Eric looking at himself, little loli just glanced at him and still fiddled with his own curiosity, and several staff members around him also looked at the little girl.

    What is going on here, isn't his position occupied by a Lolita star who is unknown to the unknown?

    "Hey, little guy, who are you?"Eric took the first two steps, blocking the little girl's intention to press the button next to the button next to the monitor, and couldn't help but reach out and want to pinch the little loli with a baby fat face.

    "and who are you?"Little loli flexibly avoids Eric's claws and looks at Eric with a vigilant look.

    Eric smiled and pointed to the seat behind little loli: "I am the one who should be sitting in that position."

    Little loli glanced up and immediately whispered a small mouth and dismissed: "Hey, it’s not enough to say that you are a Director. Adults just like to turn around."

    "Well, my name is Eric.Williams, this little dill…Little lady, can you tell me your name? ”Eric said, reaching out to little loli.

    Little loli immediately took a step back and didn't shake hands with Eric. He raised his chin with a crisp voice: "My name is Ivanka."

    Eric picked his eyebrow: "Ivanka? Ivanka.Special Trump? ”

    "Ok."Little loli nodded. (To be continued)

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